It was just like any ordinary night in Victor and Anita's house. They were in their room getting ready for bed. Ever since they got married they have been able to have romantic nights and

a lot of time to spend with each other. Victor and Anita fell asleep. Anita began to dream about when Victor had saved her life, she saw herself about to be struck by the flying car when

Victor pushed her out of the way and was critically injured then she woke up yelling "Victor" she then looked around and saw Victor in bed next to her, feeling relieved said "It was just a

dream." after a few hours she fell back asleep. Her and victor had been through a lot over the past year with Victor's heroic push to save Anita, their marriage, Alphonse trying to ruin

everything, the boat explosion that damaged Victor's arm. All of this was running in and out of Anita's head. This was what was causing Anita to keep having this dream about Victor, at

that is what Victor and Anita Thought.

After finally getting some sleep Anita woke up. Victor was already awake getting ready for work. Anita started to feel a little bit sick. With in a few hours she felt better. Nothing much

changed at the U.Z.Z. base. Changed Daily's Name was still Changed Daily. Changed Daily said "T.H.E.M. is definitely up to something because we have not heard from T.H.E.M. for a whole

week" "this is a breech in security" and, "you all know that I take security very seriously", "and that is why my name is changed daily" today you may call me…" "OHHH" "Peggy The Pretty

Purple Princess" everybody began to laugh. Victor and Anita were on their skybikes heading towards the T.H.E.M. base when Anita began to feel sick again. Victor looked at Anita and said

"why don't you go on home I'll handle this" so she went home. Victor did a great job gathering a lot of information on the evil plans of T.H.E.M. He gave the information to U.Z.Z. before he

went home. He got there Anita was still feeling sick. About a half hour later she was in the bathroom throwing up. Victor got up and said "I'm going to go get you some medicine" "is there

anything you would like for me to pick up for you?" "Now that you mentioned it" began Anita can you pick me up some fish and pickle lasagna" Victor stopped for a second. "How did you

just go from sick to hungry for something bizarre so fast?" "Never mind I'll just get you a jar of pickles, some lasagna, and a smoked fish" As Victor was walking to the store he began to

think "could she be…. No," "it's just your imagination" victor returned from the store with all of the things he said he would get. Anita ate and felt alright. That night she had the same

nightmare the car "Victor" and then realizing it was just a dream. That morning Anita felt sick again. The same thing that had happened the day before happened again. Except this time

she wanted fried cucumber hotdogs. That night the same thing happened again the nightmare, then in the morning the sickness. This time she decided to go to the doctor. Victor

explained everything to Peggy The Pretty Purple Princess about Anita getting a weird sickness and having to take the day off to go to the doctor. The doctor ran some tests and said "your

absolutely fine except for one thing you are………" When Anita got home she got a hold of Victor on his communicator and said "I need you to come home" "what happened, is everything

alright" said Victor "I think so" replied Anita "I just need for you to come home" "I'll be right there" said Victor. Victor gat Ray to cover for him. Victor arrived at home. "Is everything alright"

asked Victor. "Everything is fine" replied Anita "except for one thing" "except what" asked Victor. "Victor" said Anita "Yes" replied Victor. "I'm" "I'm" "I'm" Anita took a deep breath.

Looked victor in the eye and said "Victor I'm PREGNANT."

To Be Continued...............