Story Title: She Fell For the Tail

Chapter One: June

Summary: Sakura learns, through Gaara and Suna, that she has a blood-limit. Now, her and the rest of Team Seven are going to Suna to discover just what Sakura's blood-limit is. Throughout the next year, things are going to get weird. Gaara will attempt things never been done by him before, Sasuke will get red with envy and jealousy, and Naruto will become Sakura's best friend and brother, all because she fell for the tail.

A/N: Well, I have been thinking about this a lot in the last month, and I bet a lot of you are going to downright kill me for this, but here is the sequel to He Fell for the Eyes. I have been thinking about this plot long and hard and have finally decided on a few things for this. I am still torn between something, the reason several of you might kill me, but in the end, I don't know what happens…just remember, Sasuke exists and Gaara isn't the only one with a tail, I can also, because it is within my powers, even though I do not own Naruto, give Sasuke a tail, so watch out Gaara.

Sub-Chapter One: Nani?

"NANI?" Sakura screamed at her master, Princess Tsunade, in surprise.

Gaara was currently leaning against the wall, smirking, while Sasuke and Naruto's mouths were gaping. Kankoru was smirking too while Temari twirled some tiny fan that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.

"You heard me." Tsunade replied, "Gaara has explained the entire situation to me."

"But I don't have a blood-limit!" Sakura argued.

Tsunade sighed, her eyes closed with her hands together before her. "Sakura, do you want me to explain it again?"

"I want you to!" Naruto piped up. He was still beyond confused.



"SHUT UP!" Sakura yelled, punching them both.

Tsunade sighed again. Where was the sake when she needed it?

"Ok, I will explain it again." Tsunade told them. "According to Gaara, there is this very old blood limit that originated in their country, and hasn't been seen for fifty years. After searching records and tracing gene trees, they have finally figured out what happened to the blood-limit.

"Sakura, this blood-limit is passed on from grandmother to grandchild, always skipping a generation, and is always dominate within females. It needs an X and a Y chromosome to activate it. So, it can be found within men, but it is recessive, which means it will never show in any of their offspring. Do you follow me so far?"

Sakura nodded, Naruto shook his head, and Sasuke comprehended.

"Fifty years ago, one of your ancestors, one of the skipped generations, married a Konoha carpenter against her parent's wishes. It almost started a war, because one of Suna's medics wanted to defect to Konoha.

"It all worked out in the end, and the gene continued to pass from grandmother to grandchild, without Konoha ever knowing and with Suna forgetting. The blood-limit wasn't considered the greatest thing in the world, apprentice, and so Suna didn't worry about it.

"According to Gaara, if the blood-limit goes unused for as long as it did, never being acknowledged by generations, it becomes stronger and stronger with each passing. It has been fifty years since any of your ancestors used the blood-limit, Sakura. This means, the potential lying within you is enough to pull Suna out of its current dilemma."

"What is their dilemma though?" Sakura asked.

"Gaara says you cannot know."

"Why not?" Sakura demanded.

"Sakura, this blood-limit is much different from other blood-limits, it cannot be simply taught to you; you must discover it. This means, until further notice, you and your team are on lend to Suna until you 'discover' your blood-limit and use it to help Suna. Only after that or until the entire mission is deemed a failure may you return home."

"NANI?" Sakura screamed for the second time that day. "I can't move to Suna! And I don't have a blood-limit! Don't you think I would know if my eyes suddenly changed color?"

"I have said this once and will say it again, Sakura, your blood-limit is unique. Your ancestor completely severed her ties to the family in Suna, leaving her and her daughter unknowledged about the blood-limit. Nobody but Suna and this room knows what you possess within you, Sakura."

Sakura looked like she was about to argue when Tsunade butted in. "This is a mission, Sakura! If, indeed, you do not possess the blood-limit, the mission will have been a failure and you will return home. If nothing happens in a year, the mission will be marked and you will come home. Dobe and teme will go with you."

Sakura sighed in defeat. "Fine, when do we leave?"

"Two days from now. Pack as many things as you can carry comfortably."

With that, they all bowed and walked out of Tsunade's room.

The three Suna ninjas exchanged looks with the three Konoha ninja.

"See ya in two days, no?" Naruto beamed, walking away.

