Three days now… Kakashi grumbles and folds his arms childishly. The kiss that Naruto and he had shared was three days ago… the blonde promptly fainted after the kiss. He was exhausted from the stress his body endured once he learned of Iruka's death. When the young man woke up… he became rather distant with Kakashi. So, now while Kakashi sits in his office… signing papers and snapping at every little thing. One could say that the Nanadaime was in a bad mood. Personally, Tsunade had found it rather amusing.

She had never seen this particular side of the silver haired man. He was acting like a little kid that had his toy taken away. Sasuke had gotten over his gloominess in favor of picking on his teacher. Naturally… several others joined, especially Yamato. Tsunade grinned to herself and left the office. Kakashi would be busy for several more hours before heading home. So, she wanted to go have a one on one talk with Naruto. Tsunade was positive that Kakashi's recent attitude problems had something to do with the blonde man.

She reached the house and knocked on the door gently. Naruto was sitting on the couch like always when the sound reached his sensitive ears. Who was coming to visit him? Naruto stood up and headed for the door… Tsunade? The blonde could feel the presence of the former Hokage on the other side of the wooden door. He turned the lock and pulled the door open. Tsunade smiled at him warmly and he nodded a little in acknowledgement. Naruto stepped aside and let the woman into the house.

"What is it, Tsunade?" Naruto inquired curiously.

"Kakashi's been acting a little… odd lately." Tsunade said with a light laugh.

Naruto's eyes widened knowingly. He felt guilty almost as soon as Tsunade had said the Nanadaime's name. Naruto folded his arms around his stomach and winced. It was true that he didn't know how to act around Kakashi after the kiss. Naruto had only known Kabuto's touch when it came to that one intimate night. It was hard to take in Kakashi's gentle caresses and light kisses. The only thing Naruto knew was to grow completely silent and distance himself. After all… that's what he'd done with Kabuto.

"I have a feeling you haven't been giving him enough attention, Naruto." Tsunade said with a smile. "He's very needy, you know."

"I'm sorry." Naruto bowed his head shamefully.

"Naruto… I didn't mean it like that." Tsunade took the boy's hand and led him back to his couch. "Don't be sorry."

"But… I just…" Naruto stopped when Tsunade interrupted him.

"Trust me; he loves you more than you know." Tsunade beamed. "He even loves you more than the village."


"Naruto, you just need to give him a chance."


"I know it's probably difficult, but he means well."


"He just loves you so much… he's been holding out for you since he first became your teacher." Tsunade smiled fondly.


"He's been trying so hard to do anything for you without frightening you."

"Tsunade!" Naruto felt his voice rise of its own accord.

Tsunade blinked and stared, open-mouthed, at the blonde. This was the first time that she'd heard Naruto raise his voice into a shout. He'd spoken loudly once or twice for various reasons that had called for it, but he'd never shouted. Naruto's face warmed and began to change into a deep pink. He'd yelled at Tsunade… he'd actually yelled. He hadn't yelled in so long. Naruto almost forgot what it was like to let his voice ring out so easily. It felt… right… but he was worried if he'd angered Tsunade. When Tsunade smiled so widely that the edges of her lips could have reached her ears, Naruto knew it was okay.

"What is it, Naruto?" Tsunade asked happily.

"I… I just don't know how to act around him now." Naruto mumbled.

"Act around him now? Did something happen?" Tsunade raised her eyebrows inquiringly.

"I… we kissed three days ago." Naruto brought his knees up to his chest.

"Oooh…" Tsunade couldn't stop herself from laughing. "No wonder he's been in such and ornery mood!"

"What do you mean?" Naruto looked at the woman confusedly.

"You've been distant with him since then, haven't you?" Tsunade grinned.

"I suppose so." Naruto nodded vaguely.

"Naruto… you don't have to be afraid of how to act around Kakashi." Tsunade said soothingly. "He wants to be with you and hold you. You don't always have to kiss and then do more right afterwards. Just let him touch you… if you don't like something he does, tell him. He'll stop."

Naruto looked down at his knees as he absorbed the information. He still wasn't sure if he could do that… and so… he asked Tsunade to talk with him some more. Eventually, Tsunade ran out of things she could tell him and opted to call for Kurenai. The Jounin was very pleased to share and teach Naruto how to be affectionate. Both Tsunade and Kurenai knew that the desire to be near Kakashi was a good sign of progress. If all went well with Kakashi… Naruto could probably enter normal society again. Even if he couldn't be a ninja… he could live a decent life.

