From days long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend.

The Legend of Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

A mighty robot, loved by good, feared by evil.

As Voltron's legend grew, peace settled across the galaxy.

On Planet Alur, a prophesy was about to be fulfilled.

And then, a new horrible menace threatened the universe.

Voltron was needed once more.

This is the story of a young man, of pure heart and soul.

And chosen by the Lions to bring back

Voltron: Defender of the Universe!


"Do you think it will come to pass, Gendo?" an old man queried.

A bespectacled man just looked at his screen. The video feed shows some sort of circular black hole on the ground. He then responded to his sensei without taking his eyes away from the monitor. "You are referring of course to the oddly written codex in the dead sea scroll collection, referred to as the 'Epistle of the Lions'. Am I correct, professor?"

Fuyutsuki nodded and cited the passage being referred to. "He will be swallowed by the darkness. A darkness that came from a world beyond. And he will awaken, the chosen one. He will roar like a lion. And then he is gone. For he is destined for another."

"We had tried to make sense of the codex and yet, it doesn't seem to conform to the other codices." Gendo Ikari, the commander of NERV spoke.

Again, the old professor agreed with him. "It is really odd that of all the scrolls we recovered, this one codex indicates a divergence to the prophesies claimed by the other texts."

"That was why we had considered it apocryphal since it was not supported by any other texts in the collection." The commander admitted. "The chance of the passage coming to pass was slim."

"And yet, here we are. We are now seeing something that may as well fulfil that non canonical text."

"We will do anything we can for everything to conform to the scenario." An unusually unsure Gendo finished.

They watched as all 995 existing N2 mines were dropped in the Sea of Dirac that was the twelfth angel.

**********((( Lion Force Voltron: Shinji of the Lions )))**********

"Shinji…" an ethereal voice spoke. "I'm sorry my child."

She had seen how her son had suffered and scarred both physically and emotionally. All that she can do is observe him and try her hardest to protect him in her own way. In the end, Yui Ikari, the mother of Shinji whose soul is trapped in Evangelion unit 01 can only watch her son break and lose all hope and mercifully cry himself to sleep.

"I'm so sorry, Shinji. I wish I had been strong enough to protect you from all of this pain." She lamented.

It was then she felt a presence other than Shinji. Yui steeled herself for the possible hostile intruder in this parallel plane of existence known as the Sea of Dirac. She scanned the area where she had thought she felt the aura. It was then that a powerful light engulfed the whole Evangelion.

Yui panicked at the sudden change until a powerful yet assuring voice spoke to her. "Do not be afraid human." It said. "I am not a foe nor do I want to hurt you or your child."

"Wh-who are you?" She inquired. Years of being inside the monstrosity had made her wary of the unknown.

"I am that who had defended the balance of the galaxy." The same voice boomed. "I can help you and your son escape this impregnable prison of dimensions."

If Yui had her body, she would have laughed like mad at the absurdity that she was hearing. Here she was, speaking to some sort of being who was, in its own words, a sort of a galactical superhero. But then again, she was part of an organization that had developed giant humanoid weapons crafted from some alien who bled the primordial soup of life.

"How can you help us if you are a prisoner as well in the Sea of Dirac." Yui stated.

The voice roared as if laughing at some joke. "I am here for the purpose of fulfilling a prophesy that would determine the lives of all life forms."

Inside the EVA, the ghostlike form of Yui Ikari found herself face to face with a being that looked much like a lion. That was then she remembered the divergent codex. The only scroll who spoke of a different path that the other Dead Sea Scrolls prophesied. The Epistle of the Lions.

"But that's impossible!" her scientist part kicked in "The chance of that prophesy being put in motion is almost next to none!"

"It was." The lion responded. "But as a woman of your profession knew too well, near zero is still an option."

Yui just gaped at the being in front of her.

"Your son has passed the first of the prophesies laid." The voice continued. "But it is up to you to choose what road he will walk."

"But, what would be waiting for my son?" She asked. "I do not want him to again, suffer what he had."

"That would be up to him." The being spoke. "For the future is always an uncertain path. However, rest assured that he will have the power to choose when that time comes."

Yui weighted the choices that were presented to her. On one hand, it was the continued suffering and the almost certain completion of the Human Instrumentality. On the other is the unknown choice that the lion being is offering. While she was inclined to take the latter, the uncertainty that choice presented was the one preventing her to quickly take it. She just wished that she can still be there in one way or another to protect and watch over her only child. Unknown to her, the lion being smiled.

Finally, after some time, she had made her decision.

**********((( Lion Force Voltron: Shinji of the Lions )))**********

"Activity has been detected!" Shouted one of the bridge bunnies.

They had just detonated all the N2 mines that they had available and it seems that they had gotten a reaction from the Angel. Or, more precisely, a reaction from what was inside of the Angel. They first noted that the circular black hole had begun to crack and took it as a sign that somehow, Unit 01 and its pilot had again pulled a miracle of sorts. What came next took them all by surprise.

Instead of a purple humanoid giant, from the destroyed Angel burst out a powerful and blinding light. When it subsided, they saw what looked like a lion made out of pure white energy. Too stunned to do anything, they just stared as the gigantic animal roared with all its might and flew away like a shooting star towards the sky.

"The scenario had failed." The old professor said.

Gendo simply stood up and exited the command center. This would be the last time that anyone would see the commander alive. Nobody noticed as well that a certain blue haired albino had disappeared. Inside the innermost place in Geofront, the Chamber of Gauf dissolved its contents of clones.

The first of the prophesies foretelling the return of the Defender of the Universe had been fulfilled.

To be continued.

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