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Tohru opened her eyes, and found herself in her room. From the view in her window, it was evening already. She felt refreshed from her long nap. It was rare that she actually allow herself to sleep that long. She wanted to stretch her arms, but something was holding one of her hands down. It was…Momiji.

Momiji was asleep. He was seated on the floor, while his head rested on Tohru's bed. He had fallen asleep while holding Tohru's hand. Even in slumber, he was still holding unto her tightly. Tohru smiled at him fondly.

Then before she could help herself, she started laughing softly. It…was just…so funny. She had never been very bright, she knew that, but she didn't think that she was this slow that it took her so long to understand her feelings.

She was inlove…with Momiji.

What should she do?

"Tohru-chan?" Momiji called out to her, wiping sleep away from his eyes. "Are you feeling better now?" he asked, concerned.

Tohru looked at their hands still joined together, and smiled brightly at him. "Lots."

* * *

They were both welcomed by black smoke upon coming down from Tohru's room. Worried, they followed it and found themselves In the Souma Kitchen, with three very pissed Souma guys.

"I told you to watch it, didn't I?" Kyo said harshly to Yuki. He was holding a can-opener in his hand. He gripped it tightly.

"And I told you that I couldn't, didn't I?" Yuki answered calmly, but with an equally deadly stare directed to the Souma Cat. He was holding a knife, and has stopped chopping vegetables to argue with Kyo.

It would have been funny, seeing that the both of them were covered with flour, or whatever it is that had also covered the whole kitchen. Funny, if not for the fact that they were also holding very dangerous kitchen devices.

Shigure was still stirring the pot, oblivious to the smoke coming from it. He was alternately getting angry and sad. Sad, because Tohru wasn't there, and angry because he was stuck with these two kitchen idiots instead.

"Shigure-san," Tohru called him. "Minna," they heard her cough, and then emerged later from the door, followed by Momiji.

Kyo turned to Tohru, his argument with Yuki forgotten. "Are you okay now?" he asked. He turned to look at her, but wouldn't meet her eyes, which was curious.

"Yeah," she said. "I'm all better now," she pounded her chest a little as if to demonstrate. Yuki smiled a little at Tohru's display.

"Tohru-chan," Shigure called her in a miserable voice. He was teary-eyed when he faced them. "Can you salvage our dinner?" he asked her.

Tohru smiled brightly, before approaching Shigure. "Leave it to me!"

* * *

The four Souma were ushered into the living room and was told to wait as Tohru try to save their dinner. Yuki looked at Kyo curiously. He had noticed that Kyo's temper was shorter than usual today. He snapped at every little thing he did, and was quick to get mad. He also wouldn't look Tohru in the eye. Why is that?

But before Yuki could really ponder on the point, Shigure called their attention and announced that he just had a great idea.

* * *

Dinner was quieter than usual. Yuki was always quiet, but today Kyo was too. He was in a sully mood. Momiji had also grown quiet like Yuki, and he calmly ate the food served to him. Shigure, who was bursting with excitement to give his announcement, struggled to keep quiet and decided that he would tell Tohru-chan about it after dinner.

"Minna, is the food not tasty?" she asked, worried. Maybe they didn't like it, after all, what she used were only the leftovers in the fridge. None of what they cooked could be made edible.

At Tohru's words, the four Souma's seem to snap back into reality and started to heartily eat her food.

"Of course not," Kyo said. "Would we eat it if it's not delicious?"

"It's tasty as usual Honda-san," Yuki said, and Momiji and Shigure nodded in agreement. "Don't worry about it."

"It's because everyone was so quiet," Tohru said, and conversations were eagerly started in the table. Shigure talked to Momiji asking how Hatori-san was doing.

"Quiet? Not really," Kyo answered. "We're just eating that's why."

Silence, the conversation halted as they heard Kyo talked to Tohru in a less-than polite tone. Tohru hurriedly supplied the icebreaker. "By the way, everyone, how did I get home?" she asked, hoping to get everyone to talk once again.

But the room only grew quieter.

* * *

After Tohru-chan fainted, Momiji hurriedly went to the Student Council's room to call Yuki. He knew that Yuki would know what to do. Darn it! If only he could…he'd carry her home, but with his body, with this curse, he couldn't. That's why…

He didn't welcome Yuki's suggestion, but he told him that it was the only option left for them. So he had grudgingly accepted and called Kyo and Haru. They reassured Tohru's friends that they would take care of her, and had convinced them to go home.

