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And I Yours

The grounds of Finaqua were filled with nobility in their finest attire and the gazebo overlooking the lake was decorated with roses of all colors and white and emerald ribbons that fluttered in the gentle breeze as the sun slowly began its descent towards the western horizon. Tutor stood proudly by as beautiful music emanated from floating crystal orbs that he was magically directing. Cain stood beside the minister who was to wed him to the princess, never before had anyone seen the usually stoic Tin Man look so nervous. The guests made their way to their seats and at a signal from the minister the music changed smoothly into what DG had called "The Wedding March" and a hush fell over the crowd as the palace doors opened to reveal a vision in white.

DG clutched her father's arm tightly as the doors opened, showing her the sun-stained lake and meadow upon which she had decided to get married. The sun was just kissing the top of the mountains and turning the sky the most spectacular shade of gold. Ahamo smiled at his youngest daughter as she stared wide-eyed at her future.

"You look beautiful, sweetheart." He said, squeezing the hand that clutched his right arm. "I am so proud of you." DG smiled brilliantly, eyes sparkling with unshed tears.

"Thank you." DG whispered. "I'm ready." She smiled as she saw the anxious figure of her groom at the end of the aisle. Ahamo grinned and lifted her veil to kiss her cheek before settling it back into place. Her two little flower girls pranced out happily throwing white rose petals in front of the wedding party as the procession began. Az, in a shimmering emerald gown stepped forward on the arm of Glitch who was impeccably dressed, not even a hair out of place. Finally DG took her first step into the sunlight as everyone stood to watch her approach.

Wyatt Cain was not a anxious man, he was an incredibly patient man. He was a man of steel resolve who had stared death in the eye, a man who had spent annuals in a tin can, had leapt off a cliff, stormed a tower, and taken on the evilest witch in the history of the O.Z. However, at that particular moment, Wyatt Cain was terrified. He was terrified of the tiny individual that approached him oh-so-slowly on the arm of her father. His princess was resplendent in a white gown that gleamed in the sunlight. Tiny diamonds on her bodice and skirt sparkled and made her seem like a walking star.

By the time she reached Cain his palms were sweaty and his mouth was dry. His bride was a vision for sure, one that he was quite sure that he was not worthy of. She beamed happily as her father lifted her veil just enough to kiss her cheek and then turned to shake Cain's hand. Ahamo then stepped back to the empty seat beside his wife. Cain's ice blue eyes stared into DG's brilliant blue orbs as the minister began the ceremony. Cain smiled at her and mouthed 'I love you,' DG smiled even more brilliantly and returned the gesture.

"We have come here today to join together this man and this woman together as a testament to the love that they share." The minister turned to Cain, "Your vows, sir."

Praying to Ozma that he would remember the words that he had written and re-written and rehearsed, Cain took a deep breath and smiled at his almost-wife.

"You saved my life, my heart, and my soul when you ran into my life, and now I give them to you with unfailing trust, to look to the future together until time itself stops." He stopped and took a breath. "To you I vow to love and respect you for all time, to stand beside you and support you always, to never hold you back from what you want. I vow to be yours, to have and to hold, beyond death do us part." DG's eyes were full of love as she looked upon her groom as he slid a delicate silver and diamond ring onto the fourth finger of her left hand. "This ring is a symbol of my love and devotion."

"Your vows, Your Highness." The minister prompted.

"When I first saw you, I thought that I would be saving you, but in truth you saved me. You saved me from the dark and protected me from all things. You saved me in every way and today I pledge to respect, honor, and love only you from this day forward. I am yours and yours alone for the rest of time, to have and to hold, beyond death do us part." DG smiled at Cain as she held his large hand in her small, dainty grasp and slid a wide silver band onto his ring finger. "This ring is a symbol of my love and devotion."

"By the powers vested in me by the O.Z. and Their Majesties I proclaim this couple man and wife in the eyes of Ozma." DG and Cain gazed happily into each other's eyes as the time honored words were spoken. "You may now kiss her bride."

"Finally!" Cain exclaimed quietly as he lifted DG's veil and kissed his wife.

Sounds of laughter and music filtered out over the grounds and lake as the celebration continued. Sitting in the gazebo, away from the prying eyes of the court, sat two people. One, a dark haired slender young woman in a dress the same emerald as the ribbons and the other a dark haired man with just a hint of a scar down the center of his scalp. The two sat side-by-side, shoulders just brushing and fingers loosely laced together as they stared at the star-strewn sky that was reflected in the mirror surface of the lake.

"You worry too much, my dear." The man said, tightening his grip on the woman's hand.

"I'm not worrying," the woman said, turning to look at her companion, "I'm simply enjoying the company." She smiled and leaned her head against her companion's. "I wish that life was as simple as this, just sitting here with you."

"It could be if you want." The man said, he slid out of his seat and kneeled before her. "I know this might seem trite, but marry me?"

"Yes!" The woman exclaimed quietly and slid into her lover's embrace.

DG and Cain were caught in each other's embrace as they slowly glided around the dance floor, lost in their own world. Other couples surrounded them on the dance floor and glanced over at the euphoric newlyweds as they danced. Although Princess DG was known for her bright and happy smile, none in the room had ever seen the young princess look so incandescent as she rested gently in the arms of the Tin Man. None had ever seen the stoic (former) bodyguard of the princess ever look so happy. Some even thought that he had smiled enough that they could see a flash of teeth, which was unheard of to say the least.

The Consort and his Queen sat in their thrones, hand-in-hand, happily watching their daughter and her new husband dance as husband and wife with joy. After all that their youngest had endured they were agreed that she deserved this much happiness. They only hoped that their eldest would find the same joy that DG had stumbled across.

"Darling," Ahamo spoke, standing and bowing before his wife, "may I have the honor of this dance?" The queen smiled and stood gracefully, hand never leaving her husband's.

"I thought you would never ask." She smiled and followed her husband to the dance floor.

"Are you happy, darlin'?" Cain asked as he spun his wife (his wife!) out and back into his strong arms.

"Incandescently." DG replied as they slowed to a stationary swaying.

"I keep thinking that I must be dreaming." Cain admitted. "I'm expecting to wake up and find us out by the lake... That's where I usually imagined what it would be like to be with you." DG smiled up at him, lifting her hand from his shoulder to rest gently on his cheek.

"I'm not going anywhere, Wyatt." She whispered. "I am yours." Cain smiled and brushed a kiss across her lips and rested his forehead on her own.

"And I yours."


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