By the time Kakashi had finished up his work it was late. On nights like these, he would stop by some restaurant and grab something for Naruto and him. He decided that the blonde deserved some ramen tonight… even if he never asked for ramen, Kakashi figured he'd still liked it. After stopping by Ichiraku and getting several bowls, he trekked back towards the house. As he walked through the village, people told him to give their best to the young man. To tell Naruto that they hope he's continuing to improve and can't wait until he's ready to see the villagers. It made Kakashi happy… Naruto always felt better when he heard that no one hated him.

The Nanadaime saw the house come into view and was surprised to see Tsunade and Kurenai leaving. Kakashi scoffed… so that's where Tsunade ran off to. He'd been really upset that she had just up and disappeared without telling him where she had gone. The silver haired man frowned and headed for the two women… but he saw Naruto peek his head out the door and look at him. Kakashi's frown disappeared immediately and he waved at the blonde. Naruto moved to stand on the doorstep and waited for Kakashi. Tsunade could wait until tomorrow. Right now… Naruto was giving him the most adorable blank expression.

"Glad you weren't lonely while I was gone, Naruto." Kakashi said as he reached the blonde.

"Welcome home, Kakashi." Naruto stepped into the house, his head bowed embarrassedly.

The Nanadaime stepped into the home and shut the door. Naruto took the bag of food from his hands and left for the kitchen. Kakashi sighed in disappointment… the blonde still seemed to be keeping away from him. Still, the kiss meant something, right? The silver haired man removed his mask and shoes before padding towards the kitchen as well. When he arrived, Naruto already had the food set out and ready to eat. Kakashi found it hard to believe even now that the blonde was so quick and quiet. He almost wished for the clumsy, loud, bouncy kid Naruto used to be.

Kakashi moved to sit down, but stopped when Naruto was at his side standing nervously. The blonde was shifting from one foot to the other… it was adorable. Kakashi looked at Naruto questioningly and turned towards him. Naruto looked up at the Nanadaime and quickly swallowed his fear. He stepped forward and pushed himself up onto his tiptoes. Kakashi blinked as the blonde set a small and timid kiss on his lips. Naruto pulled away and sat in his seat all in one fluid move. When the young man looked over at the other man… he saw a bright smile… so he smiled too.

The next day… Naruto gave him another kiss when he left. The day after that… Kakashi got another, longer kiss. The day after that… Kakashi got long kiss and was able to hold the blonde close to his body. The day after that… Naruto disappeared. Kakashi had been at work all day… no one had visited the blonde… no one knew where Naruto had gone. A search crew was sent out and Kakashi was tied down by Tsunade and Sasuke. No one knew what happened to the blonde… he just vanished. None of the villagers had seen him… none of the ANBU had seen him either.

What happened to the blonde man? Kakashi was assuming the worst. Even while Tsunade held Kakashi to his chair and Sasuke left… even if Sasuke promised that Naruto would be found… Kakashi was beside himself. He was terrified. What could have happened? Did someone take him? Was Kabuto or Danzo still alive? Were they both still alive? What happened?! Tsunade was also dreading the worst. The blonde wasn't fit to defend himself… he wasn't fit to be a ninja anymore. His hands shook when he tried to hold something steady or when aiming. He wouldn't be able to be a ninja.

For days… the ninja of Konoha searched and found nothing. Naruto had disappeared entirely. There was no trace of the blonde. No scent… no cloth… the house wasn't in disarray. What could have happened? Eventually… people stopped talking about the loss of Naruto. Kakashi noted how villagers began to forget that Naruto had returned… ninja started to forget to look for him. Soon after… Kakashi saw how people forgot of the blonde's existence period. Even Sasuke… and Tsunade… they'd forgotten all about Naruto. Then one day… Kakashi forgot about Naruto… he felt something inside of him be torn out.

Kakashi didn't know what it was… he just knew it was painful. It wasn't something he'd ever experienced. As he sat in his office and cried out in agony… everything went white. Stark white… blinding white… he couldn't see anything through the pain. That's when he heard voices… calling out to him. What was going on? He heard Sasuke… he heard… Sakura? Kakashi jerked his body at the sound. He heard someone else… someone he'd almost forgotten… the person had been lost and fumbling through his mind. Naruto.

"Kakashi! Just wake up already! We're tired of holding you down! Do you know how many bruises I have because of you!?" That voice… it was hearty… it was loud.

"Naruto! He's waking up from a coma! Be nice!" A girl's voice… warning him… Sakura!

"Will you both just stop arguing and hold him down!?" Annoyed… slightly bemused… Sasuke.