Sasuke glared at Kankoru and Gaara, nodded toward Temari, and leaned against the wall.

Sakura blinked, unsure of what to say. "Uhh…until two days." And she shuffled away, Sasuke on her heels.

Sakura walked along, unaware of Sasuke following her. She couldn't believe this! Was Tsunade doing this all on purpose? The last thing Sakura needed was to go to Suna, where she would be around Gaara constantly. She was still trying to figure out what had happened only hours before.

Yep, that was right; she couldn't get the kami awful moment out of her head. What had she been thinking? Gaara had tried to kill her!

But, he had been so close! Sakura's imagination had been going haywire. The guy was freaking leaning in; after all, what was she supposed to think? And he had smelled so good, kind of like salt, but sweeter, and better.



Sakura whirled around in surprise. Some Kunoichi she was, letting Sasuke sneak up on her. "Nani?"

Sasuke blinked, his sign that he was nervous. "Can we talk?"

"Can we do it at my house?" Sakura asked, "I want to start packing…"

Sasuke nodded and walked up next to her. They walked in silence until they reached Sakura's house. She peered through the door, looking for her mother, and slipped off her shoes, leading Sasuke up to her room.

He sat down on the bed while she grabbed a backpack and started folding up clothes and belongings into it. "What did you want to talk about?" Sakura asked, dreading the coming conversation.

"This morning."

Sakura's breath hitched. "What about it?"


"I guess…I don't know what it was, Sasuke-kun, I really don't know. I didn't mean to do it, it just kind of, like, happened! And now I am stuck in this mess!"

Sasuke stood up, his eyes narrowed at her. "You did it?"

Sakura nodded, avoiding his eyes. "It…just happened."

"Why? Don't you know he is a monster?"

"Naruto is the same as him!" Sakura defended, "Why categorize Gaara as a monster while we just classify Naruto as annoying?"

"He tried to kill you!" Sasuke argued.

"Well it was an accident, and it won't happen again!" Sakura snapped, reffering to the kiss. She returned to her packing. "If you only want to talk about that moment, then I will have to ask you to leave."

Sasuke stormed out of the room, leaving Sakura to her packing.

A knock at Sakura's window brought her out of a daze she hadn't noticed she was in. Naruto was at the window, smiling. She signaled him in and Naruto crawled right in, stretching out on her bed.

They had really become close, Naruto and her, like siblings and best friends all at once.

"How are you doing?" Naruto asked.


"Well…You have gone through two very traumatic moments in the span of twelve hours, you have to be freaking."

Sakura smiled and sighed, Naruto knew her so well. "Well, first there was this morning, which I am pathetically confused about, and now I learn that I might have a blood-limit, a powerful one at that. How is a girl supposed to take it all in?"

Naruto smiled, his grin spreading through his face. "I guess you can only think and talk it over."

"Well, let's start with this morning then…"

And Sakura divulged every feeling she had about that day, starting with Gaara. Did this mean they liked each other, or that she liked him, or anything else? And this blood-limit, the one she was supposed to discover. The fact that she had a blood-limit was kind of freaking her out, but now she had to go to Suna to work everything out.

By the time it was midnight, Sakura felt so much better. Naruto fell asleep as soon as she finished, whispering "I am sure everything will be alright." Sakura smiled, happy that she had talked with Naruto, and went back to packing.

Sub-Chapter Two: Suna

The journey to Suna was a silent and completely uneventful affair. Sakura ignored everything that was said to her, trying to understand her own thoughts, while Sasuke continued to get his point off to the girl who was ignoring him.

When they made it to Suna, the three ninja were escorted to a small suite inside the Hokage Tower, a place with a kitchen, living space, a bathroom, and three bedrooms. Sakura claimed a room and locked herself inside for the remaining of the afternoon while Sasuke lounged in the living space, Naruto digging through the fridge.

When Sakura finally came out of the room, it was to find a note taped to her door.

"The Suna Council invited us to dinner, around six o'clock. If you aren't up yet, I am going to come wake you. Naruto." Sakura read aloud.

She shrugged, smoothed out her dress, and checked the clock. It was five thirty.

Naruto burst into the room, like he had just run five miles, and crashed into Sakura on his way to my room. "SAKURA-CHAN!" he called, jumping on her bed. When he found nothing on the bed, he sat down, perplexed.

