Remember last time I had written on your face I had met Mrs. Angeline PINSETTI! I could hardly believe it. Isabella is convinced it's just part of her evil scheme to rule the world someday… or is it possible that Angeline is now normal? Anyways enough about Angeline let me write about today.

Today I was at an arcade with some guy who asked me out on one of those date websites. But I wasn't too interested in the guy I was with or the arcade I was at until I saw HIM. HUDSON RIVERS? He was much cuter than the last time I saw him, which was at graduation.

Actually I was on my way to the bathroom and he TOTALLY tripped me! I nearly fell face first into the trash can. Nice going Jamie. I muttered to myself.

"Jamie Kelly?" He asked helping me up. "Hudson?" Was my reply, I must have sounded like an IDIOT to him! Then he did something strange, he HUGGED me!

"So, Um, Hi Jamie, Uh, It's been a while" He blurted out. Why is he stuttering? I wondered. "Well, Um, we should go, Um, see a movie sometime—Just as friends though!" He added.

"Hey Rivers over here!" one of his friends called from across the arcade. "Call me!" He said quickly, writing his number on a slip of paper and he handed it to ME!

"I can't call him" I complained to Isabella later. "Why not? He said just as friends didn't he?" She pointed out, which I hated her for. I didn't want to go. I didn't want to end up falling in love with him again.

I CALLED HIM. I know dumb diary you probably think I just made the stupidest mistake of my life. But ISABELLA CAME WITH US! You might think that's a bad thing but this went extremely well.

We went out for dinner(at burger king), but Isabella left us alone for a while to go talk to some random dudes standing near the bathroom. And…

HE SAID MY HAIR LOOKED LOVELY! I could hardly believe my ears! (It's funny the older I get the cornier I write) AND! We're gonna go out next week to the movies, without ISABELLA! The downside to that is we're going to see a romantic movie, unfortunately for me. (So much for trying not to fall in love with him again!)

I've got to go to walk the dogs now. I'll write again after my second date with Hudson Rivers! Wish me luck! (or um write me luck I guess, dumb diary)


Angeline Pinsetti is…


That's all for now!