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Last Minute Anxiety

I sat on the sand, watching the sun rise out of the horizon, as the sea churned and seemingly fought with itself. It was my fault that the tide was messed up. I had been so nervous for the last week that I couldn't even focus enough to control my powers.

"Good morning Percy," someone said from behind. "Ready for the big event? Or just real nervous?"

"Good morning Paul. I think I'll go with nervous," I told my stepfather without turning around.

"Don't be. Soon enough you'll be kissing your new, beautiful, blushing bride. Just think about that kiss and you'll be fine." He took a few steps and plopped down next to me.

"Is that what you did on your wedding day?"

"You kiddin' me?" He said it with a smile and then continued. "For the whole month before the wedding." We both laughed at that. Then he got serious. "So what are you nervous about?"

I took my time, and tried to figure out the answer.

"I guess I'm just worried I'll do something wrong today, and the whole wedding will get screwed up. I don't want to ruin mine and Annabeth's day." Paul gave me a sympathetic look and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Come on Percy. You and Annabeth have been planning the wedding for most of a year. You have everything worked out. Nothing's going to go wrong."

"What if a monster attacks Paul? A bunch of the Campers are coming as guests. All of us in one place are gonna draw tons of monsters; like flies to honey."

"Tyson arrived yesterday," Paul reminded me. "With a dozen of his brethren. They'll stop whatever threat pops up. Calm down Percy. Trust that everything will be fine."

"I wish I could believe that Paul. I really do, but I know that nothing ever goes off without a hitch. Just look at my life. I got kicked out of a school every year until I got into Goode." I threw my stepdad a smirk. "Maybe I just needed your amazing educational direction."

"You're not in high school anymore Percy. You can stop sucking up …and avoiding the issue. Besides, I never said this would go off without a hitch. I said that everything would be fine. I know things usually don't go according to plan, especially for a demigod such as yourself, but look at your life as it is now. You're going to - and succeeding in - college, your friends and family are safe, and, most importantly, today you're getting married to a beautiful girl who loves you as much as you love her. Was this ever part of some plan you had?"

I kept my eyes on the horizon, considering his words. He was right about most of what he said. My life had gotten pretty sublime over the last few years (Annabeth gets most of the credit) and, yeah, I had been doing well at NYU (Annabeth - all the way). But still, I couldn't get over this nagging feeling that something was going to happen at our wedding. I told Paul that and he tried to comfort me.

"You're just overreacting Percy," he tried to reassure me. "When your mother and I were about to be married - and I mean about to be married, like, standing in front of the reverend - I just got this horrible feeling that something was going to go wrong in a second, something catastrophic that would mess up my chance at being happily married with your mom. Nothing happened. Your mother and I exchanged our vows, said 'I do', and have been happy for years."

"I get that Paul, but I don't think that the two 'feelings' are the same." He looked at me like he sympathized with me, but I could tell he really did think that both "feelings" were the same.

"Percy, take it from a guy who's gone through this already: you're just letting your anxiety and imagination get the better of you. Worrying about every little possibility is only going to freak you out and make it more likely that you're going to cause what you want to avoid from happening."

It did make some sense, but how could Paul be so sure?

"Paul, so what if the feeling you had that day was no more than that? How do you know that the feeling I'm having isn't a warning that something horrible is going to happen? I mean, I'm a demigod and when we have dreams, they're usually about something that could destroy Western Civilization. When other people dream they don't have to fear the possibility of them coming to pass. How do you know that this feeling isn't like that?"

"Percy," Paul's tone told me that he'd become exasperated. "I can't tell you that this feeling you have isn't like when you dream; I don't know. But," he raised a finger at me for emphasis, "you're forgetting that old saying: the simplest solution is usually the right one. Trust me enough to believe me when I tell you that your 'feeling' is most likely just pre-wedding jitters."

I turned back to the sea, to think over Paul's words. Then someone just appeared standing on the sand in front of the water, which flowed around the mystery person. The man started to walk up to me and Paul.

