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Sudden Fate and Goodbye

Chapter 1

The day ended almost quickly as usual when it reached sunset. I heard several members of the circus rustled as they packed everything to move to perform in a different area. I heard them from outside of my tent.

I sighed as I uncovered my purple veil from my head letting my long dark hair flow down my back. I wore a red dress under my purple robes. I sat on my cushion that was tied to my wooden chair. I then slightly lay lazily against the chair. It was a long day with so many people asking for fortunes.

A round table rested in front of me. The table was draped with a navy blue cloth with stars and moon designs. A crystal ball rested in the middle of the table. The inside of the tent matched with the cloth on the table.

I gasped with surprise as I suddenly felt a couple of strong arms wrap around my petite waist and happily twirled me around in the air.

"M-Mana?!! What on earth?"

Mana gently put me down on my feet. He smiled sheepishly at me. "You always seem down after a long day," he admitted.

"I am not!!" I flustered, my peach-colored cheeks suddenly turned slightly pink. "Just tired and…." I grimaced as I rubbed my temples with my thumb and index finger.


I held my hands up in surrender. "Okay, yeah… whatever." I then lowered them to my sides. "And Mana, what about Ariel? I thought…" I paused as I saw a wistful smile across his face. "Mana, I…." I looked at my friend worriedly as Mana held up his hand, then lowered it to his side.

"It's all right, Misty. I love her and still do, but." He smiled a little. "She'll always remain with me in my heart, even after her death."

"Mana" I couldn't find the words to comfort him. I had been best friends with Mana and Ariel Walker ever since I first joined the circus 5 years ago. When Ariel was alive, she and Mana always spent their free time together, laughing and being comforted in each other's company.

Even though I was 20 right now, I couldn't help but to be jealous of Ariel to be with a man like Mana. According to him, I was mostly thought of as a daughter despite the difference in our age and my cursed height of being "short"; but deep down inside, I've thought of him as….something different.

I knew it was impossible because he loved Ariel more and knew her longer than I did; but still….

"Allen, be careful!"

10-year old Allen stared longingly into the crystal ball as he balanced on the opposite chair. Curiousness shone in his eyes.

At Mana's sudden warning, Allen slipped off the chair and quickly grabbed the cloth hoping to stop the fall. He fell with a sudden thump and a loud crash occurred beside him.

I clasped her mouth in shock and worry. Mana quickly rushed to the little boy's side as soon as he started crying.

"Allen, are you okay?" the clown asked his adopted son with concern.

Allen sniffed and wiped away his tears on his sleeve. He slightly nodded. Mana sighed with relief as he didn't see any scars or bruises on the little one.

"Allen, I think you owe Misty another apology for breaking her 5th crystal ball," Mana remarked simply. Allen then held his head low in guilt.

I chuckled. "It's all right Mana," I assured. If I was my 16 year old self, I would be irritated. I did get irritated once when Allen "accidentally" broke my first crystal ball when he was playing with it. "I can always get a…." I paused when Allen walked up to me. He still had his head low, then bowed apologetically.

"I….I'm sorry Misty!" His small body stiffened and trembled as tears flowed down his cheeks.

I bent down to his level and gently placed his chin between my thumb and finger. I tilted his head up so I could see his eyes.

"Allen, it's all right. I forgive you," I smiled and assured him.

Allen stared at me then lunged into my chest and sobbed. I stared skeptically at the brown-haired boy. A kind smile spread across my face as I embraced him.

"Its okay, Allen. It's okay," I said as I combed his hair soothingly. I didn't care that my robes soaked with the boy's tears. I loved Allen like a little brother, even though he might have been a bit annoying when I first met him….. Yes, he had been the little brother that I've never had.

"Allen, its time to go," Mana said as he placed his hand on Allen's shoulder.

Allen glanced up at his father, then wiped his tears on his sleeves once more. He and I calmly stood up. I accompanied them towards the exit and noticed a mixture of navy, purple, and orange in the sky. It was past sunset.

"I'll see you sometime later, Misty," Mana said.

I smiled and waved. "Sure"

Allen rushed up to me and wrapped his arms around my waist. It was so cute of him that he had to tip-toe to reach. He had a bright smile on his face. I smiled warmly at him as I slightly wrapped my arms around his shoulders. I then glanced up at Mana.

