I told you guys that I wasn't just going to leave you hanging like that. :)

Oh and did I mention their ages? No? Well Sonny is 22, and Chad, 23. the rest is around that age i guess :P. And like I said, i never mentioned their actual age, just that Sonny's car was given to her at her 16th birthday and that she was still using it now, not exactly her age.

May I present... a trailer, I guess or maybe intro is the best word of... Bound. The sequel to Stuck that contains all of the Channy goodness that you can get from a hormonal boy's mind. Because yes. It's ALL in Chad's POV :D

PS I made this a sequel that can stand alone because I felt that Stuck is the story that was absolute reality and I am going to be pushing boundaries at this story so I wanted to leave Stuck alone as is. :)

The sequel is rated T... Like very high T... for lots of cussing and not very clean stuff seeing as we are operating from the not so innocent male mind of Chad Dylan Cooper.

The last few days with Sonny at Tawni's guest house was probably something that most people would call life changing... Or at least something that evoked a wake up call in me. I mean, I have always known that I, to some extent, liked Sonny more than I should but these last few days made me realize how strongly I really felt for her.

I mean, let's face it. I'm Chad Dylan Cooper. I've had my fair share of girls and relationships. Well, more than a fair share. Definitely way more than you would expect for someone my age. And way more than I would like to admit, especially to Sonny.

So when I say that whatever it is I felt with Sonny over the last few days is different... That it's... More... Then that's saying a hell lot. I mean really, we weren't even going out (heh, literally!) and I already felt much more than I have felt with the other girls.

But, from the 5 days that we were in that house (including today) the day that would forever be etched into my mind would be yesterday.

Not only because it just happened recently... But because of what happened...

It started when I woke up to see Sonny peacefully sleeping in my arms. She looked so calm and content that I couldn't find it in me to move in fear that I would wake her up. But who the hell am I kidding? I love having her in my arms. She was warmth and comfort personified.

As much as I wanted to stay there with her to watch her wake up... I didn't exactly have her permission to be in the bed in the first place seeing as I just kind of... placed myself there so I decided to get up. Even though my body screamed for me to go back and join her in the warm bed as opposed to the cold air in the house.

I knew that I was going to lose to myself if I remained I the room so I decided then to go out to the kitchen & living room.

Being there I thought that ever since we got here Sonny has been the one cooking, so I felt like I should return the favor by making some breakfast. That didn't turn out so well. I made a huge mess in the kitchen (and myself) and Sonny ended up cooking in the end... I mean I still helped. Pffft. I'm not incapable.

But one of the worst things that could ever happen happened right after breakfast. Right when I walked in on Sonny singing.

I mean. What. The. Fucking. Hell.

All I need to hear was her singing softly about how I should touch her just right, placing images in my head and I was instantly hard. I mean I'm only a guy!

The only thought it my head? Kill. Me. Now.

Things like that doesn't happen to Chad Dylan Cooper. No. No. No. No. No. No.

But apparently that part of me chose that moment to be most unpredictable.

I guess I lucked out when Sonny decided to let it go and not question me about it further. Because honestly I don't know what I would've said if she did.

'Sorry I had to take a cold shower because you turn me on just by singing' yeah that'll sure have her running as far away as she can from me.

I had to tread with care after that to get her attention away from what happened. Which eventually ended up with us playing that strange game, realizing the storm was over, the fight, and of course. Our last night together.

It was all happening so fast that I didn't know how to react. I second ago I had her all to myself singing some song then the next I see her all excited getting to leave. Leave the house... leave me...

That was what led us to that night.

That night was something that I couldn't put into words. It was beautiful, simple, yet so so intimate.

It was when both if us let all walls collapse and just let everything out.

I knew for a fact that Sonny didn't get any sleep at all that night. I could tell by the warm tears dripping down my arm. It hurt me so much knowing that I have somehow caused that pain to her for being chicken enough to not do anything about what I feel for her.

And I couldn't bear to see (well feel) her cry. Especially knowing that it's my fault.

It was then that I realized that as much as I love her. Yes. I, Chad Dylan Cooper, admit that I love Sonny Munroe. But back to my point... As much as I love her I couldn't be with her. I just couldn't because me being me I would eventually hurt her. And she deserves better than that. She deserves so much better.

So that's where I am now.

I watch as Sonny heads to her mom's car with my promise to her and myself that I will change. And I will.

Because I would do everything for her.

Hell I would jump off a cliff for her. Well dive... into water... and end up alive... like what I did when I went to Hawaii last summer with my family.

And it's not like I have an issue with the time. If Chad Dylan Cooper doesn't deserve Sonny Munroe then nobody else does.

Ah hell who am I kidding? Some fucker could randomly waltz in at anytime and steal my sonshine from me. And she won't even realize how unworthy he is of her because that's just who she is. For someone so beautiful inside out she has trouble seeing it for herself.

But no. I'm not going to let that happen because I will never, ever, let her go.

Even now, as I'm watcher her and her mom leave the area, I'm not letting her go.

Because my heart is bound to hers by an evanescent rope, pulling me towards wherever she is.

And I don't think that the bond will go away anytime in this lifetime.

Because as long as I am still breathing I will make sure that no fucker will touch it.

So let's make this final.

I'm bound to Allison 'Sonny' Munroe.

And that's staying that way.

Also I made this part of the story separate to give you the guys the choice of following the story if you want. Also I will TRY to update every week. On Saturdays because school is starting and I don't usually do anything on Saturdays. But I honestly don't know when I will start posting because I starting writing chapters of it so I would never take month[s] to update so if you want to follow it put me on story alert and it will just alert you when I do :D

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