What happens when you get stuck with someone alone… in an empty house? And what happens if that certain someone is a certain enemy?

Will things change? Will confessions be heard? Will the truth be told? Would secrets be confessed?

Are there secrets? Are there truths? Are there confessions?

"What?? Do you think I would like to be stuck here with you?" I shouted at him. This was getting annoying.

"Why?? Every girl in the world wants to be stuck with me!!" He shouted back.

"Last time I checked I'm not every girl in the world!!"

"You planned this!!"

"Oh! So now you think that I can control the weather?!"

"No! but it's your fault I am even here!!"

"It's not!! Your own choice to come here!!"

"Well YOU were the one who BEGGED me to come here in the first place!!"

"I did NOT beg!!"

"You did so!!"

"Did not!!"

"Did so!!"

"Did not!!"

"Did so!!"

… All of you are probably wondering how Chad and I ended up like this. Stuck in Tawni's guest room, which is a house itself, complete with kitchen, cable, flat screen TV, bedroom, bathroom, living room, huge plush sofa, stocked refrigerator, shelves of DVDs… everything. But only one way in or out. The glass in every window was bullet proof = meaning really thick. So you see…


Let's start from the beginning.