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Graceful Mistake

Chapter 25


Kagome yawned and looked up at a sleeping Inuyasha. Inuyasha looked so peaceful when he slept, almost like a happy baby after a warm bottle of milk. She lightly put her hand over his arm that was wrapped around her waist. They had both fallen asleep on the couch the previous night watching reruns of Teen Titans. After a long week of school, it was finally Saturday.

'Awww, he's so cute.' Kagome snuggled into him more.

She watched him sleep for a while longer before his eyes eventually fluttered open. Kagome watched as the sun began rising, his eyes were just too amazing. The color was just so unusual, who else could say that their boyfriend had amber-colored eyes?...Besides Rin...

He looked down at her. "How long have you been staring at me?"

"Not too long...a good thirty minutes, you look so peaceful when you sleep." Kagome stood up and stretched. "I didn't have the heart to wake you up."

Inuyasha stood and did the same. "Weirdo."

"So you haven't watched me sleep before?" Kagome doubted it.

"I don't watch you, I play with you." Inuyasha quickly followed up with what he said when he saw the look Kagome was giving him. "As in, I'll play with your hair or something."


"Like you're any better, why didn't you just take a picture when you had the chance?" He watched as Kagome went into the kitchen and put a pan on the stove. "No, don't cook anything."

"Why not?" Kagome took the pan off of the stove.

"We're going out for breakfast and then we can go do something fun. Go get dressed."

Kagome smiled. "I really like the sound of that, I'll get dressed quickly."

Once both of them were dressed and had their shoes on they went to a small café not too far from the house. They took their seats at Callie's Coffee Café Foray and ordered drinks. Inuyasha had come here with Kagome one time and had fallen in love with the muffins, he knew destiny brought him there, and fate brought him back.

Inuyasha watched Kagome scan over the menu carefully. She looked up and over her menu when she felt his eyes on her.

"Do you know what you want to order?" Kagome asked, setting down the menu.

Inuyasha smiled. "Hell yea, the blueberry muffins they gave me last time were great."

"I should've known. I think I'll just get a scone." Kagome smiled. "Thank you for the delicious treat."

"Eh, I was just thinking we should go to a cafe every once in a while for breakfast or lunch."

"You really are a good boyfriend, I'm lucky to have you."

They told the waitress what they wanted to eat and waited for their food to come.

Inuyasha drank some of his cappuccino. "Do you have any plans today? I was gonna' say we could spend the day together."

Kagome thought about it. "N-" Before she could even finish her no she remembered that she said she'd go back to the run down shrine and talk more to Kaede. 'Dang it, I completely forgot.' She looked up at Inuyasha. 'Maybe I should just stay and hang out with Inuyasha.' She frowned. 'But then I wouldn't be honoring my word.' Kagome sighed. 'But I really want to stay with him.'

"We can always spend tomorrow together, seems like you got something planned." Inuyasha said with a smirk. He could tell from the way she was making faces that she had something planned and was debating over whether to cancel them.

"I'm sorry, I promised some people I'd meet up with them, but we can hang out for now." Kagome gave a weak smile.

"Like I said, there's always tomorrow. Tomorrow we can wake up and I'll cook a good breakfast and then I'll take us somewhere really nice. Somewhere really fun, and then we can go out to a restaurant for dinner, and then end it at our little spot."

Kagome smiled. "You mean the back of the apartment with the lake?" Kagome loved that place now, she'd only been there once, but it held a great memory for her. Inuyasha nodded his head. "I can't wait."

"Call it an all day date." Inuyasha nearly jumped out of his seat when the waitress placed his muffins in front of him. Kagome watched with interest as he smelled the muffins. He took a picture with a muffin in his hand. "Instagram."

"...Sure." Kagome drank some of her tea.

"You jealous?" Inuyasha asked before chowing down on his muffins.

"Not in the least." She cut her scone into pieces and then ate them. 'These are soooo good.'

"It's okay, I'll get a picture you with you later on."