My heart beat rapidly as I stared at his dark face then into his eyes. Certain thoughts raced into my mind. I had this sudden feeling…. That he would walk up to me and kiss me. I mentally shook my head. No… I can't…. the thought of him suddenly kissing me repeated in my mind….it won't… its haunting me. I snapped out of my thoughts when he spoke sternly, but calm.

"Allen, its time to go."

"Hai!" Allen beamed as he happily rushed behind Mana. He then stopped in his tracks and waved at me. He's so cute with that big smile. I returned a wave with a smile. He then ran to catch up with his father.

I mentally glowered at Mana. At least give me a hug! He could be such a jerk sometimes. I frowned at the thought, then became startled when one of the members shouted,

"Hey Misty! You done packing yet?"

"Just give me a minute!"

As I turned my heel and entered my tent, I spotted a folded white envelope on the table. I walked towards the table and picked up the envelope. I tore open the seal and took out what seemed to be a letter. I skimmed through the letter, then my eyes widened in shock.

I quickly grabbed my coat from the hanger near the entrance and rushed out of my tent. I looked around my surroundings and Mana and Allen weren't anywhere in sight.

"Misty, what's wrong? You look frantic?" Michael, one of the trapeze artist, asked with concern.

"Where's Mana and Allen? Have you seen them?"

"Uh…well….they left a few minutes ago in a carriage towards town….wait! Misty, what….where are you…."

"I'm gonna borrow this horse for awhile," I replied bluntly as I untied the ropes that held down one of the horses. "I have to look for Mana and Allen before it's too late!"

"Misty, you can't….. what's gotten into you? HEY!!"

I lifted my weight onto the horse and grabbed tight onto the reins. I quickly rode towards the said town as I started my search. How could have I forgotten that vision that something horrible would happen to Mana and Allen? I should have said something before they left my tent, or…..

"Mana! Allen!"

Night arrived in what seemed to be in less than a minute. Dark clouds hovered over London covering the once starry sky. The thunder roared tuning out my worried cries.

"Allen! Mana!"

Rain poured down heavily, but I didn't care of getting soaked. It's not of my concern except finding the ones I care of the most. I looked warily around my surroundings as I hauled the horse to a stop every once in a while.



My heart skipped a beat when I heard a familiar cry.


It was a cry of a child. Allen! I hurried over towards the direction of the voice. My heart beat rapidly anxious in hopes to see them safe and sound.

As I reached the source of the voice, my eyes widened in horror of what I spotted in a dark alleyway. The carriage had been knocked down and was damaged a little. What made my heart stopped was seeing and hearing at the scene in front of me.

"Mana! Mana! Wake up! Wake up!"

I hopped off the horse and walked closer. My knees shook in every step; my heart beat rapidly as if it was ready to burst out of my chest. My breaths tensed.

The body of Mana lay motionless as Allen continued to shake him and cry out for him.

"Mana! Mana!" Allen didn't seem to notice me as I stopped slightly behind him. I took out the piece of paper from my inside pocket of my coat. I silently reread the letter as I heard Mana's stern, but soft voice in my mind.

Dear Misty,

I remembered the vision that you once told me about; the vision you had in your dreams. I have always believed in you, in your visions that had always come true in the end.

However, I want to take that risk, facing your vision face to face in reality. I understand that you must be worried for my and Allen's sake. Maybe this is sudden fate that we would wind up like this in the end.

I apologize and I love you,


I gritted my teeth irritably as I crushed the letter with my bare hands. My bangs overshadowed my eyes. I bit my lower lip as tears streamed down my cheeks. My knees shook then weakened as I fell onto the stone pavement on my knees. I sobbed into my palms of my hands.

I came too late….

I wanted to prevent my vision of him happening, but it was just too late.

Mana, you're such an idiot.

Rain continued to pour down heavily upon our surroundings.


I glanced at the young boy kneeling in front of me. His eyes shone with the same sadness I had and also a bit of worry. I embraced him and drew him close to me. Tears continued to stream down my cheeks. I felt his wet cheeks rub against my shoulder. It made me happy that Allen was still alive and that was the most important thing to me right now.



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