"Mello… oh god, Mello… Mello… God… No…"

Matt knelt by Mello's side, shining the light into his face. Part of him was dying to bite into his glove, pull his hand free and check for even a faint pulse. The other part of him was too terrified that he wouldn't find one. And he decided not confirming Mello's death, for at least another few minutes, was worth all the hope in the world.

So he lifted Mello's broken body into his lap, and just held him.

"Mello… I'll stop Kira. I… I promise…"

Weakly, but purposefully, Mello's wrapped his fingers around the rosary that was still around his neck. He was in pain, unimaginable pain, but for the first time in an eternity, he felt warmth that soothed more than it burned. He heard a voice, a kind familiar voice amidst the agony. And out of the darkness he saw a bright light.

His lips trembled. His whisper was hoarse.

"Confiteor Deo omnipoténti… quia peccávi nimis cogitatióne, verbo et ópere… mea culpa… mea… mea culpa…"

"… M…Mello?"

"…mea maxima… culpa…"