Pen Pal Date

By: speed and write

Summary: Someone has a date. It is one of her pen pals that turns out to be one of the Seigi choujins. Let's see what happens.

Author's Notes: Sigh… So sorry if I can't do this regularly. It' almost the final exam and I had to do this to get this out my system. So here it is…

Chapter 1: Shibuya Pen Pals.

It was still a busy day at Shibuya. A girl with flowing dark hair was walking and stopped near the Hachiko Statue. She was wearing a light pink shirt and denim skirt. She looks around the place.

She said to herself, "Hmm. I wonder where he is. He said he'll come here and wearing something unusual." Then suddenly a tall man wearing a dark green military style uniform walked to her and said, "Hi there, you must be my pen pal?" She faced the man and said, "Umm... you must have mistaken me for someone else?" the man answered, "I'm sure you are the girl that I'm looking for. Sylvia" The girl said, "How did you know my... you are my pen pal" Sylvia was shocked.

The man said, "Nice to meet you then..." and reached out his hand to her. Sylvia said in a soft voice, "Umm nice too meet you too." She shook hands with him. She thought to herself, 'He's really cute'. She continued, "So... what's your real name? You don't use it when we write to each other you know?" The man said, "Umm… It's… Brocken Jr." Sylvia laughed, "Hahaha… Embarrassed by your appearance and name? Well you did say you're gonna wear something unusual and you did." She pointed at the man, "Heh, you do look like the choujin Brocken Jr.!" The man said, "Umm… I…" Sylvia interrupted, "Well, let's get started on our date! It's almost noon! C'mon"

She grabbed Brocken's hand and dragged him to the streets. Brocken said in a low voice, "am Brocken Jr."

Author's Notes:

It's only short but as soon as I finish my exams I'll try to finish this fic and also my other fics as well.

Sylvia's pen pal is Brocken Jr. When I wrote "him" I was refering to Brocken Jr.