Author's note: I just had to add this. I'm just not ready to lay these characters to rest. Rebel's next story is coming soon. Hope this doesn't leave you hanging too much.


Three weeks latter.

Rebel was on her first mission since returning home. Her and Jimmy had agreed that only one could be out at a time. It was the only fair thing for their girls. Tonight she was teamed with Jubilee, Rogue and Joseph. They were taking the north wall of a facility that was holding a group of mutants hostage.

Rebel was having a hard time not worrying about Lee. She knew the girl was more than capable of taking care of herself and doing her job. She wondered how Wolverine handled this.

"Red team do you copy," Cyclops asked from the mic in her ear.

"Ready and in position Blue Leader," she answered.

Rebel heard a noise behind her. She turned to check on her team. Jubilee was lying in an odd position on the ground. Joseph was standing over her.

"What the hell did you do?" Anne yelled as her hands lit up blue. She could kill him for this.

"Now Rouge," Joseph calmly said just before everything went dark.