Kagome rolled her eyes. "What ever makes you happy." Inuyasha mumbled incoherent words over his mouth full of muffins. "I can't understand you." He repeated himself. "Try again, when your mouth isn't so full."

He chewed the rest of his muffin. "I was saying that we need to get you new glasses, or contacts. You can't keep running into things in the house, you're gonna' end up breaking something."

"It's good to see you care so much about me." She replied sarcastically.

"You know what I mean, it's already the evening so if you have enough time we can go get your glasses today."

"Do we have money for that?" Kagome stirred her straw in her drink. "I mean you've already spent quite a bit of money on me. When you think about food, and housing, and-"

"Chill Kagome. My mom remembered you had glasses and asked about it the other day. She gave me money to get you new glasses, I just forgot."

"...Actually, I think my glasses have warranty so that money might not be needed. We can go by the glasses store before I go out."

Inuyasha practically inhaled his last muffin. "Works for me."

"Thanks for taking care of me. I really appreciate you, Mama Zoi and Papa Taisho for helping me out. I'm really lucky to have you guys in my life."

Inuyasha felt his cheeks warm up. 'I better not be blushing.' He looked out the window. "It ain't nothing, you know you're family."

Kagome smiled. "Family, that we are." She ate the last piece of her scone. "So, shall we get going?"

"We shall."

Inuyasha paid for the meal and then the two left hand in hand to get Kagome glasses.


"Kagome, get these." Inuyasha held up a a pair of large rimmed, poopish yellow and green colored glasses that Kagome was sure not even the people who sell the glasses would wear them.

She rolled her eyes and went back to filling out the papers in front of her. She thanked Kami for warranty. Kagome handed the papers over to the employee behind the counter.

"Thank you." She scanned over the papers. "I'll go get your glasses now."

"Thank you." Kagome said.

"Kagome, look." Inuyasha walked up to her with glasses on.

Kagome's mouth dropped to the floor. Sexy. One word to describe it...No, two. Sexy and Cute. Inuyasha had on these sexy John Varvatos glasses that made him look like a model. Sexy was taken to a whole new level. It almost made her wish he wore glasses.

"You look cute." She said before turning back to the employee.

"These are your new glasses." She said with a smile. She told Kagome a bit of information on her glasses before she was free to leave.

She put the glasses on her face and was instantly happy, it was like a whole new world. No more blurriness or fuzz. Just a clear, beautiful world.

"Come on, Inuyasha let's go." Inuyasha set down a pair of glasses he had held and followed Kagome out of the door. "Time?" She asked.

Inuyasha flipped open his phone. "2."

"Alright, I'm gonna' go now." Kagome decided that if she went there early she could come back home to her loving boyfriend much quicker.

"Now?" Kagome could tell Inuyasha clearly didn't want her to leave yet.

Kagome nodded her head. "If I go now, I can get what I need to get done a lot quicker."

Inuyasha sighed. "Alright, have fun doing whatever you're doing with your friends."

Inuyasha didn't want to nag her and bother her like a mom by asking her where she was going, what she was doing, who she'd be with, why she was going, ect, ect...He really wanted to though.

"I'll be back as soon as I can. No later than..Maybe 8ish-9ish. If I'm not back by then don't worry about it, I might be back really late."

Considering the fact that they don't have a clock, and time flies when you're doing things you know absolutely nothing about, whose to say she won't find herself walking back at around one in the morning? If that happens though, Kagome would probably just ask to stay the night there, she didn't feel safe walking back so early in the morning.

'And that's quick? What could she possibly be doing for seven hours?' Even though Inuyasha wanted to complain about it, he just smiled. "Alright, I guess I'll cook dinner. What do you want to eat?"

"Ramen would be nice tonight."

"You...want ramen?" She never wanted ramen...

"It's not like I don't like it, it's that I don't like you eating it 24/7. Every now and then is perfectly fine."

"I'll make the best ramen you've ever had."

