Secret Love


It is a warm sunny day today and here I sit alone at my piano. Bella, Nessie, Alice, Rosalie, Emmett and Esme had decided to take a trip to New York to buy Nessie a new wardrobe because she would be starting school in the fall. Carlisle was on call at the hospital the whole weekend, that left only Jasper and I home alone.

Truthfully, I was a little afraid to be at home alone with Jasper. The past few weeks Jasper has been avoiding me and When we do come in contact with each other he quickly shields his mind from me. Only a couple times did I catch flashes of hands, my piano, and the last time Jasper and I had hunted together. I was confused and didn't know what to make of these thoughts. I left Jasper alone about it until he decided to stay home when everyone else went shopping. Usually Jasper would be by Alice's side wherever she went. I wondered if he would tell me what was bothering him.

As I sat there at my piano playing a soft melody, I could hear Jasper in his room pacing back and forth. In his mind he was berating himself for something. He kept repeating to himself "this is just wrong, its wrong" over and over in his mind. I stopped playing my song and sat there listening. Immediately Jasper went silent. His mind blank.


"Oh God, please tell me he didn't hear my thoughts. Why did he stopped playing? Please start playing again". I said to myself in my head. He didn't play again though. I stood there frozen as I listened to Edward walk up the stairs and stop outside my door. I could feel he was confused and almost jumped when he knocked on the door. I sat down on the edge of the bed and ran my fingers through my hair.

"Come in" I called out trying to hide my panic. The door opened very slowly and Edward took a step in the room. "Jasper whats wrong?" I lowered my eyes and shook my head. "Nothing Edward, I'm just..." I couldn't think of anything to say. Edward stepped in fully and closed the door. "Jasper something is wrong or you wouldn't be avoiding me, or locking yourself away up here." He was right of course but it was just too hard to be around him. What would he think of me if he knew? "Knew what?" he spoke softly looking confused.

I jumped up suddenly and started pacing back and forth again. "Edward...I...I just...I can't." I stopped pacing with my back to Edward. I scrubbed my hands up and down my face trying to make it all go away. A moment later I felt Edward's hand on my shoulder. It felt like my body burst into flames. I shuttered and my eyes closed. "Jasper" Edward spoke very quietly. That was when I broke.

I spun around gripping both sides of his face crushing my lips to his. My surprise attack caught Edward off guard and he stumbled back until his back hit the door.


When my back hit the door Jasper pressed his body closer to mine. His tongue was trying to pry my shocked lips apart. I felt a wave of lust hit me and I gasped. Jasper took the opportunity to plunder my mouth with his tongue. I could feel that Jasper was hard when he ground his hips against mine. I whimpered at the sensation and without really thinking about it I melted into the kiss.

I tilted my head so Jasper could kiss me more deeply. Suddenly all of the thoughts Jasper had been keeping hidden from me flooded my mind: Me hunting, me playing my piano, me laughing with Bella and Nessie. Every Image was my face or my body or my lips.

I didn't need to breath, but I pulled my lips away and leaned my head back against the door shutting my eyes. "Jasper" I panted. I was confused and very turned on. The proof was growing hard as Jasper ground his hard erection against mine. I moaned and then gasped as Jasper started laying soft kisses along my neck. "I have wanted you for so long" Jasper whispered against my neck. I was about to respond when he bucked his hips against mine. I whimpered and reached my hands around his back pulling him against me.

I should have pushed him away. I should walk out this door right now, but his lips on my neck nipping and sucking made it impossible to put a coherent sentence together. When Jasper got to my Adams apple he stuck out his tongue and licked around it before sucking it gently into his mouth. I cried out and almost came in my pants right there. Jasper suddenly pulled me off the door and pushed me down on the bed, straddling my hips. I pulled his lips back to mine for another searing kiss as I ran my fingers through his soft curls.

Jasper sat up and looked into my black eyes as he ground his ass into my painful erection. I threw my head back on the bed and moaned his name. If he kept doing that I wasn't going to last much longer. I gripped his hips to stop his movements. "To. Many. Clothes." was all I could pant out. Jasper smiled at that and lifted his shirt over his head. Before he could move to take his pants off I sat up and locked my mouth around his nipple. Startled at my sudden movement Jasper bucked against me again and moaned. His hands came up to hold my head against his body.

