Fight Fear With Fire

This is not supposed to be a humorous story, like the summary may hint. :) Sure, it'll have funny parts, but I mean, it's not a full out humor thing. So, just wanted to say that.

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Chapter One: Stan Goes Through Freaky Puberty- After waking up from a mysterious dream, seventeen-year-old Stan Marsh goes through one of the strangest days he's had in a while. -Stan's POV-



The hallways are dark; the only light is coming from the windows fifteen feet up. It is barely recognizable that this is the school, but he can see the doors of the classroom a few feet away. 'Where is everybody?' he thinks to himself, peeking in doorways and around corners. He himself doesn't know how he ended up here tonight- he only knows that there's something very wrong.

"Hello?" he calls again, peeking around another corner. Still nothing, but a strange scent is filling the air. It is a smell that is registered in his deepest memories- one he can't put in its place. "Whoever is there had better come out right now or I'll…" his sentence is cut off as a strange pulling sensation drags him to the end of the hallway.

Now something else is visible. A strange light shining from around the corner. He knows he shouldn't look. He knows it could be dangerous. But the pulling sensation takes him to the end of the hallway; all that's left to do is turn his head. His heart is refusing, but his brain is curious. Something is wrong. Something's going to happen.

He carefully turns his head, allowing curiosity to get the best of him. Anger fills him as he realizes nothing was there after all. Even the strange light must have been a figment of his imagination. 'Maybe I do need therapy…' he thinks, putting a foot forward to search this hallway for a way out. Why doesn't he know the way out? This is his school; he comes here every day! Wasn't there a door right there a second ago?

There's another one. He needs to get out of this hallway and he knows it. He runs for the nearest door he sees. He's running as fast as he can, but it seems as though he is walking in slow motion. But he reaches it and looks for the handle, finding it and grabbing it to find that nothing is there. Raising his eyes, he sees that there is no door. "It was just there a second ago!" he shouts to himself, desperate to hear some noise to make him feel less alone. The voice echoes off of the walls not even sounding like his own.

Spinning quickly on his heel, he looks around the hallway. Moments ago he could have sworn there were six doors, but now they're all gone! Where's the way out? "Please? Is anyone here? I need help!" his voice is desperate and helpless. He feels trapped inside of a terrible horror movie. "Please! Somebody! Anybody! Where's the exit?"


He turns at the sound of his name. Maybe it's help! He runs down the hallway to where he thinks it came from.


Wait- it's coming from the other way! Skidding sounds are heard as he takes off in the other direction.


Why does it keep changing directions? Why does it seem like it's not moving at all?

"Stanley, come on!"

Realization dawns. It's just in his head. Or… maybe… all of this is in his head. What is wrong with his head? He closes his eyes, trying to block out all of his confusion. A sudden stinging fills his brain and he feels like he's blacking out.

Stan Marsh bolted upright in bed. His mother was knocking angrily at the door shouting, "Stan, if you don't wake up you're going to be late for school!"

"I'm up, Mom! Sorry!" he shouted, surprised that his voice was so strong. He felt almost sick when thinking about his nightmare. Was it a nightmare? It didn't seem like it could be considered a dream. Jesus, this is what he got for sleeping with a history book under his pillow. Speaking of that… school! He had to get to school! The bus would come in… ten minutes! "Shit!" he said to himself, grabbing the book (and taking the pillow with it) to stuff it in his bag.


Once at the bus stop, Stan greeted his friends with a cheery hello. The three of them looked at him strangely. "What?"

"Are you going goth again, Stan?" Kyle asked, his green eyes looking at his own, but not meeting them.

"Huh?" Stan said intelligently.

Cartman laughed. "No, Kahl, don't be stupid. This is emo."

Stan looked down at his clothes, thinking he was wearing all black or something. He wasn't. A green t-shirt with blue jeans wasn't what he considered goth or emo.

"Mm mms… Mm mmph mmphs mmmph mmm mm," Kenny said, giving Stan a strange look.

"Please, how could he not notice he was putting on makeup, Kenneh?"

Makeup? He gave Kyle a confused look, and the redhead reached into his pocket, pulling out a mirror. "Look at your eyes, dude." Stan took the mirror and held it close to his face. At first, he didn't notice anything different, but then he noticed how his eyes popped out. He didn't blame the others for thinking he'd gone emo; his eyes were dark looking and it looked as though he'd put on a bit too much eyeliner. But the things that bothered him the most were his actual eyes. They were black. Not just really dark brown, but black. It looked as though he just had huge pupils.

"What the hell…?" he muttered, looking at his friends.

Kenny shrugged. "Mmm mmph mmph mmmphmm."

"Puberty?" Cartman repeated, laughing, "Ha, well, when I had 'the talk' with my parents, it said nothing about going emo unintentionally."

Stan rolled his eyes. "Damn it, Cartman! I am not emo!"

