This is complete randomness

"No, absolutely not," I said firmly. "You need to go." "You know I can't do that," Xavier said patiently, "With Cain's near breakout, I need to rewire the security system and find out the cause of its failure." "Then postpone this." "I can't. The hospital has a tight enough visitor schedule for its human patients, and an even stricter one for mutants. Besides, consider it to be makeup work for that training session you missed." "That's not fair! I got kidnapped by Magneto! If anyone should be getting punished, it should be everyone who didn't notice I was gone for like a week." "This isn't punishment; it'll be good for you. Take it as an opportunity to work on your telepathy." I sighed, "Who is this kid, anyway?" "Her name is Wanda Maximoff. She is a very powerful mutant, but somewhat unstable." "Great, it sounds like this is going to be harder than I thought." "I just need you to check up on her current condition, that's all." "Fine, I'll go. But I'm going to regret it." "You'll be fine."

"Name?" the man asked. "Jean Grey, I'm stepping in for Professor Xavier." He looked at me in horror. Gulping he asked, "I guess that means you want to see that Maximoff kid, right?" "Yeah, I do. Why?" He shoved some papers at me over the desk. "You're going to have to sign these saying we are in no way responsible for any injuries received during your visit." I sighed again. "Great. What did you get me into, Professor?"

I was led to a four inch thick iron door. "Good luck," the guard offered before opening it and stepping away. Once I was inside, it slammed shut. I turned slowly to face the occupant of the cell. It was a girl a bit younger than me with jet black hair. She regarded me coldly, her piercing blue eyes filled with hate. "Uh, hi Wanda, my name's Jean. The Professor couldn't be here, so he sent me instead." No answer. "Ok, um…You probably don't feel comfortable talking to a complete stranger, but we're not so different. I'm a mutant like you." Still no reply. "Ok, watch." I pulled out a pen and had it levitate above my palm. "See, I…" Without my control, it turned up, the point aimed at my outstretched hand. I pulled back my arm just in time as the pen imbedded itself in the stone floor. The girl stood up. "Alright, that's it," I sent out a mental attack. The girl flinched, but redirected it at me. I countered the counter-attack and levitated her into the air. She fell back to the floor, and I felt myself rising up. "What?" I was thrown into the wall. I tried again. This time it worked, but only for a moment. After several times of being slammed into the walls, I left.

Professor Xavier wheeled himself into his study, and the door swung shut behind him like in those old scary movies. "You!" He turned to find Jean looking like she had just walked off a battle field. "I'm guessing it didn't go well?" "Of course it didn't! Why didn't you tell me?!" "Tell you what?" "First, what her powers were," "I didn't think it would have made a difference." "Second, that she would try to impale me?" "You're obviously alright though." "Oh! And that little bit of information, what was it?! Ahh! I remember. That fact about her being Magneto's daughter!" "Yes, I suppose I could have told you that. How did you find out?" "When I was finally able to penetrate her mental defenses, I saw it in a memory. I almost feel bad for her. Almost, I might if she hadn't tried to stab me with a pen." She turned to leave. "Never again," she called storming out. It was his turn to sigh. "Don't worry; the instability of your powers will become evident in a few years."