I flicked his nipple with my tongue and then gently bit down. Jasper cried out and his body jerked. Jasper roughly pulled my head away and crushed our lips together again. He pushed me with is body so I was laying back on the bed again. After a searing kiss I felt down to my toes, Jasper pulled away, standing to remove his pants. I just laid in the same spot too turned on to care that I was still fully dressed. I watched as Jasper kicked off his cowboy boots, unbuckled his belt buckle and let it fall to the floor with a loud thump. He unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans, slowly his jeans went south over his narrow hips.

The very defined V that led down to a blond patch of hair was probably one of the sexiest things I have ever seen. I felt myself grow harder just looking at his beautiful body. His jeans slid the rest of the way down to uncover his very erect and dripping manhood. My body shuttered. If it were possible I was even more turned on. "Come here" I croaked out.

Jasper smiled and sauntered toward me in his slow southern way. He crawled up and straddled my hips again. "Your turn to lose some clothes" he drawled to me. His hands went to the top button of my shirt, his lips kissed and licked every inch of my chest as each button was undone. I raised my self to a sitting position to discard my shirt before being pushed back down. Jasper scooted himself further down my legs so he could reach my jeans.


I looked down to Edward who's eyes were flat black with lust. His chest was rising and falling, his mouth was half open. I reached my hand out and cupped his very hard member through his jeans. "Oh God" he gasped and threw his head back to the bed. His moans turned me on so much I wanted to hear them again. I quickly unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down and off his legs. I sat back down on his knees and just looked over his whole body. His body was beautiful. I wanted to lick him all over. I was sure he heard what I thought when I heard a small chuckle.

I reached out and wrapped my hand around the base of his cock. He gasped and groaned from the touch. I squeezed and pulled my hand up his shaft getting a hiss from deep in his chest. I nudged his legs apart and settled between them. Edward had his eyes closed, his head whipping back and forth moaning as I slid my hand up and down his cock. I leaned over and licked the pre-cum off the head and Edwards eyes shot open and his hips bucked uncontrollably. I could hear him whimpering when I ran my tongue around the head. I flattened my tongue and teased the under side of his throbbing head. "OH GOD, Jazz Please!" he shouted as his hips bucked again. I decided to stop teasing him and without warning, plunged my mouth on him all the way to the base.

I relaxed my jaw and allowed his cock to slip down my throat. I heard a startled gasp from Edward. I then swallowed and when my throat muscles tried to close over his member he cried out pushing his hand into my hair. I could feel all his emotions: Lust, Excitement, Fear, and his struggle not to cum. I started bobbing my head up and down, hallowing my cheeks out when I came up. "Edward, let go" I told him in my head. He was thrashing and panting with an almost pained look on his face. "Edward, just let go, It's OK" I chanted in my head.

When his face didn't relax I sucked as hard as I could and pushed a strong wave of lust over him. "OH FUCK" he screamed. His body tensed and he exploded in my mouth with an ear piercing scream that shook the walls. I felt him shoot over and over in my mouth as I kept sucking him hard into my throat. His hand was in my hair trying to pull me away but I didn't stop until he stopped screaming. His body fell back to the bed limp and panting hard, with his arm thrown over his eyes.

I could tell he had come really hard. I released him from my mouth after swallowing all he gave me. I crawled and laid beside him, placing a gentle kiss on the side of his neck. I could feel his body was trembling so I pulled him into my arms and just held him. "Are you okay babe?" I asked because he still hadn't spoken yet. Suddenly he curled into my body and sobbed. I could feel confusion, fear and overwhelming joy coming from him. I just rubbed his back until he calmed down. If he wasn't a vampire I would swear he had fallen asleep. I kissed the top of his head and waited till he was ready to speak.

"Jasper?" Edward finally spoke. "Hmmm?" I responded content to lay here as long as he needed. "I love Bella." That confused me for a second. I knew he loved Bella, they are soul mates. "I know." Edward pulled away to raise up on his elbow so he could look in my eyes. "But, I feel something for you too, what we just did was amazing." I smiled and leaned in for a kiss. "I agree, it was amazing"

Edward laid back on my chest with a sigh. "I wont hurt Bella, I wont do anything to bring her pain." My chest ached a little because I knew I would never have his heart. He placed a gentle kiss on my chest. "You will have a small piece of my heart" he said in response to my thought. "What are we going to do Edward?" I asked him. His hand began roaming over my chest. "We enjoy the time we have left, until we can be together again."

The rest of the night was spent loving each other the only way we knew how. The next day we parted with a kiss. When the rest of the family got home we greeted them with smiles. Edward kissed Bella, I kissed Alice and life moved on. Nobody noticed the times when our eyes would meet across the room. "I love you" I would tell him in my head. He didn't have to respond. I could feel he felt the same.