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I woke with a start as the car came to a sudden halt in front of a massive stone house. I lifted my hand out of Simon's to wipe the sleep from my eyes. Tired, I blinked several times trying to remember all the events that happened. Andrew's house, the Edison group, Aunt Lauren. Right, better not think about those things.

"Alright kids," Andrew said quietly. "This is it."

The leaves of the trees were gone, making the branches look like twisted hands reaching out into the darken sky. Nudging Simon out of my way, I opened the car door with a squeak. The ground was gravel beneath my feet. Unaware, I slipped on the smooth rocks. Two hands caught my waist quickly.

"Watch yourself there," Simon grinned.

"Thanks," I smiled back at him.

"Oh. Get a move on it you two." Tori's head popped out of the open door. Although it was pitch dark, I swear I saw a scowl on her face. What have I ever done to her?

"Come on." Simon gave me a small shove towards the door. My head was spinning, trying to take in all my surroundings. The house towered over my head. A large, wooden door stood like a gateway to a new life. For the first time in days, I felt slightly at ease. I just wanted to get inside to a warm, clean bed.

Andrew took the lead and retrieved a metal key from his pocket. The door swung open revealing a gloomy, dust covered foyer. A staircase was situated at the right, twisting in a spiral towards the second story.

"Your rooms will be upstairs and to the left," Andrew motioned with his hands. "There are plenty of bedrooms, so you should all be able to have your own room." Tori sighed with pleasure, probably because she doesn't have to room with me. "There's a bathroom down the opposite way of the hall."

"I get shower," Derek huffed.

He began to stalk up the stairs. The floorboards beneath his feet creaked with the weight of his body. Halfway up, a step broke in two. Simon began to laugh hysterically. Even Tori began to chuckle. The look of Derek's face erased any humor from my mind.

"It's fine Derek," I reassured. "We can fix it tomorrow morning."

With a curt nod, Derek continued up the rest of the stairs. As he turned the corner, he brushed a stray hair out of his eyes. His face showed absolutely no emotion. So, I am going to have to live with the old Derek.

"There are some clothes in the dressers in each room," Andrew said, bringing my out of my trance. "We can talk about our plans tomorrow. For now, we need to get some rest." We all nodded and carefully ascended the wooden planks. Each stepped groaned in protest, however Tori didn't seem to notice. She was rushing to find the best room.

"I get this one," she screamed from a couple doors down. Simon and I followed her voice, finding her draped across a Victorian style bed. Two windows gazed out on to what I assume is the backyard. The room was spacious and warm. I nodded at Tori and left to choose my own home way from home.

I wandered up and down the hallway, but none of the other rooms were nearly as great as Tori's. Finally, I decided on a small space with one window. I didn't really care where I would be staying, so I picked one closest to the bathroom. I wanted to be able to move around when I inevitably can't sleep at night.

I shut my door with a soft snap and began to shift through the dresser drawers. The only clothes this house seemed to have were sweat pants and sweat shirts. Not minding at all, I threw on the old, worn clothes. They were soft and warm to the touch. I almost fell asleep on my feet while standing there. I reopened the door and shuffled over to my single bed. Pulling the covers back, I slid in between the sheets. The light by the door was still on, but I had no intention of moving.

My eyelids began to get heavy and droop slightly. A gently rap on the door made me look up. Simon stood with a smile on his face in my doorway.

"I just wanted to make sure you were doing okay."

"Yeah," I yawned.

"Well, I'm going to let you get some shut eye." He walked to the corner and pulled a cord, washing any trace of light from my room. I heard the bathroom door squeak open and saw a large silhouette in the door frame.

"Hey Derek," Simon whispered. "Night, Chloe," he said a little more loudly.

"Night," I murmured.

"Night, Chloe," Derek said gruffly.

"Night, Derek." I rolled on my stomach and fell asleep with a smile gracing my lips.

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