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The Nanny and the Neighbor

Chapter 1

"Hey Bella."

I turned and smiled at the owner of the small grocery store I visited every week.

"How's the job hunt going?" He asked.

"Still nothing," I replied as I picked up one of the grocery baskets.

Steve, the grocery store owner, knew all about my hopeless job hunt. I had been rejected from about ten jobs. No one wanted an eighteen year old with nothing to show but a high school diploma. I would've have been in college right now if I only had the money. But, I only had a few hundred dollars to my name right now.

I was desperate for work but I needed an actual job to save enough money for four years of college. I had planned on taking a year off to raise the money but I didn't realize finding a job would be impossible.

I solemnly walked to a grocery store to pick up some food for my crappy apartment. It was one main room and a bathroom. I slept on the sofa and had a suitcase for a closet. My whole home was just a little bit bigger than my old bedroom.

I stepped into the grocery store as the rain started to fall. I sighed knowing I would get soaked on my walk home. I grabbed one of the small baskets you carried and went down an aisle.

I started to fill my basket with the food I needed. The store was mostly empty except a elderly woman and a lady who looked like she had more money than most people around here. I went down one aisle with the wealthy lady. After deciding which cereal to buy, I turned to purchase my items and leave when I saw the woman had left her purse sitting on the floor.

I walked down the aisle and picked up the purse. Looking around the store I located the woman.

"Excuse me," I said walking towards her, "You left your purse on the floor back there."

She turned to look at me. The woman was actually very pretty. Her hair was wavy and carmel colored. Her creamy skin revealed no sign of age. She was dressed in a silky dress and wearing a diamond necklace.

She smiled a motherly smile to me. "Thank you so much," She said taking her purse back.

"No problem," I said then frowned remembering I had to walk home in the rain. Maybe I should try to catch a bus.

"What's wrong?" She asked. I looked back at her concern-filled hazel eyes. Something in them made me want to tell her about my day.

"I've just been having a bad day," I sighed. More like a bad three months. "I have been looking for a job but have been rejected from ten different places and now I have to walk home in the rain."

"I'm sorry. I wish I there was... wait a minute. My neighbor has been looking for someone. I think she's getting desperate so the hours and pay would be good. You could come over tomorrow and meet her. I could put in a good word," The woman said. I was surprised how nice she was being.

"Thank you but, I couldn't ask you for all that. I mean I don't even know your name," I said although I was hoping she was serious. I needed a job.

The woman stuck out her hand. "Esme Cullen," She said.

I laughed lightly and shook her hand. "Bella Swan," I replied.

"Swan," Esme said thoughtfully, "Are you by any chance from Forks?"

"Yeah," I blinked, "Do I know you?" I never remembered meeting her, but I have forgotten.

"No, but I knew your father, Charlie right?" She said and I nodded in response. "Yes, we went to high school together but I moved away to Alaska for college."

"Oh. You probably know my mother too, Renee," I said wondering what the chances were that I would meet someone who went to Forks High School who wasn't still living in Forks. Most people who were born there never left.

"Yes," Esme smiled, "I always had a feeling those two would be together."

I nodded, smiling and debated over correcting her. My parents were no longer together and had not been for years.

"Anyways," Esme said, "About that job. Here's my address so stop by around one to meet my neighbor."

I smiled as she handed me a piece of paper. "Thank you so much. You're one of the nicest people I've met in a long time."

"So are you," Esme said gesturing to her purse. "See you tomorrow, Bella."

"Bye," I said then turned to the check out.

I felt genuinely happy as I stepped out of the store. The usual downpour had slowed to a drizzle and I might actually get a job.

I finally reached my apartment building after fifteen minutes of walking. I hurried up the steps, eager to change into dry clothes. I was glad I lived on the second floor. Walking up more than one flight of stairs a day wouldn't be enjoyable.

Once inside, I sat the groceries down on the folding table and walked over to the phone. I needed to call in a favor.

I dialed the familiar number and started putting away the food as it rang. Finally he picked up.

"Hey Bells. Whatcha need?" My best friend, Jacob Black answered.

Jacob and I had been great friends for about two years now. Our fathers had been best friends so he became the brother I never had.

"Can't I just call my best friend to chat?" I joked.

"Well sorry. What would you like to chat about?" Jacob asked sarcastically.

"Actually, I do need something," I said as I finished putting everything away. I walked over to my closet-case to change into pajamas.

"I thought so. What?"

"Can I borrow your car tomorrow?" I asked praying that he would say yes. I knew walking was out of the question.


"Jake, please?" I begged. "I really need it."


"Please! Please, please, please," I continued to beg.

"Bells, you're my best friend and all, but your driving isn't great. I can't risk you crashing my baby," Jacob said.

Stupid Jacob and his stupid love for his stupid car that he had to build himself.

"Will you at least drive me somewhere?" I pleaded. I needed this job.

Jake was quiet for a second. "Sure," He finally said, "Where do you need to go anyways?"

"Job interview," I said simply.

"Haven't you been walking to all of them?" Jacob questioned. "Why do you suddenly need to be driven to one?"

