I look out the window of my house. Cars pass by. Once I would have gone outside and throw eggs at them but I'm too old for that now. It's been years since I last wrote on your face dumb diary. I read all of the stupid things I used to write about middle school. But I will never be that immature again. I've grown up now. Angeline isn't even apart of my life so why did I care about her so much back then?

Me and Isabella are still friends. Colette is doing great, her and Chip are married with three perfect kids. I used to think she was a foreigner because she was from another school. When I was a kid it all made sense but now who cares.

So now I head out to walk my neighbors dogs. I recently got a new client and I can't be late to meet them and their dog. So here I go.

You wouldn't believe who my new clients were. First I saw the perfect face that seemed familiar but the blond hair was the least bit shimmering. "Jamie? It's so nice to see you I haven't seen you since high school" She squealed. Her squeal was the same extremely loud blondie squeal that I recognized. "Uhh? Yes" I finally replied. "I'd like you to meet my husband Mike," Angeline giggled. I peered at him for a long time. He was MIKE PINSETTI. But it didn't make sense Angeline used to be beautiful and now her hair was shorter and complicated.

"Do you remember Hudson?" Angeline asked batting her still very long eyelashes. "Uhh, him?" I questioned. "Yeah he's such a skater now" She commented. "I guess he never grew out of his skater style" She added. "OH?" was my answer. When I was younger I would have tried to come up with a cooler comeback but I'm too mature to worry about impressing my old school mates.

"Um, I need to meet your dog" I reminded her. "Oh yes, This is my new dog" Angeline coos picking up a small beagle. It reminds me of stinker who passed away in high school. But its stinkers fault for aging seven times faster than a person. "Jamie, I also named her stickybuns" Angeline giggles. She handed me a leash and me and stickybuns headed out the door as we went to pick up the other neighborhood dogs.