"I'll hold you to that."

"But you have to be home by ten if you want it."

"Not a problem, I'll do my best to get here as soon as I can. Maybe I'll even be back before seven." She remembered the reason that she was out so late was mainly because she passed out. Hopefully, that wouldn't happen again this time. "I promise I'll be home before ten."

"Now, I'm holding you to your word."

They shared a kiss before parting ways.

'I wish I could stay with him all day.' Kagome thought.

She began walking to the park with a smile on her face. Tomorrow would be wonderful. A nice day with her boyfriend, and coming home to a nice, clean house, and a nice warm bed. Life was just wonderful.

"Now that I think about it, Miroku's birthday is coming soon, I wonder what I should get him. Maybe a mike and ike hoodie...he does love that candy. I can't believe they broke up..." She kicked a rock in front of her.

It rolled away. Kagome looked at the stairs leading to her old house, where the rock had stopped. She hadn't even realized that she had to cross in front of her house on the way to get to the park. It looked just like a normal house. All of the lights were off as if no one were home, like no one had even lived there before.

No one would ever expect that what happened in that house actually happened.


Kagome stared at the shrine. That hour walk was peaceful, just like the last time she had walked.

'I wonder when it'll snow...' She slid the shoji door to the side and walked in. Warmth greeted her with a warm welcome. She took off her shoes and jacket and laid them on the floor.

"Um...I'm back." Silence. "I'm here to see Kaede, I said I'd be back sometime over the weekend." More silence.

It was a huge place, so Kagome just decided to look for them. She counted the amount of doors she went through. One door just led to two more doors, it was like a big maze.

"Nine." Kagome said as she slid open her ninth door. This door led her outside, to the pond full of koi fish she saw last time. She smiled down at the fish as they swam in all directions.

"Do you know where I can find Kaede glub, glub?" Kagome asked, bending down to the fishes level. "Glub, no, okay, thank you, glub." Apparently, fish make glub noises. She stood up and began walking along the tatami mats.

If memory served her correctly, she would be going in the direction of the field where she had to shoot that arrow. As she approached, she saw three bodies.

"Oh, Kae-" Kagome silenced herself before she could get their attention. She was close enough to see that they were training or practicing something. Kaede was counting them off, it reminded her of a metronome playing as a student practiced their violin. Momiji and Botan would be those students, they were shooting arrows as Kaede counted.

"1." The girls loaded their arrow into their bow. "2." The girls squared their feet. The left foot at the 12 o'clock position, and the right one at the 3 o'clock position. "3." Their arrows were pulled back. "4." The arrows were released. "5." Unsquare feet and stand straight. "1." They repeated the same steps.

They all seemed so concentrated, Kagome silently admired. The beats started off slow, but then they began picking up speed. Kagome was stunned at how fast the girls could load their arrows and shoot them. She knew if she was in their position she'd drop an arrow, or miss the target out in the field. It was almost like a rehearsed dance.

When both girls ran out of arrows, Kagome clapped from her spot in the side lines. All three of them looked surprised to see her.

"That was truly amazing, you guys looked so graceful out there."

The young girls smiled. "Welcome back, Miss Kagome." They said in unison.

Kagome felt like a proper old lady when they said miss. "Nice to see you all again, sorry I had to run out last time. It was getting really late and it takes me about an hour to get here."

"Not a problem at all." Kaede said. "Momiji, why don't you trade places with Kagome?" Kagome shook her head. "Why not, it seems to me that you have glasses on. You should be able to hit the board perfectly this time."

"Did I miss the arrow target last time?" Kagome was about 98% sure that she missed it. What were the odds of her actually hitting it?

"You hit it." Kaede said.

"Really?" Kagome was completely surprised.

"And blew it to smithereens." Botan added.

"The target board practically blew up when your arrow made contact with it, you might've released a bit too much energy."

"...Oh, sorry."