"I don't know where it is," I explained. I had never seen the street name Esme gave me.

"How were you supposed to find it by yourself?" Jacob asked confused.

"I was going to have you mapquest it," I shrugged, walking over to my sofa bed.

I could practically hear Jacob roll his eyes. "What's the job for?" He asked.

I was about to answer him, but then I remembered Esme never said what the job was. "I don't know," I reluctantly admitted.

"Then how do you know you even want this job?" Jacob asked impatiently.

I was surprised by this. Jacob had always been the immature one. The one who would zoom around the roads on a motorcycle, skip school because it was boring, and had to try everything once. Planning and thinking things through wasn't in his personality.

"A job is a job. I don't even have it yet. This in only an interview," I reminded him. "Now go find directions for this place."

I gave Jacob the address and he found the route. We agreed that he would pick be up around eleven, we would have lunch, then he could drive me to Esme's house. Jacob still seemed skeptical about it but I had a feeling everything would work out.

I was running low on options, so I really needed this. I just hoped it wouldn't be crazy hard or for little pay.


Jacob and I were driving in his car to Esme's house. We had already ate lunch and it was getting closer to one.

"Jacob, it's almost one," I said for the fourth time.

"Bella. You're going to make it on time. We are almost there," Jacob assured me also for the fourth time.

I slouched into my seat. I was nervous. I really didn't want to get rejected again. My outfit didn't help my nerves. I tried to dress nice but it made me uncomfortable. I usually just dressed in jeans and whatever t-shirt was on the top of my closet-case.

"Getting closer," Jacob sang. I wondered if he was doing this to annoy me or distract me. He was either succeeding or failing miserably.

I looked out the window and noticed how huge the houses we passed were. No wonder I didn't recognize the address. These houses looked like they were straight out of a magazine.

Jacob let out a low whistle as we reached the house. "Looks like were not in Kansas anymore," He murmured. I nodded in agreement.

The house was beautiful. White with dark blue shutters. All of the plants looked professionally trimmed and there was even a fountain in the middle of the drive. Everything about it screamed wealth.

"Call me when you're done," Jacob said as I got out of the car when we reached the end of the driveway. I nodded and started walking towards the door.

I heard the car drive away as I pressed the doorbell. I took a deep breath and waited. After a minute the door opened. Esme was standing in the doorway with a smile on her face.

"Bella," She said gesturing me inside.

I stepped in and was stunned. The house was beautiful. The walls were white stood out against the dark wooden floors. There were two staircases in the entry, rounding up to the second story. A huge chandelier dangled above our heads.

"Come, come," Esme said walking into the house.

Her clothing was simple, a black wrap dress and black heels, but it was obviously designer. And the pearls around her neck and in her ears made the fact even more apparent.

We walked through the foyer and continued straight into a sitting area. One women was already there, cup of tea in hand.

"Bella this is my neighbor I was telling you about, Heather Flinn," Esme said gesturing to the blonde sitting on a couch, "And Heather this is Bella Swan."

"Very nice to meet you," I said shaking her hand.

"Likewise," She responded with a smile.

Heather Flinn was dressed in a red cotton dress. Her shoes were dangerously high and her bag had the print of a designer unknown to me. She had silvery blonde hair and her face was starting to show age even with the plastic surgery I was sure she had gotten done.

"Please, sit," Esme said to the two of us. "Can I get you some tea too?" She offered for me.

"Yes, please," I said as Esme started to walk out of the room.

She returned a minute later with a cup full of tea. "Thank you," I said as she handed it to me.

"I'm always telling Esme to hire someone but she never listens," Heather said to me, joking with Esme.

"I'm perfectly capable of fetching a cup of tea or answering the door," Esme said to Heather, "I don't work, so I'm never busy."

I liked Esme for that. I hated that some people would hire tons of people to do work that they were capable to do but didn't want to.

"Anyways," Heather laughed, "Esme already told me about meeting you last night. I think it is very honorable of you to return her purse. You never know what people will do in that area of town."

I nodded biting my lip. I knew I didn't live in the nicest part of the city, but I did not need to hear someone else putting it down.

"I would hope someone would do the same for me," I shrugged. I really didn't find it that big of a deal.

"So I'm here to offer you a job," Heather said bluntly. "You seem to be a trustworthy person. I only need someone for a year now. That won't be a problem?"

"No. That's perfect actually," I told her honestly. I would do my work for a year then be off to school.

"Great. I really do need you for the whole year though, so you won't mind signing a contract? The last couple of nannies I've had quit and I really need someone permanent. You'll be able to read over it of course. Nothing fancy or complicated in there. Just promising that you won't quit and stuff like that," Heather said but one word stuck out from them all.

"Nanny?" I asked. I was going to be her kids' nanny?

"Yes, nanny," she said, "That's not a problem is it."

"I didn't know that was the job being offered," I said honestly. Nanny? Really?