Getting up, Sakura walked over to the door. "I am right here, baka."

His confusion turned to happiness. "Teme told me to come wake you! Let's go!"

And he grabbed Sakura's shoulders, steering her out of our living quarters and through the halls until they made it to a banquet room. Peering through before going in, Naruto dragged her in and sat Sakura down.

"According to Temari-san, we are supposed to be seated first, and then the council will come in, and then the food will be served." Naruto told her excitedly.

Sakura adjusted herself as Naruto took a seat next to her. Temari and Kankoru came in, sitting across from Naruto and Sakura, soon followed by Sasuke, and then Gaara. About fifteen minutes later, the entire Suna council walked in, all wearing different colored stripes signifying rank on their robes.

They all exchanged pleasant greetings. They ate food, all silent, sometimes people exchanging compliments and pleasantries. While eating desert, one of the elders began talking.

"Would you like to hear more about your Blood-limit, Haruno-san?"

Sakura nodded.

"Well, although it wasn't considered a strong blood-limit, one of the reasons it was forgotten, it was a very peculiar one, and only an ancestor with the ability actually knew anything about the blood-limit, the Orage Clan was very precautious about their secrets. We do know that, when the limit is used right, it can bring forth great amounts of devastation, or great healings of lands.

"Unfortunately, part of pertaining the blood-limit is knowing nothing about it. Because you have no ancestors to share the secrets with you, once you discover your blood-limit, you will also have to learn its secrets again.

"We have planned for you to meditate on the roof, for we perceive you as being able to discover up there. At all times somebody will be with you, to protect you. Are there any questions?"

Sakura raised her hand. "And you are sure that I am part of the Orage Clan?"

All of the elders nodded.

Sakura mentally sighed.

Sub-Chapter Three: Wind

Sakura finished showering, making sure both boys were still asleep before doing so, and fixed herself something to eat. She scrambled some eggs in a wok, mixed with rice and potatoes, and ate them just like that.

Sakura had just finished eating when somebody knocked on the 'apartment' door. She opened it to reveal Gaara.

"I am to take you to the top of the tower." He said in a stone voice, portraying absolutely nothing.

"Can I come too?" Naruto's voice asked from his doorway.

Sakura looked up at Gaara, who nodded. Naruto leapt out of his room, abound with joy, tugging on his jacket. They made their way to the roof together.

Once out on the concrete flooring of the wide open roof, sitting cross-legged in a triangle together, Sakura closed her eyes.

What was she supposed to be doing here? She had absolutely no idea what her 'blood-limit' even was, and nobody could teach it to her, she had to discover it. And obviously, the elders expected her to do it through meditating?

Sakura tried to concentrate, opening her mind up to the world. First, she focused on one particular scent, the smell of sand. It was salty, and yet reminded Sakura of baking bread, or the smell of wet rocks. Next, she began to become aware of every scent around her, from the scent of the flower-stall just beneath them to the smell of Naruto's shampoo, which had no identifiable scent. Sakura focused on maintaining knowledge of every scent while trying to hear one particular sound, the sound of a lizard over on that ledge. Its feet scuttled, leaving behind a sound filled with tumbling little rocks.

She began to listen to the wind, its rhythmic whistling going through her ears, creating a harmony previously unknown to her. It was singing of times to come, peaceful and tranquil, filled with lazy sunny days and the softest of breezes, unnoticed in the great heat. It twirled, motioning a second opposing wind from a different direction, mixing its sounds with the first wind. This one held melodies of torrents, crazy hectic winds filled with sand, bringing forth havoc and despair in the most kind manner possible.

"Sakura-chan?" Naruto asked, shaking her shoulder.

Sakura opened her eyes to look at her fox-brother. "Hmm?"

"Well, after you were so relaxed, I decided to go and get lunch, without disturbing you, with Gaara to watch over you, and you sort of missed supper like several hours ago…" Naruto trailed off, grinning sheepishly.

Sakura looked around. Sure enough, the moon was starting to rise, its pale iridescence casting an illuminating light across Naruto, still standing before her, and Gaara sitting across from her, his eyes watching her curiously. She squirmed under his attention.

"I-I guess I didn't…I was unaware of time passing…" Sakura returned Naruto's grin, accepting the hand he held out to her.