"We have plenty more, why don't you train with us?" Momiji looked at Kaede as if asking if it were okay. Kaede simply nodded her head. "We could teach you some pointers and Botan and I can help you get your abilities under control."

"Um, okay?"

"Yay." Botan smiled. "You should change into training clothes. I'll go get them!" Botan was inside the shrine searching for clothes before Kagome could object.

Somehow Kagome found herself sitting on the floor doing breathing exercises with Botan and Momiji five minutes later. She looked down at the clothes that she adorned. Her outfit consisted of a hakui and a scarlet red hakama.

She'd never worn something so...old fashioned before so it was quite the experience.

"The breathing exercise won't have it's full effect on you if your eyes are open." Botan said as she continued breathing.

Kagome closed her eyes. "But in order for you to know my eyes are open, that would mean yours would have to be open too."

Botan didn't say anything to that. They did a good twenty minutes of breathing before Kagome got tired of it. "Is there anything else you guys do?"

"Of coarse, this is only the beginning, since you're new to this, you have to start off slowly."

"Imagine doing this for four hours every day for three months, that's what Botan and I had to do." Momiji said as she stood up. "Why don't we get to cleaning, I'm sure you'd love to help Kagome."

Kagome smiled. "Anything seems more appealing than sitting and breathing."

"Perfect, shall we feed the fish?"

The girls went out and began feeding the fish. Kagome tossed the fish their food from a bag and watched as they swam towards it. Feeding them was fairly easy enough, but she came to get help with her miko energy...powers...abilities..whatever they were. She didn't think breathing would really help though.

"Kagome, that's too much food." Botan said.

Kagome put the handful of fish food she had in her hand back in the bag. "Sorry." Maybe it wasn't so easy.

"Botan look!" Momiji said from her spot in the garden.

Botan began walking to Momiji.

'Do I stay, do I follow, stay or follow...' Kagome thought.

"Come on, Kagome." Botan waved her over.

Kagome stood and followed Botan. When they reached Momiji they saw her cradling a squirrel in her hands.

"Ewww, is it dead?" Botan wasn't a big fan of touching dead creatures.

Momiji shook her head. "No, just injured and in pain." The squirrel looked like it was in immense pain, not even daring to move for pain would shoot up and through out its body. "I'll be the one to fix that." She lightly clasped her hand over the top of the squirrel so that it wasn't visible. She closed her eyes and began mumbling things.

Kagome watched, intrigued with what she was doing. Her hands glowed a light red, almost pink, before slowly fading away. When she opened her hand, Kagome was surprised to see the squirrel looking energetic. Momiji lowered her hand to the ground and let the squirrel jump down to the floor. It scurried off and up a tree not too far from them.

"What did I just witness?" Kagome asked as she watched the squirrel jump from branch to branch. She was awe stricken.

"That is what you'll be able to do with Kaede helping you." Momiji said as she dusted her hands off.

"That only took us one year to learn." Botan added in.

"A whole year?" That seemed like a looong time to be coming to a run down shrine.

They both nodded their heads. "It's very easy to kill such a harmless creature while healing. Just a little bit too much of energy and boom! The animal is dead."

"Oh...I see." To know that she was capable of killing something, someone...an animal, at that, was a very scary thought.

'I don't think I'll try that healing thing.'

"Let's work on getting your power out, I'll go get some arrows." Momiji went through a door close by.

"I don't know anything about archery."

"You don't need to know a single thing, you just need to feel your way through it." They began walking to the field. "Momiji and I were just about eight years old when we started coming here. None of us knew how to do archery, but we still tried, and now look at us. We can both shoot arrows at practically any distance with our eyes closed and hit any target we want."

Kagome remembered the first time she saw Momiji. She had nearly tried to kill Kagome with an arrow. "Well, I'm trusting you guys to help me become good like the both of you."

"Oh no, we won't be teaching you. Kaede will be doing the teaching. She would've been here teaching you already, but I think she's busy with something. I can't possibly imagine with what though."

