From days long ago, from uncharted regions of the universe, comes a legend.

The Legend of Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

A mighty robot, loved by good, feared by evil.

As Voltron's legend grew, peace settled across the galaxy.

On Planet Arus, a prophesy was about to be fulfilled.

And then, a new horrible menace threatened the universe.

Voltron was needed once more.

This is the story of a young man, of pure heart and soul.

And chosen by the Lions to bring back

Voltron: Defender of the Universe!


On the other side of the Leo Cluster, also known as the far universe lays the seat of power of a vast interplanetary empire. Unlike that of Planet Arus and its constituent planets, this is an empire ruled by an iron fist by its rulers. Their main objective is conquest. To seize another planet's resources to power their war machines. Fifteen serf planets and countless slave worlds bow down to this mighty empire. And its crowning glory, the capital planet, Is named as ominously. Indeed, the name of the planet alone describes what the next victim of the empire will suffer, The Drule Empire's core world, Planet Doom.

And then, there was what was collectively known to the empire as the Triumvirate. Three individuals that make up the highest ranks in the militaristic government of their society. Venerated and feared, they are what made the Drules the most powerful species in their planetary system.

**********((( Lion Force Voltron: Shinji of the Lions )))**********

A dark skinned man arose from his bed. He would have been very handsome if one should not care to know how perverse his soul really is. On either side lay one of his 'conquests', Females of various serf and slave planets of differing status. It didn't matter to him if the female in question is willing or not, he will have them and make them his own until he has satisfied himself. In his twisted view of life, women are just there to provide him with a few hours of comfort and enjoyment only then to be cast away after use.

Even so, one should never underestimate the capacity of this man. For to him was bestowed a cunning and devious mind. A mind that can mean the downfall of an entire planet deemed to be subjugated. A brilliant strategist with an unparalleled narcissist ego, once he has set his mind into one thing, he will never stop until he claims it.

"You are mine, Princess Allura. You alone are fit to become my bride." He spoke in a voice filled of dark conviction, "I will have you for I am Prince Lothor. FutureEmperor of the Drules and I always get what is mine."

The prince laughed into the darkness of the night, thinking of tainted ways to have the princess for himself.

**********((( Lion Force Voltron: Shinji of the Lions )))**********

In a very forbidding place, even by Drule standards, activity seems to never stop. Books of ancient and assuredly sinister origins scatter the floor. Rows upon rows of jars filed the walls, their contents too much to even describe simply. Eerie lights and weird smoke continuously brim over the table full of alchemic concoctions.

A black cat entered the room and paced itself silently through. The gleam in its eyes cast a hypnotic gaze upon the area as it scanned for the other occupant. A soft and yet frightening cackle was heard and the feline went into that direction, until it finally found a cloaked form sitting on her chair. The cat jumped up and settled upon the seated figures' lap by which it was stroked with gnarled hands adorned with sharp hooked nails.

"It was then that the person seated spoke, "The time comes near, Coba, I can sense it. 'tis time to make another world ours and the emperor to once again require of my aid."

And this was a fact. Her creations were what made the Drules so formidable. They may be a warrior race but with her knowledge of the arts, the empire was given a vast edge in their invasions. Mysterious she may be, but one thing is for sure. Witch Haggar is one Drule to never mess with.

**********((( Lion Force Voltron: Shinji of the Lions )))**********