Gaara escorted them back to their rooms, wishing them both a pleasant good-night. Sakura showered, noticing Sasuke was already in his bedroom, while Naruto fixed her a pack of instant ramen.


The next day, Sakura was escorted to the roof again, by only Gaara this time. Naruto was to have a history lesson about previous Suna Kazekages, as instructed by Tsunade.

Gaara sat across from her, his legs crossed, eyes closed, breathing in and out, while Sakura mimicked him. Again, she pinpointed every noise, between the market noise to the children playing to the birds above, again focusing on the wind.

It sang some more, whispering fantastical tails of what was to come. From one side was swirling leaves going up in the smallest and slowest of whirlwinds, creating a beautiful pattern in the air, while another spoke of clashing winds with lightening from above, the battle twisting the direction of the rain to fall in random patterns of not so randomness. Sakura listened to them, amazed and fascinated of their tales, completely captivated until something touched her shoulder.

Sakura's eyes jerked open as she fell backwards, surprised. Gaara had been kneeling in front of her, trying to make her snap out of meditation. Sakura blinked at him before averting her eyes, shifting and squirming.


"I thought you might be hungry." He said, looking up at the moon.

Sakura blushed. "I guess…"

"Would you like to go eat, then?"

Sakura shrugged.

Gaara stood up, paused as she got up, and escorted her down several floor levels. Sakura expected him to drop her off at her door, but instead they continued downwards, until they came to the street.

Sakura followed behind Gaara, closely but not too closely, as she noticed there weren't many people outside. They ducked into a near empty restaurant. Gaara was greeted, not very enthusiastically, by one waiter, for that was the only waiter in the restaurant, as they took a seat. He signaled for the usual.

"Do you come here often?" Sakura asked.

"Hn." He replied simply.

Some sort of soup with ladles was placed in front of Sakura and Gaara. Gaara started to sip his, quietly looking out the window. Sakura just absentmindedly stirred her soup, thoughts on her mind. After Gaara finished eating, Sakura decided to voice them.

"Why aren't there people outside?" she asked, "Why are we the only ones in this restaurant?"

Gaara didn't turn toward her while answering. "The people of Suna can barely afford to buy food, let alone eat out and enjoy recreational activities." He replied.

Sakura caught a hint of sadness in his voice. "Is this classified as things I am not supposed to know?"

Gaara nodded. "Yes, but I will tell you anyway; but only what will not jeopardize your mission. Suna's economy is dropping, at an alarming rate. We can't grow enough food, and our country income isn't enough to support our people. The Country of the Wind is slowly dieing, and only you can help it."

Sakura cast her eyes down to her soup, feeling guilty. How was she supposed to save these people? She would have asked, but Sakura knew that Gaara wouldn't have answered. She didn't feel as if she could save these people, and now Sakura felt like she was going to let everybody down. Surely Sakura couldn't have a blood-limit, I mean, that didn't even begin to make sense, did it?

Sakura slumped over, still stirring her soup, all apatite gone. "And because people can't buy anything, banks and businesses suffer, which explains why there is only one waitress here, and why most of the shops we passed were closed, and why all the vendors sounded so urgent…and…"

Gaara nodded, unknowingly making Sakura feel any worse.

Sub-Chapter Four: Storm

At first, Sakura was sure the days would pass slowly, but as the days passed by with Sakura on the roof, continuing to listen to the sounds around her, mainly the wind, weeks went by in a flurry of motion. Half of the time, Naruto would sit up with her on the roof, and half of the time Naruto couldn't do it, because he was being tutored by the council, Sasuke would come up.

Sasuke was starting to drive Sakura mad! When he sat up on the roof, he would constantly interrupt the daily news of the wind with his grunts, usually directed at Gaara. And every time Sakura would open her eyes, it was to find Gaara's eyes on her, Sasuke's narrowed in disapproval.

On one particular afternoon, Naruto and Sasuke were both there, Naruto managing to ditch 'classes' to come help support Sakura. Although Naruto often squirmed and fidgeted, he never made enough noise to bother Sakura.

In hopes of getting away from all the noise, Sakura slowly and carefully inched herself away from the center of the roof until she was near the edge, unnoticed by Sasuke, who had eyes for nothing but Gaara.