Momiji returned with a bow and arrow and handed it to Kagome. "These are your new best friends. They are yours now and no one elses."

'I don't want new best friends.' Kagome thought. "So, you want me to aim at that target all the way down there?" She could tell from where she was standing that there were already a couple of arrows in the target board she was supposed to aim for. They both nodded. "You're not going to instruct me?"

"Did Kaede instruct you when you first came here?"

"No, but...Am I going to pass out again?" That was also one of Kagome's fears at the moment. If she could knock herself out for over five hours, something was seriously wrong.

"While it is a possibility, it's also very unlikely. You used up a lot of energy the first time, so that shouldn't happen again."

"Okay..." Kagome sighed as she put the arrow into the bow. She concentrated as hard as she could as she pulled the arrow back. 'Stare at the archery board, hit the archery board.' She thought as she released the arrow.

She wasn't surprised when the arrow landed half way between her and the archery board.

"Definitely not enough energy or strength." Momiji said as she went to get the arrow.

"Sorry." Kagome said with a small bow.

"It's all good." Momiji grabbed the arrow and walked back.

"It didn't even release any glow or light or anything. Maybe I used up all of my ability last time?" Kagome mumbled to herself.

Momiji shook her head. "Not the case. Touch your arrow." Kagome grabbed the arrow gently. She was surprised at how warm it felt. "We may not have been able to see it, but there was energy soaring all through out this arrow. You're not going to be able to get a glow of energy on your first go. Practice makes perfect."

She was right, practice did make perfect. Kagome loaded the arrow into the bow again and pulled it back.

"Come on, hit the mark." Kagome released the arrow.

Though it didn't hit the mark, it went further than the last arrow.

"Already showing improvement." Botan said with a smile.

"Hopefully I'll be able to hit the board by the end of the day."


The end of the day came much to quick. The three girls lay on the tatami mats tired. Kagome hadn't hit the board once. If anything, she got worse. Her distance improved greatly, but distance wasn't everything. She either went too far or not far enough, never exactly right.

Kagome looked out the open shoji doors. It was getting dark.

"Do you guys happen to know what time it is? I know there isn't a clock around, but do you guys have a watch or something."

"It's actually only 8:22." Botan said from her position on the floor.

"How do you know?" Kagome asked.

Botan held up her cell phone before she started texting.

"Botan, you know we're not supposed to have cell phones here."

"I know, but I just started talking to this guy and he's so sweet."

"Rules are rules." Momiji sung as she took the cellphone from her.

Botan folded her arms across her chest. "You only say that because you have a boyfriend. You just don't want me to find myself a boyfriend, that's it, isn't it?"

Momiji rolled her eyes and handed the phone back. Everybody breaks a rule once in their life, this would be Botan's rule. She seemed contempt after she sent out the text.

"Can I see your phone?" Kagome asked.

"Sure." Botan handed Kagome the cell phone.

Kagome entered in the number she had dialed so many times before. It rung for a while before, the other person picked up the phone.

"Hello?" He asked.

"Hey, Inuyasha."

"Where are you? Dinners still cooking, you gonna' be home in time?"

"Uh, yea." Kagome tried to ignore the stares that Momiji and Botan were giving her. "I'll be on my way home...eventually." She could tell the young girls were going to bombard her with questions once she was off the phone.

"Whose phone are you using?"

"A friends at the place I'm at."

"Do you want me to pick you up?" He offered.

As much as that would be awesome, she didn't want him to walk for an hour just to get here, and then go walking back for another hour.

"Nah, I'll be home soon enough."

"Good, dinner should be on the table by the time you get home."

"Thanks, you're the best."

"I know I am."

They talked for a while longer before hanging up. Kagome handed Botan her cell phone.

"Was that your boyfriend?" The volume was up all the way so both young girls could hear the conversation clearly. "Or your fiancé?"

"Dinner on the table?" Momiji asked.

"That was my boyfriend." Kagome said happily. Sure enough, the questions began. Random questions coming from both of them at the same time, Kagome could barely hear one of them. "I-uh, the next time I come back we can talk more about this."