"Hello Percy," my dad called. "It's good to see you again." He reached me and Paul and offered his hand for us to shake.

"Good morning Poseidon," Paul said in a strong voice. "It's good you could make time to show up on your son's wedding day."

"Good morning to you as well Paul," my father responded normally, like a Greek God who is capable of reducing you to dust, but chooses not to. "Of course I would find the time to come. I would never forget my favorite son." He then turned his gaze on me.

Paul and I had stood up when my dad approached and seeing him stand before me in his Bermuda shorts, leather sandals, and orange shirt with coconut trees and pineapples, I was pleased to hear him call me his favorite son. Rather than shake my hand like he did Paul's, Poseidon gave me a light hug.

"Hey dad." It was all I needed to say.

"Hello Percy," my father said once more.

"Why don't I just give you two some privacy?" Paul clapped me on the shoulder and made his way back to the house.

"So," I asked conversationally. "What been going on in Olympus?" I hadn't been to the city since the modifications Annabeth had designed had been finished and unveiled. Annabeth had done a spectacular, jaw-dropping job. She had only been bummed that she could not put the project on her résumé or college application.

"Everything's fairly boring," Poseidon said to me. "We're still looking for some of the Titans and their monsters, but we are pretty much just waiting for the next apocalyptic threat to arrive. Hermes started a pool between the Gods; we each bet how much time we'll have to wait. But enough of that. I came to offer my congratulations! I am happy that you and Annabeth are finally getting together."

"Thanks," I said gratefully. "That's more than I'll get from Athena."

"Don't be too hard on Annabeth's mom," Poseidon told me. "She hasn't blasted you to bits yet, has she?" He was right. There had been surprisingly little interference between Annabeth and me from Athena. I mean, yeah, she sent some monsters at me when I ruined Annabeth's eighteenth birthday, but besides that she'd been quiet.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," I answered my dad. "Wait. Why are you defending her? I thought you and she were still fighting?"

"She's still fighting," Poseidon corrected me. "I made my peace with all that happened a century ago, but she just can't let things go. I'm sure Annabeth is the same," he finished with a good natured smile.

I grinned right back at him. "Yeah, you're right. I'll forget that we even had a fight, but she'll keep on with the silent treatment. Then she'll graciously forgive me for my screw up, and tell me to take her out for a nice evening." My mind wandered, remembering some of those evenings.

Poseidon interrupted my thoughts. "So, Percy, how are you handling the wedding nerves?"

I was stunned. "How did you know about that?!"

"Every groom has them son," he answered me with a frown. "Especially on their wedding day. Why, when my wedding with Amphitrite was about to start, I was so nervous that I caused a catastrophic monsoon that sank Atlantis."

"Huh," I said pensively. "So Atlantis really did exist? And that's the real story behind its mysterious disappearance?"

"You are missing the point son," my dad scolded me. "The point is that every single man - in the history of the world - who has gotten married, has had anxiety to some extent. You are no exception."

"So what do you suggest I do to calm my nerves?" I really didn't think that whatever he came up with would help out, but I wanted to humor him.

"There are any number of things you could do to calm your nerves son. You could sit out on the sand for three hours staring at the ocean, for instance." He held out his palm and a little bottle for prescription meds appeared on it. "You could take a pill and get married in a stupor." With a poof, the bottle disappeared. "Or you could do the smart thing and go talk to the woman you love."

I gave it a moment's thought and decided that he was right. Annabeth, my beautiful Annabeth, knew me better than anyone else, alive or otherwise. Plus, she was the smartest person I knew. She would help me.

"You're right dad, thanks. I'll go talk to her in a minute. Hey, are you coming to the ceremony? It would mean a lot to Annabeth. And Jane hasn't seen you in a long while; she'd appreciate it too."

"Perhaps, there might be something that would prevent me from attending, so don't tell Jane. I don't want to disappoint her." With that, he clapped me on the back, said "Well, good bye son. Now get going." He turned to mist and floated away.

I stared at the sea for a minute and then got going.

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