Yes! An update! Sorry I haven't updated. Being married has made it a lot harder to write. I haven't had as much inspiration or time. But I did update! So hah! I hope that you guys like it.

Starfire looked curiously as she put the specter deflector on "And this will help fight the evil ghosts how?" she asked.

Danny smiled tiredly "It deflects ghosts that touch you. Just...don't touch me while wearing it and we'll be fine." he said.

Beast Boy then jumped past him, flexing his musclues "So will this suit let me transform?" he asked.

Danny nodded "The Fenton Peeler designs itself to fit any shape so it should mold to your transformations and still be usable." he said.

Cyborg then frowned "And these?" he asked, holding up his hands.

"Those are the ghost gauntlets. You have a lot of tech on you since your...well...a Cyborg. You wanna hit Technus before he hits you." he said.

He then turned to robin who experimently tested the Jack-o-nine-tails "And that is a ghost proof whip. I don't use it as much but my mom and sister do and they do a lot of hand to hand combat." he said.

Raven then frowned, not having been given anything "And what about me?" she asked.

Danny grinned slyly "You don't need anything. That black dome of yours had full power over me. And I've read the news. Your powers are similar to ghosts. Meaning with your abilities you can hit the ghosts and hit them hard." he said. Raven smiled ever so slightly at that as the ghosts drew nearer to the tower.

Robin then looked at Danny questioningly "Sure you aren't going to fight?" he asked.

Danny sighed "I want to. Believe me. And the second you can't handle it I will jump in. But..."

"He's still feverish. I can feel it from here." Raven commented.

Robin frowned, worry flashing in his eyes "Plus there is your injury. I think we can handle this." he said.

Danny nodded confidently "I trust you guys can." he said.

Robin then looked over as the ghosts reached the tower "Titans go!" he cried.


Immediately Starfire flew towards Klemper who smiled widely "Will you be my friend?" he asked, holding out his arms to hug Starfire.

Immediately the Temarian princess grinned widely "Of course my humble friend. We shall celebrate our joyous friendship with a joyous hug." she said eagerly, flying forward and hugging him.

However it seemed that the mere act of hugging was plenty as it caused Klemper to become...slightly over crisped. Starfire seemed a little downtroddened until Klemper was sucked inside the Fenton Thermos "So is he beaten?" she asked.

Danny nodded "One down. Four to go." he said.

Starfire nodded, moving over to help Cyborg who was struggling to keep his tech under his control "Come friend Cyborg I know you have a much stronger of wills than this ball of slime." she encouraged.

Technus frowned, looking at her "Ball of slime? I am Technus! Master of all things tech-ugh!" he was cut off as Cyborg decked him with the ghost gauntlets, launching the ghost into a dizzying into the thermos.

"Three left." Danny grinned. He then glanced over, seeing Raven mediatating while Spectra remained trapped in a black ball.

Curiously Danny floated over to her before noticing Spectra going through a large rant "You know for a fact you are lonely. half demon child. You don't belong with humans or demons. A little freak is what you are." Spectra said.

Danny smirked, uncapping the thermos "You know Spectra. If I recall that is the same thing you said to me. Looks like your a bit out dated." he said as he sucked her up.

Raven looked at him in amusement "Are these your easy enemies?" she asked.

Danny shrugged "Depends on the time. Klemper yes. long as he hasn't upgraded. And Spectra...depends on the kind of week I've had. Walkers a bit of a push over. And Bertrand...Beast Boy may need assistance. But since they are both shape shifters they should do fine." he said as robin weakened Walker enough to capture. Immediately after Bertrand crashed into a window, dazed which allowed for the final capture.

Danny frowned "Somethings not right. Even with all of these ghosts they aren't that fight was way to easy. Almost like it was-"

"A distraction." Danny gasped but couldn't even fully turned before Skulker slammed into him forcing them both to the ground.

Danny coughed harshly, trying to force oxygen back into his abused lungs while his back protested the weight on his still very tender injury. "Figures you'd be here." he muttered.

Skulker grinned, looking up at Robin "So will you release Slade's apprentice to me?" he asked.

Robin frowned "We know you were lying. We know Danny's good." he said. Skulker frowned, pressing a hand into Danny spine as he turned to face the teen. Unfortunetly it was right along Danny's healing injury which made his yelp in pain.

Skulker frowned, turning back to Danny curiously before grinning, roughly tracing the injury which made Danny gasp in pain "So my blade did get you. I was worried. But now you're that much more of a target." he said, a long blade rising from his suit.