She closed her eyes and listened. She immediately blocked out the cries of the people below. After talking with Gaara, Sakura had begun to see Suna in a much different light, one of darkness and sadness.

Sakura closed herself to all noise but the wind, because it was time passing to listen to its stories. One told of rolling over sand-dunes, going up and down and over, sometimes scooping sand up with it. Another wind, from the sea, spoke of waves and tidal currants, a hurricane soon to pass through the Country of the Wave. One particular wind caught Sakura's ear. It had been pushed ahead of a Tornado, sweeping through the desert with urgency, speaking of untold destruction.

Sakura opened her eyes in alarm. From the looks of the sun, it was about noon. Naruto leaned over to peer at her, seeing how she was doing, shocked to see her eyes open.

"Yo, Sakura, what's the matter?" he called to her.

Sasuke bent over to get a look at her, alarmed. Gaara turned toward her, emotionless. Stupid emotionless face…

"There is a Tornade," she told them, "Coming from the North. It originated in the plains of the Grass Country and is headed right this way."

"How do you know?" Sasuke asked, snarling in annoyance.

"I just know!" she snapped.

Gaara stood up and walked over, extending a hand. "We should go to the council."

Sakura nodded, excepting the hand. She was wrapped in her own thoughts as Gaara pulled her along with him, never relinquishing her hand. Naruto scurried after them, excitement flowing out of him like a fountain gushes water. Sasuke stayed on the roof.

Gaara knocked on the council room door, pulling Sakura in with him when he opened the door.

"Yes?" The head council-man asked, eyeing Sakura with a surprised and worried expression.

"Sakura," Gaara beckoned.

Sakura focused her eyes on where she was. She pulled her hand out of Gaara's, as if he burned her skin, looked at Naruto, and settled on the council, her breath hitching. "Uhh…"

"Tell them what you told us, Sakura." Naruto encouraged.

"A tornado, which started in the plains of the Grass Country, is headed this way, growing stronger by the minute. Everybody needs to get inside; the wind and sand will be able to tear the skin right off of people."

The council-man smiled, startling Sakura. "And our little Orage Princess is growing!" he clapped enthusiastically, bringing a happy reply from all the other men. A messenger was sent to tell the city about what was happening.

For some odd reason, a party was thrown in the inner confines of the tower, alcohol making its way around everybody, except for what would seem Gaara. Half way through the little get-together, which Sakura didn't understand, what were they celebrating, Naruto started crying. Apparently, he was a weeping drunk, while Sasuke was a boring one.

Sakura had long since left the party and had positioned herself at one of the sturdy unbreakable, reinforced with Chakra due to the amount of pressure put on them during regular sand-storms, listened to the wind, its loud song easily heard.

It sang happily of dancing with millions of other winds, twirling together and forming the tornado, being able to sweep up other objects with its strong prowess.

Sakura turned when something, or somebody, sat down beside her. She caught sight of red.

"I noticed when you left the party." Gaara said, accidentally explaining his presence.

Sakura nodded and turned back to the window, entranced by the swirling sand.

"According to my siblings, I am supposed to court you know." Gaara said quietly, almost as if he were embarrassed, even though it didn't really show.

Sakura flinched. "You don't have to." She said hurriedly, which gave her an eyebrow from Gaara. She turned toward him. "I mean, it was just a kiss, it…there is no need to court me because of it."

"My sister seemed to think it was more than just a kiss."

Sakura shook her head. "To me, it was just a kiss. What was it to you?"

"I don't know." Gaara sighed, looking past Sakura and out the window.

She averted her eyes, sighing wistfully and twisting her shirt into a knot. "Then there is no need to court me."

"If I were to court you, how would one go about it?" he asked, his voice still plain and boring.

Sakura sighed, that stupid boring voice was going to drive her up the wall long before this year was over. She shrugged, turning her body toward the window and away from Gaara. "I wouldn't know, I have never been 'courted' before. I heard that you are supposed to have permission from parents…and gifts, but that is all."

Sakura stood up, placing a hand on the window before turning toward Gaara. "If you see Sasuke and Naruto, tell them I went to bed."

She started walking away.

"Good night, Sakura." Gaara said, whispering her name.

Sakura didn't indicate that she heard, but she did smile. She liked her name in a whisper, now if only Sasuke-kun could say it like that.

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