"I know it doesn't sound ideal but listen. The job won't be too difficult. My kids are going into the fifth grade and have plenty of extracurriculars to keep them busy. You won't have to work Friday evenings or Saturdays. You will be able to live at my home, I have a room you can set up any way you like. And I'm willing to pay you forty thousand dollars for all of the work," Heather said.

My jaw dropped when she said forty thousand dollars. That's more than I needed. And the other benefits were amazing. A place to live, days off, and low maintenance kids.

"Sounds amazing," I said.

Heather smiled. "Great, you're hired. Can you start tomorrow?" She asked.

"Sure," I responded. No more crappy apartment for me, I sang in my mind.

"Bring you things by first thing in the morning. My house is next door on the left. You will meet the kids tomorrow," Heather told me.

"Okay," I replied a little breathless. I just went from poor unemployed girl to nanny making forty thousand dollars . Looks like one act of kindness can bring great things. I should try to return more purses.

"Perfect. Sorry to cut this short but I've got a meeting to get to," Heather said getting up from her spot.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Bella. Bye Esme," She said heading to the door.

"I knew she would hire you," Esme said with a smile once she was out the door.

"Thank you so much, Esme," I said sincerely. I heard a door open and close from somewhere in the house.

"One of my kids," Esme said to me when she saw I was listening.

Heels clacked on the wooden floor as the person approached. An extremely small girl with black spiky hair came around the corner. She looked about my age and had bright green eyes.

"Mom, do you--oh. Hello, I'm Alice Cullen," She said giving a friendly smile when she noticed me.

"Bella Swan," I said.

Alice was definitely fashionably wise. Her clothes flowed with perfection that every stylist wished they could accomplish.

"Bella is going to be working next door for Heather," Esme told her daughter.

"Oh no!" Alice pretend to cry out, "Not another one. Will she ever run out of jobs for people to do? I'm surprised she hasn't found someone she could pay to breathe for her."

Esme gave Alice a disapproving look. "Bella's the new nanny."

"Oh," Alice squeaked then looked back at me. "We should hang out sometime. Go shopping or something."

I nodded at her, not knowing what to say. Was everyone in this family overly kind and friendly?

"I should probably go," I said standing up, "I need to pack up my stuff for tomorrow."

"Okay. Bye Bella," Esme said.

"See you around," Alice chirped.

I waved as I walked out of the house. I whipped out my cell phone to call Jacob. Just as I did the car pulled up to the gate. I laughed, shaking my head.

"What are you, physic?" I asked as I stepped into the car.

"Nah. I just got tired of seeing these crazy large mansions and came back. Anyways, did you get the job?" Jacob asked pulling onto the road.

"I did!" I almost squealed in excitement. I finally found a job!

"All right Bells!" Jacob congratulated. "We're going out tonight to celebrate."

I bit my lip. "I would love to Jake but I don't know if I'll have time. I mean I have to pack, so I'll need boxes," I started to talk more to myself than Jacob.

"Whoa! Pack? What? You're moving? Out of the city or state? Wait, not the country?! " Jacob said in a worried tone.

I laughed. "No, I'm not going anywhere. Well, actually, I am," I started to explain. Jacob gave me a confused look. "I'm going to be living at the Flinn's house, the people who hired me, while I work for them," I said.

"Oh," Jacob said nodding. "Why? Do all their employees live with them?"

"I don't think so," I said honestly. "Alice said Heather hired a lot of people so I doubt they could all fit into one house."

"Alice? Heather? What are you talking about Bells?" Jacob asked still looking confused.

"Alice is Esme's daughter. And Esme is who told Heather Flinn about me," I explained to him. We were getting closer to my apartment. "Can we stop somewhere? I need boxes."

"Sure but I still don't get why your the only one who's going to live with the family," Jacob said.

"I guess it will be easier for me to take care of the kids this way," I shrugged as we pulled into a parking space.

"What?" Jacob asked stopping me as I tried to get out of the car.

"Yeah, I'm the new nanny," I said getting out of the car.

"What?" Jacob said again. We started walking through the doors to the store.

"I know it doesn't sound like anything but-" I started to say but Jacob interrupted me.

He stepped in front of me causing me to stop walking. "Do you even like kids, Bells?" Jacob asked in a serious tone.

"I don't dislike them," I shrugged. "But that doesn't matter because she is going to pay me forty thousand for being the nanny for a year."

"Are you serious?!" Jacob asked as I grabbed some cardboard moving boxes. He looked as stunned as I had felt when I first learned about my salary.

I nodded. "See," I said poking him, "Not that bad of a job."

The two of us walked to the check out. After purchasing the boxes we headed back for the car.

"Want to help me pack?" I asked Jacob.

"Sure. Shouldn't be too hard," He laughed, knowing that I already kept all my clothes in a suitcase. The only thing that really needed to be packed were my books and random things I had collected over time.

Jacob drove me back to my house and the two of us spent the afternoon packing up my belongings and throwing out the things that I wouldn't need anymore. Most of our conversations revolved around Jacob teasing me about my new job. I tried to ignore it, remembering how great this was. When we finally finished, we went out for my celebratory dinner.

I finally got home late and crashed on my sofa for the last time.

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