A/N: This is just a little snippet I came up with. It may lead on to another story, but for now, it's just my version of Jane's outlook on the world. Sorry for how short it is. This is my first Jane fic, so I'm pretty sure it won't be very good. I have a lot of other TwiFics though, so please read those. The idea of this came from a contest I just found today. The actual contest was a while ago, though, so I can't enter this *sad*. But enjoy! Like I said, just a super-short snippet I felt like writing. Oh, and Meyer owns everything, I own nothing.

Peace! ~Eyes

Jane of the Volturi

Justice. It doesn't thrive within our world. We may be the peace makers. The order, the rules. But we may not follow them ourselves. Some of our kind may still believe in a God. I, personally, am far past that point. I've given up any hope of that, after being damned to this life of misery. I still do believe in Hell, only because I know that's where my kind will inevitably end up. Whatever happened to "Thou shalt not kill"? Even outside of my world, that never seems to apply anymore. Life is no longer life. It's become a game of death, of war. Of pain and misery. Of power, and wealth. No matter how many words of description you could come up with, the list will never end. Eventually it will change. Maybe, when the humans realize what they're doing to this planet, they'll learn love. Humans are capable. I am not. Because you cannot live in a world of justice, when your eyes hold the tint of your prey.