The argument started after that, the problem was Haru. Momiji had found him in Kyo's club's dojo. He was there to challenge Kyo. And he was in his 'Black Haru' mode. Nonetheless, he still made both of them come.

The idea was for Haru to carry Tohru-san home in his Ox form. Just like the time that Yuki fainted. Of course, for that to happen, Haru had to be in his ox form, so he had to hug a girl and who else could he hug? Haru had been with Momiji for a longer time and knew just which buttons to push.

"Jealous?" he asked, grinning slyly. His smile was smug, and his eyes were mocking him. 'You'd never get to hold her like this' it seem to say. He leaned closer to put his arms around Tohru, but before they could contact, Momiji was on him.

He was fast, and his punch was packed with force. He didn't know that Momiji could fight, and Haru was caught unprepared. The punch connected with his jaw, and sent him sprawling on the blackboard. Standing up, he prepared to attack him, but Yuki stood between them. Kyo was also restraining Momiji.

"Geez, what is wrong with you?" he asked, and Momiji slumped in his hold.

"Let's hurry, Honda-san's fever might get worse," Yuki told them. He shielded Haru from Momiji and asked him to hug Tohru immediately, which he obliged. But not without a sneer first that made Momiji's blood boil.

* * *

"Everyone?" Tohru asked, looking from one Souma to another. Everyone had gone quiet again. Did she say something wrong? Momiji decided to tell her.

"Haru brought you home Tohru-chan," he said. "He carried you on his back like Yuki."

"Oh, where is Haru now?" she asked. "I should thank him."

"He went home already," Yuki told her. "He had a lot of homework to do," he said with a straight face. Kyo snorted at Yuki's answer, and the mouse threw him a deadly look.

At this tense atmosphere, Shigure decided to give his announcement.

* * *

"Really?" Tohru-chan asked. Her eyes wide with excitement.

Shigure nodded at her beaming. "Yeah."

Shigure told them that they were going to visit Okami's onsen again since he didn't have a chance to go there last time with them. Also, he said that he wanted Tohru-chan to recover her health and the hot springs would be good for her. Tohru-chan smiled at the idea, the last time she went there had been special.

"When are we going?" she asked. She needed to prepare her clothes, and their food, and if possible, the money to pay them back. But of course, Shigure would not hear any of that.

"Oh didn't I tell you? We're going there tomorrow."

* * *

The trip was fun and uneventful. Haru didn't come with them, but he did come this morning to apologize to Momiji although she didn't know for what. Maybe they've had a quarrel, but she's glad that they're okay now.

It was the same scenery that greeted them, the mountains, rivers, fields. She remembered how Momiji had excitedly pointed them out for her the last time. Okami-san was at the door to greet them. Momiji addressed her as Okami-san now also instead of Me-shou san like last time. She welcomed them all warmly especially Shigure-bochama.

"I've arranged the rooms like last time," Okami-san told them. Kyo immediately perked up, and so did Momiji.

"What do you mean? I have to sleep in the same room as the mouse again?" he asked.

Okami-san fixed him a deathly stare. "You will have a divider again."

"Ah…no, Okami-san," Momiji called her attention. "I can't sleep in the same room as Tohru this time," he said. Shigure smiled to himself before volunteering.

"Momiji could sleep to mine this time," he glanced at Tohru-chan who blushed deeply. She had almost forgotten, she had slept with Momiji in the same room before. She had paid no heed before…but now, it kind of sounded…intimate. What was she thinking?

"I'm going to put my things away," she said, standing up. Okami-san graciously let her passed. As she closed the door, she heard the conversation start up again.

* * *

In the end, Kyo did end up rooming with Yuki, despite his opposition. He had wanted to trade with Momiji, but Okami-san said that he would not let Shigure-bochama's stay at the inn to be unpleasant. She had looked at him creepily and forcibly made him agree.

Tohru had her room to herself. Despite being with her mom, she felt that the room was still…empty. Probably because Momiji wasn't here like last time. She shook her head, what was she thinking? She'd been like this all day long. She decided to go outside for some fresh air. Maybe the cool breeze could clear her mind.

She sat on the floor, her feet dangling on the ground. She could see the wooden wall that separated the men and women's bath. Then without thinking, she started to sing.

"Sunset on the mountain, Come out, come out Momiji

Frogs and Lizards, All say hello."

