The first thing he noticed was the warmth.

And then an overwhelming amount of yellow.


Ivan Braginski stood up, eyes bright and clear as he slowly took a deep breath, taking in the scent of the sun beating down on the field.

This had to be a dream. It was too nice, too warm, the wind was too sweet-

"You like it, aru?"

Russia turned, his scarf blowing lightly in the breeze, to see China, coming out of the dense flowers, onto the dirt path.

"What…" Russia began to speak, but didn't know what to say. Was this a dream? A hallucination?

"I brought a picnic basket, aru!" China said cheerily, and spread a blanket. It was a red and white checkered pattern, a contrast to the yellow. He sat down on the blanket and opened up the basket, inside which, there was an array of different snacks he had apparently prepared just for this occasion.

Russia watched him, perplexed. Why was… why was he doing this?

"Sit with me, aru!" China said, gesturing beside him, "I brought enough for both of us!"

Russia carefully sat down, adjusting his large coat a little as he did so.

"Bento box?" China turned, offering one to him.

Russia shook his head no.

"This is a dream, da," he said slowly, watching China's dark eyes carefully.

"Hm, then it's funny that you're dreaming about me, aru," the man said, bringing out a pair of chopsticks.

"If I am dreaming, then I suppose it is a good one. Much different than usual."

"You dream about your dark past, aru?"


"It's about time you didn't have a nightmare, aru," China said, and leaned over to brush his lips across Russia's cold cheek.

And that was when sunlight hit his eyes as he opened them.

So, dreams were cruel as nightmares after all.

A/N: Yay! My first ChinaxRussia! I might turn this into a drabble collection or something, but I haven't decided yet. I might. ;D Thank you for reading, and if you're actually reading this, props to you! You're cool. I normally sound a lot more enthusiastic but... it's 2:22 a.m. XD My apologies.