"Next time will be soon I hope. Let's go get your clothes to change into."

Kagome had completely forgotten she was in different clothes, they were sooo comfortable. She could see why priests and priestess always wore them, who wouldn't want to wear something so comfortable? It's like working in your pajamas.

When Kagome changed her clothes, she walked to the front.

"Thanks so much for a good time." Kagome enjoyed learning from the two girls. They were both so cute.

"Sorry Kaede couldn't teach today. She did say that when she saw us, you were doing pretty good."

"Yea, because missing the target board each time counts as good." She said with sarcasm as she slipped on her jacket. "I'll do better next time, promise."

They talked for a while before they said their good byes and parted ways. Kagome shivered as she walked home. The drop in temperature between the afternoon and night was drastic. Even with her big coat on it was still cold. She stuck her hands in her pocket.

'I may not understand these powers too much, but they are kind of cool.' She thought, thinking back to how Momiji healed the bird with just a touch of her hand.

She spent a good portion of the walk thinking about all of the wonderful things she could do in medical school if she could heal things just by touching them.

She looked at her old house not too far in the distance. It didn't hold the best memories but there were definitely some good times there.

'I miss my dad.' She thought as she sat on the stairs leading up to her house.

A jerk? Yea, he was. A father? He was that to, maybe not a good one, but he was still a father and her father at that. There was no way she could ever hate him, no matter how many bad things he'd done to her.

After a while longer of sitting on the stairs, she decided it was time to get home. She did have a sexy boyfriend waiting with dinner ready, who wouldn't go home to that?

She stood up and stretched. Before she could begin walking again she was grabbed from behind. Her first instinct was to scream, which is what she did. The person jerked her around and then slammed her body on the floor before jumping on top of her, grabbing her hair, and then banging her head on the ground.

Kagome eventually lost consciousness as she fought back. A pool of blood was around them.

"Revenge." He smiled as he carelessly dragged her body up to the house. He used the house key he had been using for over twenty years and opened the door with a big smile on his face.

Botan put one of the tea cups neatly on the tea cup rack. She wanted everything to be neat before tomorrow so that she'd have less work to do. Her ring tone went off, but she was in the middle of wiping off a glass.

"Momiji, can you get that?" She set the glass down and moved onto the next one.

Momiji grabbed the phone and flipped it open. "Hello, this is Momiji, Botan's best friend speaking, how may I assist you today?" Botan rolled her eyes.

"Hi, this is Inuyasha, Kagome's boyfriend, not sure if she's mentioned me-"

"Oh, she's mentioned you." Momiji said with a knowing smile. She put the phone on speaker.

"Oh...well, I'm wondering where she is, it's late now." He looked at his watch. It was past 11:30. She said she'd be home eventually, he didn't know it meant this late.

Momiji put the phone on mute. "He says she's not home yet."

"I know, I heard. She did say it takes a while to get home."

"She said an hour though. Not four hours. What is she doing?"

"Hello?" Inuyasha asked.

She took the phone off of mute. "Just a second." She said before placing it back on mute.

"Should we cover for her and say she's spending the night?" Botan asked.

Momiji shrugged her shoulderw. "I don't know...I don't like lying."

"Okay..." Momiji went back to the phone. "Um, Kagome actually left a couple of hours ago."

"Where is she then?"

"Ummm, at a friends maybe. She said something about a Sango before she left."

Momiji wasn't sure if she actually went to Sango's house, all she knew was that she had briefly mentioned the girl before leaving. They were talking about best friends since Momjii and Botan were best friends and Kagome mentioned hers.

"Oh, okay, thanks." With that said he hung up.

"We don't know if she went there." Botan said as she took her phone back.

"Where else would she be? She said she'd be going home to him, but she's not there so maybe she went to her friends house or something. I can only assume that."

Botan just nodded her head, but still wondered.

Where is Kagome?

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