It was…fun. She continued to sing softly a little longer. She closed her eyes and touched her lips, only to open it again when a voice joined hers.

"Sunset on the mountain, Come out, come out Momiji

Frogs and Lizards, All say hello."

"Momiji-kun!" she looked up in surprise. Momiji was standing behind her. How long had he been there?

"Yo! Tohru-chan," he said with a smile. He sat down beside her. He was taller than her now. "Can't sleep?" he asked.

She nodded her head. "You?" she asked.

"Someone was calling me, that's why," he said, with a mischievous grin. Tohru blushed as she realized that he had been referring to her. Technically she had called him out with her "Come out, come out Momiji"

"Sorry," she said, and he heard Momiji laughed beside her.

"I was just kidding," he said. "I just wanted to see you," He faced her and his eyes turned serious. "You remembered," he said. When Tohru gave him a blank look, he smiled at her. "My song…"

Tohru smiled back and nodded. "Yeah."

"Do you remember? What I told you the last time we were here?" he asked. He rested his head on her knees and looked her in the eyes.

Tohru looked down on her lap. Last time? What did Momiji tell her last time? She recalled it in her mind. "You told me about your land, how far it extends…" Momiji murmured encouragingly. "You taught me your song…"

"Before that," Momiji interrupted. "Before we even entered the inn," he told her. "I told it to you twice," his voice sounded amused.

Tohru racked her brain. Something that Momiji told her twice. Before they entered the inn, in the bus? The wind blew and the faint breeze brought a few sakura petals with it. Tohru blushed as she remembered.

"Y-You told me that," she slowly looked up to face him. "If I-I were the princess, t-then Momiji-kun is t-the prince."

"Exactly," Momiji's smiled widened, and he placed his hand above hers. He also leaned in closer to whisper.

"I meant it, every word."

* * *

Yuki sighed inwardly as Kyo turned to his side one more time. They had decided to forego the divider because it was too bothersome to set up. But the cat had drawn a line in their room and claimed the left side as his territory. But all his tossing and turning was preventing him from sleeping.

Well, he couldn't really blame him. From the shadow dancing in their walls, he could tell that something was going on outside, one that also makes him uncomfortable. He propped himself up on his elbow.

"Shouldn't you stop them?" he asked. Kyo looked at him briefly then looked away, blushing.

"Why should I?" he retorted. His next words were slightly muffled as he buried his head in the pillow. "It wasn't my name she was calling…"

* * *

Kyo lead Haru to Tohru's room. He guided the ox by pulling its neck. They stopped next to Tohru's bed. Very carefully, making sure that their torsos wouldn't touch; he lifted Tohru and placed her on the bed. He brushed his fingers on her cheek.

Tohru smiled a little, and called his name. "Momiji…"

* * *

Yuki looked at Kyo's back then to the shadow on their wall. He remembered when he had caught on Momiji's feelings, when he had finally confirmed for himself, that yet another Souma had fallen for her. Momiji had told them the story about the biggest fool in the earth. Then after the story he had said, "Although for some people, he is an idiot, but I don't think so. Although for other people he is easy to be cheated, I won't cheat him…"

"I wish to bring him happiness..."

"Don't worry," Yuki said, as he faced his back on Kyo. "She's in good hands."

* * *

Her heart pounded, as she tried to think of an appropriate reply. Something, that tells him that she felt the same way too. She wanted to…but something stopped her, because…it was ridiculous. Momiji, was a Souma, putting aside the fact that he's cursed, he's rich and handsome. And Akito probably hates her…and…and…there are probably a thousand reasons why they shouldn't be together. She was just so ordinary…so… so…

"Tohru-chan should just be Tohru-chan," her mom's voice echoed in her mind just as they had always reassured her. She was surprised to hear Kyo's words too. "You should just say what you want"

Hai, Okaa-san, she thought to herself. Then very deliberately, she looked up to face Momiji. She lifted their hands together. Only their palms were touching. Just like a mirror, she thought.

She leaned in and closed the distance between their faces. Momiji was so gentle…even in kissing. He was treating her with care…like she was fragile or something, a treasure.

"I feel like a princess," she said, when they broke apart. She expected him to follow up with his usual line.

"You are," he said instead. "My Princess"

* * *

"Okaasan, there are a lot of prince in the Souma family,

kind ones and good-looking ones.

I have found,

which one is mine.

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