"Have you felt any strong urges to cut yourself in anyway, Stan?" Cartman pushed.

"Shut the fuck up! Maybe… maybe it is just puberty!" Stan argued, huffing and looking away. Cartman shrugged and walked away, talking to Kenny about puberty-related mood swings.

Kyle put a hand on Stan's back. "Don't worry about it dude, it's just Cartman being a usual asshole. It's really not even that noticeable."

"Then why were you staring when I first got here?"

"Well, it's noticeable to us; we see you every day."

Stan sighed. "Okay. I guess I'll just roll with it. But if that douche makes a big deal out of it and tells everyone I'm emo, then I'll…"

"Stan," Kyle interrupted, "Just ignore him."

"Fine, fine," Stan surrendered, "I've just had a weird morning with weird dreams and freaky changes," he added, referring to his dark eyes.

Kyle nodded understandingly as the bus pulled up to their stop.


"Stanley, answer the question."

Stan raised his head from his desk when he heard his name. Mr. Garrison was looking down at him with a disapproving look on his face. "Wha- what?" he mumbled.

Mr. Garrison sighs loudly. "Would it kill you to pay attention?"

"Um… was that the question?" he asked stupidly.

"Yes! I mean, no! I mean, Kyle! What was the answer?"

Kyle looked startled but gives the correct answer with a guilty look at Stan. The latter just shrugged and tried to look sorry for not paying attention. But when Mr. Garrison continued his lecture, he promptly zoned out and looked around the classroom.

He first focused on Wendy- his girlfriend of nine years. Well, it had been two years since their last breakup, which was a good accomplishment for them. Wendy had become less possessive of Stan and focused mostly on her studies- and making sure to see every one of Stan's football games.

Then he focused on Bebe Stevens, who was a good friend of Kyle's now. They became a couple in seventh grade but broke up in ninth, only to become good friends. Stan was unable to believe that the two could survive a breakup and still be as close as they were. And somehow, the chances of them getting back together still looked very slim.

Kenny was his next stare victim. He was looking down a girl named Stacey's shirt, unnoticed by her because of his parka. Yes, Kenny had kept his parka on all these years. But that was just about the only thing about him that had stayed the same. In tenth grade he became bisexual just so he could sleep with more people. The only students in the entire school that he hadn't slept with were Kyle, Stan, and Cartman; his target right now was Kyle.

Stan thought in his head that Kenny and Kyle would make a good couple. The only obstacle was the fact that Stan wasn't sure if Kyle would date a boy. He had once asked Kyle about his sexuality, and he had responded that he wouldn't choose. He would find a soul mate one day, and it really didn't matter to him if they were a boy or a girl. Stan claimed that this was a difficult way of saying he was bi.

The last holder of his attention was Cartman. And the moment Stan looked at him, he got a painful feeling in his gut. It was as though someone had punched him from the inside. "Ouch!" he muttered, causing a few people –including Kyle- to turn around. 'You okay?' the redhead mouthed to him, and Stan responded by nodding. He rubbed his stomach, but the feeling had gone away the minute he'd opened his mouth.

He heard Cartman mutter to Kenny something about cramps and rolled his eyes. Cartman glanced at him, and he felt the sting come back, this time less intense. 'What the hell?' he thought confusedly. He was sure to keep his eyes on anything but Cartman for the rest of the period.

After class, he met up with Kyle. "You okay, dude?" his best friend asked concernedly.

"Yeah, I think I just ate something bad… my stomach kind of hurts."

Cartman approached them from behind, grinning. "You know Stan. They say exercise is a good remedy for cramps."

"Shut up, Cartman, I don't have cramps!" he snarled, wondering to himself why he was getting so worked up.

"Mmm mmph, mmm mmmph mm!" Kenny exclaimed, finally catching up to them.

Kyle slapped his shoulder. "You really shouldn't compare breasts to food, Kenny. And Stacey does not have potatoes… they're more like eggplants."

Stan laughed and glanced at Stacey, who was across the hall. "He's right… they're so oddly shaped!"

"Mm mmph mumm mmm," Kenny accused.

Cartman snorted. "We are not jealous of her lumpy boobs!" Kenny hit his arm and grinned.

They opened the door to the courtyard and into the sunny day. Stan could hear birds chirping. Sitting on their usual bench, they talked about how they should get a longer free period. Until…

"Stan? Stan! Did you hear me?" Kyle asked, waving a hand in his friends face. Stan looked at him, and Kyle was shocked to see his red face. "Dude? What's wrong? Why are you all red and sweaty?"

Stan shook his head, feeling like he was getting sunburned rapidly. He barely heard the redhead talking to him, or Cartman talking about PMS. It sounded as though they were far away. He was seeing through a dark tunnel and the world he could see began to spin. He felt himself begin to sway before he thought no more.

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