Yay! Another story! But this is a full lengh mutli chapter. Now, I would have waited except for I'm bored and I have twenty five pages pre written so I'm pretty safe updating for quite some time. This is just a fun fic that keeps comin around to haunt me and I've had so many people comment on my last one so now I present a much better crossover of the two! And I don't own DP or TT. I just own my imagination.

Danny groaned as he headed home after a fight with Skulker. He definatly wasn't in a particular hurry considering how angry his parents will be. Ghosts had been attacking left and right that whole week and currently Danny was two hours late past curfew.

He was definatly not looking forward to getting home, especially with a very painful gash that ran down is back. He winced again as he caught sight of the house and the dark windows "Mom and dad must be waiting in the dark" he said.

He cringed and flew over to the front door, returning to normal once he was there. He warily opened the front door and walked inside. His heart leapt when he didn't see his parents, maybe they didn't notice. Danny sighed in relief and closed the door.

Slowly he headed up his room, avoiding the creaky step. At the end of the hall his parents room was dark and he could faintly see a huge form lying in bed. Danny sighed in relief and went into his room, slowly closing the door behind him.

Suddenly he tensed as the flashlight turned on, right on him, oh how fate loved to play with him. Danny tensed as he turned around to face his furious mother. Weakly Danny let out a small smile "Hi?" he said.

Maddie stormed over and turned on the light "Daniel Jackson Fenton what in the world do you think your doing coming home this late" she asked angrily.

Danny sighed "I can't tell you" he said in a resigned voice, his parents were too much opposed to his ghost half.

Maddie narrowed her eyes "Danny I really want to help you but you've been getting home late every night for a year and you've been missing school and failing when I know your smarter than that" she said, her tone begging.

She sighed at Danny's silence, almost a defeated sigh "What am I supposed to do with you?" she asked quietly and resigned.

Danny winced, Unfortunatly that caused him to gasp in pain because of his back. Maddie sighed "What's wrong?" she asked in a quiet monotone.

Danny shook his head "N-nothing" he said.