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The Foundling

President Jack O'Neill couldn't hide the amused grin on his face – and didn't bother to try.

"So much for Alexandria, huh?"

Ian Brooks knew he was being teased, but was in far too good a mood to take offense – even if he'd been so inclined. Instead, he shrugged at the image in Atlantis' main view screen and smiled.

"We'll call him Alexander instead."

Jack nodded.

"I imagine Cassie's not too happy… She was determined she was going to get a girl this time."

Another shrug, but Ian's dark eyes were as amused as Jack's – and filled with the same pride and amazement that all new fathers had.

"She says it's my fault."

"Is it?"

"Beats me. She's the doctor, not me. If she says it is, then it probably is. You should see the hair on this kid, though, Jack. Redder than any I've ever seen."

"Must come from her side, huh?"

"There's nothing like that in my family," Ian agreed. "Are you going to drop in?"

Jack scowled, reminding Ian that he'd wanted to be there the day before, when Cassie had finally gone into labor.

"Soon as your dad decides to come home. Next time you kids decide you're going to have a baby, try not to time it in the middle of a seventeen nation security summit, okay?"

Ian grinned.

"We'll try to do better next time."

O'Neill snorted.

"I'd better get back to it. Tell Cassie I love her, okay?"

"Will do."

"I'll see you as soon as I can."

"I'll tell Sam."

"You do that. O'Neill out."

Ian waited until the screen was blank, and then turned away and looked over the command center of Atlantis. Several of the operations staff were watching him and most of them were smiling – or at least looking amused. He was in too good a mood to scowl or attempt to cow them and he really didn't have any reason to.

"I'll be in the infirmary if you need me."

One of the technicians nodded and Ian left.


"Are you sure he's Ian's son?" Janet asked, looking down at the baby that was sleeping in her arms.

Cassie Brooks smiled, wanting him back so she could cuddle him, but knowing that her mom wanted some time with the new baby, too.

"Pretty sure, yes."

Sam chuckled.

"He must get that hair from you…"

"Or from your folks," Janet said, looking over. "There's always that consideration, after all."

Cassie nodded.

"I don't remember my mom or dad having red hair, but it's possible that my grandparents might have… I had to get it from somewhere – and so did he."

"What are you going to name him?" Sam asked, peeking over Janet's shoulder at the newborn. After seeing the twins, the red hair really was shocking, she decided. But it was only fair that one of their offspring get some of Cassie's coloring.

"We were going to name her Alexandria Janet," Cassie told them with a smile for her mother. "But that wouldn't go over very well, now. Maybe Alexander – or Alex. I'll ask Ian."

"Ask Ian what?"

They all turned and found that Ian had joined them without any of them noticing. Not surprising, of course, since all their attention at the moment was on Cassie and the new baby. Which was just how it was supposed to be.

"What we're going to name him," Cassie said, turning her head so he could kiss her when he crossed the room to do just that.

"Ian Brooks Junior?" Sam asked, finally holding her arms out so she could have the baby for a minute. It was all well and good to let Janet hold him, but grandmother or not, she couldn't hog the baby all day.


Ian wasn't the only one to display a lack of enthusiasm for that particular name. Of course, they'd already gone over that when the twins were born, so it wasn't much of a conversation.

"I'd rather name him Alexandria Janet," Ian told Sam, looking down at his son, who was still sound asleep in her arms. He glanced over at Cassie. "Alex?"

She smiled and nodded.

"Alexander, though. I like it better."

Ian liked it, too, although he didn't tell her why. Instead he just nodded.

"Alexander what?" Sam asked.

"That's up to Cassandra," Ian replied. He'd already told her that he was going to go along with whatever she wanted to name him.

Cassie shrugged.

"I don't know. Maybe we'll let the boys decide…"

Janet rolled her eyes, and Sam caught the look and smiled, but resisted the urge to laugh, since she didn't want to wake up the baby.

"That's a good idea," Ian said. "If we want his middle name to be Hamburger, or A&W or something like that."

Cassie smiled.

"We'll use veto-"

"Unscheduled gate activation! Colonel Brooks to Stargate Operations! Repeat Unscheduled gate activation! Colonel Brooks report to Stargate Operations!"

Ian barely said goodbye to them before sprinting out of the room, well aware that everyone in the ops room had known exactly where he was going and wouldn't have called for him unless it was an emergency.

The baby in Sam's arms woke with a startled little gasp and Sam quickly handed him over to his mother.

"I'll be back," she told them, hurrying out to see what was going on as well.