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1. Of Favourite Colors and Heat Waves

Kitty hummed as she painted her nails so they shone a deep sapphire. Funny, how whenever she'd painted her nails before it'd always been pink or white, but today, she felt like blue.

Actually, she'd come to find herself obsessed with the color, digging through her closet for a blue shirt one day, wearing pale blue eye shadow another and now she was painting her nails with it.

She blew on her nails to get them to dry. ~Huh, it matches Kurt's fur. ~ That thought stopped her.

Kurt was blue, she'd searched for this color for her nails for a fair few minutes, and they matched perfectly.


She shook her head, ~Why would I suddenly become obsessed with Kurt? ~ She couldn't stop her thoughts, though, from falling to earlier that day.

They'd just finished a DR session, and a long one. Everyone was panting and sweating and the warm weather didn't help.

Now, one very important detail about Kurt was that while he was normally in a good mood, you put him in warm weather and get him to run a training exercise for several hours and you get a very unhappy, over-heated elf.

Nightcrawler was muttering in German under his breath as he pulled his gloves off without pause.

Everyone looked to him with empathy, he was breathing the heaviest by far and sweat glistened on his fur.

He growled as they stepped from the minor shade the trees provided and pulled the top of his uniform off. No one commented but Kitty found herself admiring how his fur had slicked down against his muscles. That fur of his certainly didn't do him justice as every muscle was defined and rock hard.

She sighed, mentally drooling.

Jean then took pity on the blue mutant and telekinetically lifted some water from the pool and held it above Kurt before dropping it on him. Instead of yelping he sighed and gave Jean a grateful look, "Danke Jean." She smiled.

"Alright..." Logan trialed off, eyeing a shirtless and soaking Kurt. "Anyone mind telling me why Elf is soaked." "He was hot." Jean stated mater-a-factly.

Wolverine rolled his eyes, "As I was saying, you're finished your run, go get cleaned up." Kurt breathed a sigh of relief and ported away, most likely to freeze himself in a shower before hiding in one of the subbasements which were much cooler than the rest of the mansion.

Now several hours later, Kitty couldn't get the picture of a dripping, absolutely gorgeous and drool worthy Nightcrawler form her mind.

She sighed and screwed the top onto the nail polish. She was putting it away just as Kurt bamfed into the room wearing nothing but a pair of baggy cargo shorts. He gave her a quick grin before diving under her bed. She only had several seconds to contemplate his strange behaviour before there was a loud knock on the door.

Opening it, she found Jubilee, Bobby and Ray standing there. "Is Kurt in here?" Bobby shouldered past and looked around. "Why?" Kitty glared at Iceman. "We thought we'd do him a favour to cool him off and offered to shave him but…" "Whoa, whoa, whoa, you're trying to find Kurt so you can shave him?" they trio nodded.

Kitty's glare renewed, "Get. Out." "What?" "Get out of my room and if I catch you trying to shave Kurt you'll find yourself with your head stuck in a tree!" she slammed the door in their faces.

She turned back as Kurt poked his head out, "Can I come out?" he asked meekly. She nodded and he crawled out, dusting himself off.

She grew sympathetic when she saw how over-heated he looked, "Oh my poor Fuzzy." She wrapped him in a hug.

He sighed, "I hate having fur." Was mumbled into her hair. She pulled away, "Wanna go to the beach?" he nodded. "Great, I'll meet you in your room." He smiled and pulled away to port down the hall.

She dug through her drawers to find her swim suit and sunglasses before gathering other beach supplies.

Being sure to stay out of sight, she made her way down the hall to her friend's room to find him waiting.

He grinned and wrapped an arm around her shoulders and before she knew it she was staring over the wide expanse of blue water as she stood on golden sand.

She smiled and dropped her towel, pulling off the t-shirt she used as a cover up, a step behind Kurt as he dove into the cool water with a sigh.

She laughed and jumped in after him and the next few hours were spent splashing each other.

They lay on their towels after a while, letting the sun bathe them.

"Better?" she turned to Kurt. He grinned, fangs glinting in the sunlight as his fur shone cerulean. "Much, Danke Katzchen." She smiled and placed a kiss on his cheek.

He rolled onto his side, supporting his head with one hand, brushing her damp bangs from her face with the other. She blushed; he always did these sorts of things. Little acts of affection that made her stomach flip nervously.

Despite her nerves she smiled back softly, his fur was slicked down, his hair was messy thanks to the water and his constantly brushing it from his face, he was a darker blue than normal and he never looked more appealing to her.

"Kurt, I have a question." "Alright." He smiled, as his tail started running up and down her thigh.

She shivered, "Why are you so nice to me?" he appeared shocked, "Vell, vhy vouldn't I be?" she sighed, "I was so horrible to you when I first came here, you know, I just don't understand." She looked away from the burning gold of his eyes.

His hand went under her chin and turned her to face him. "Because I forgive you for that and you're my best friend." She smiled softly. "Thanks Kurt." He grinned, "And, vant to know a secret?" she giggled but nodded, "Alright."

He smirked and moved closer to her, their lips were barely a centimetre apart and a hot blush lit up her cheeks. ~Only a little closer. ~ "Ich bin in der Liebe mit Ihnen." She looked at him oddly, "What?" he chuckled, "May this will make more sense." His lips covered hers gently and she froze for a second before sighing lightly against his lips and kissing him back.

She could taste the salt from the ocean on his lips and he seemed to feel out every little move that made her melt in his arms.

It was over far too soon when he pulled away, "I'm in love vith you." He said softly.

Her eyes sparkled and she smiled, "Thank God." He laughed and she jumped on him, forcing him to his back as she kissed him again.


By the time they made it back to the mansion it was starting to get dark, making Kurt's fur appear black.

"There you guys are! Where've you been?" Spyke came up to them. "Beach." They replied in unison as they walked past Evan. He stared at them oddly before shrugging. "Okay…you guys are acting weird." Kurt chuckled and his tail wrapped around Kitty's waist much to her enjoyment.

"See you at dinner Evan." Nightcrawler bamfed them to Kitty's room where he placed a lingering kiss on her lips before porting to his own room.

She sighed and dropped back onto her bed.

Yep, it was official, blue was her favorite color.


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