Kakashi's eyes flew open and he stared up at his students. They were all hovering over him… Naruto and Sakura looking worse for wear than Sasuke. What was going on!? Kakashi's gaze settled on the grinning... healthy… living Naruto. This… was this real? Or… what was this? Sakura slammed her fist down onto Naruto's head at some remark… Sasuke shook his head and sighed. The three were acting like nothing important had happened… he was so confused. Then he finally looked around the room… the hospital? He was in the hospital!

"Next time you decide to fall off the edge of a cliff, do it around Naruto." Sasuke remarked in Kakashi's direction.

"Cliff?" Kakashi blinked dumbly.

"Yeah… remember? We were on that mission to Suna… there was a big fight with some of those new Akatsuki wannabes." Sasuke explained dully. "You got hit in the chest and tumbled off a cliff. That was about two weeks ago."

"Yeah, we came straight here when we got back from our mission." Naruto said with a grin.

"Actually… Kakashi, it was more like Naruto dragged us all here." Sakura stated.

"Oh come on! He used to be our teacher! We should be here when he wakes up… and when the nurses can't do anything when he's kicking and screaming in his sleep." Naruto laughed.

"Speaking of which…" Sasuke said with a tone of interest. "You were calling for Naruto an awful lot."

"HEY!" The blonde's face flared up. "I thought we agreed not to say anything about that!"

Kakashi listened as the three continued to banter. He sat up in the bed… his head was aching. Events of what Sasuke mentioned started to float back into his mind. That's right… Sasuke, Kiba, Ino and he had gone to Suna. They were attacked on the way back. They had left on the same day that Naruto, Sakura, Shikamaru and Sai had left on their mission. Kakashi froze… his mind also brought back the memories of what had happened while he was unconscious. Kakashi replayed the nightmare… then he smiled. A moment later… he laughed whole-heartedly. His students grew silent and stared at the bedridden Jounin.

"What is it, Kakashi?" Naruto asked.

"…Nothing… I just had a really… horrible dream." Kakashi chuckled.

"And you're laughing why?" Sasuke felt his left eye twitch briefly.

"Because it also told me something." Kakashi calmed his joy.

"Told you what?" Sakura feared that something was knocked loose in her former teacher's mind.

"That I should do this." Kakashi reached out.

He grabbed Naruto by his Chuunin vest and dragged him forward. Kakashi recklessly tugged his mask off and crashed his lips into Naruto's tan ones. Sasuke and Sakura both shoved their chairs back from the bed in surprise. Their former teacher… the man that while unconscious was elected Nanadaime… was kissing their teammate. Sakura felt rather embarrassed when she caught herself staring so openly at the two. Sasuke just felt awkward at seeing such open affection coming from Kakashi. Naruto on the other hand… was quite enjoying himself.

He'd never been given the time of day by anyone in a romantic fashion. Hinata wasn't included… he told her that he had other "interests." She understood and settled with being a good friend. Being kissed so thoroughly… so passionately… so lovingly. It was wonderful. When Kakashi finally pulled from the kiss, he was pleased to see that Naruto was awestruck and not upset. He grinned and pulled the mask back on. Naruto sat back and almost toppled off the edge of the bed, but was fortunate enough to catch himself. Tsunade coughed… making her presence known… and gave Kakashi a look that meant they'd be having a little "talk" later on.

"Hatake Kakashi… you've been selected to be the Nanadaime." Tsunade said before turning and leaving. No need to stick around and elaborate.

"Hm? So that's what you've all been up to while I was asleep?" Kakashi tilted his head.

"You were in a coma, Kakashi." Sakura pouted. "Now I guess we know why you kept calling for Naruto."

"…Then why'd you call for Kabuto and Danzo, Kakashi." Naruto's dreamy eyes disappeared and looked rather disturbed suddenly.

"Kabuto and Danzo?" Kakashi paused to recall why they were so important to his nightmare… then he frowned so deeply it was completely visible through his mask. "They… well… it was just a dream. I won't let it really happen, Naruto."

"Eh?" Naruto blinked.

"Now… when do you want to move into the Hokage tower with me?" Kakashi grinned predatorily. This was going to be so much fun.

AHAHAHAHA! I bet you're all going "WHAT THE HELL!?!" or "I SHOULD KILL YOU!"

Hence the name Lost and Fumbling. That's what I relate dreams to. When you're in your dreams… you usually feel one of two things either being lost, or you're fumbling. So, when Kakashi woke up and saw he had a second chance, he didn't want to lose it.

Yay! No one really died! Sakura, Shikamaru, Sai and Naruto all returned from their mission safe and sound. Iruka's alive and well… and he's still a Chuunin. XD

THANK YOU FOR READING!! I hope you took this as meaningful ending and not a "Tch… talk about a fairytale ending."