Danny flinched, struggling to get away. instincually he turned intangible, trying to escape through the ground but Skulker turned intangible as well, cancelling it out. Suddenly Skulker tumbled to the side as Robin crashed into him, knocking him away from Danny. Danny scrambled to run before his back flared in pain making him tumble to the ground once more, shivering as continuous flares of pain ran down his spine. He could feel blood trickling out of the bandages to slowly drip down his back. His vision was starting to go blurry. it became painfully obvious he was in much worst condition than he thought. Once more he was suddenly slammed into the ground before Skulker roughly moved Danny to lay flat on his back, the rocks digging into Danny's already sensitive skin.

Skulker sneered "Try as you might to get away whelp but I had orders to take you in. Wether you want to or not. Plasmius and Slade have their plans for you and Robin." he said quietly so that only Danny could hear.

Danny frowned, sturggling more "You won't win. Because if you haven't heard...I'm Danny Phantom!" he said before unleashing his ghostly wail, knocking Skulker back and into the air.

He continued his wail, feeling his energy steadily draining him bit by bit as Skulker's suit tore up more and more, revealing the small frog like ghost inside. Finally once he was left with nothing but Skulker's original body Danny allowed the energy to wash away as the rings circled his body, changing him back to normal. He panted as he fell to the ground, his head spinning in rabid circles. He vaguely heard someone calling his name and seeing several blurry figures hurrying to his side. He struggled to regain his focus but for how hard he seemed to try it seemed to get only fuzzier. Finally though he saw a purple shadow go over him before a wave of familiar black energy washed over him. Realizing he was safe he allowed himself to slowly drift into unconsciousness.


Raven frowned worriedly as she kept watch over Danny who was now laying in a bed in the infirmary, still out cold. Also in the room was Robin, pacing worriedly as he occasionally glanced over at Danny. Raven then turned to a small black ball floating next to her where Skulker sat sulking.

She peered at him curiously, the slightest of smirks on her face "Your not as much of a threat as we thought. Are you?" she asked. Skulker frowned, turning away.

Seeing that Raven frowned "What are Slade and Plasmius up to?" she asked seriously.

Skulker scoffed "You honestly think I would tell you? I'm not Technus." he said.

Robin smirked, holding up the thermos "Oh really? Technus was the loudmouth. Raven, think you could switch them?" he asked.

Raven nodded "Yes. Easily." she said.

Skulker smirked "You honestly think we would tell him anything?" he asked. Robin frowned, his mind running through ways to get the little glob to talk.

Raven however frowned, pushing a button "Starfire can you come to the infirmary? Your...assistance is required." she said.

Robin frowned "Isn't she still wearing the specter deflector?" he asked.

Raven nodded, smiling in amusement "Yes. And if we tell her about how Skulker here wants to be her friend then we will see if it's possible to see if ghost frogs taste good extra crispy." she said.

Skulker's eyes immediately widened "Wait! I'll tell you everything! I don't know all of their plans but I know enough." he said.

Robin nodded "We're listening." he said.

Skulker sighed in resignation "It's Plasmius's plan. The other ghosts were not supposed to be strong. You wre supposed to beat them easily while I looked for the whelp. Depending on how you were still treating him. But seeing as he was helping you fight I was supposed to either trick him into coming with or force him. Obviously I failed so Plasmius will come up with a counter attack. He wants Phantom and Slade wants Robin and you won't be able to stop them." he said.

Raven frowned, turning to Robin "What do we do?" she asked.

Robin shook his head "Right now there isn't anything we really can do." he said gravely, glancing over at the downed half ghost.

He sighed heavily, running a hand through his hair "These guys are tough. Not to mention they can come through our walls at anytime. I think right now...we need to split up. Raven, I want you to take Danny and go to Fenton Works. Lay low there. If they ask...we may have to make something up. Unless Danny can wake up and tell us another place to hide out. The rest of us will split up. Contact me when Danny is awake. He knows how to fight these ghosts. He will know best what to do. But until we have his help we don't have the luxury of staying together against an enemy who has already attacked us on our homefront twice. And even with the weapons Danny gave us we are no match if a bigger group comes." he told her, looking torn.

Raven nodded, understanding the severity of the situation "I will take Danny and go immediately while you explain the situation." she said.

She then glanced at Robin with a slight softening in her eyes "Be careful Robin." she said quietly.

Robin nodded "I will be. You be careful too. And take care of Danny. You seem to have more effect on these ghosts than the rest of us so you can protect him. Also my aunt Maddie is a ghost hunter. If you get to her she can help you." he said.

Raven nodded, placing a black bubble around Danny and lifting him into the air. She then quietly slipped out of the room leaving Robin struggling to figure out how he was going to tell his team that they needed to split up.


Raven frowned as she once more appeared in front of Fenton Works for the second time thiat week. She took a quick glance back at Danny to confirm he was still unconscious before moving through the walls into the house. The first thing she noticed was the house was much emptier than the last time she came. She was slightly worried for a moment before recalling school would be in session. And Danny's parents were probably at work. Realizing this she moved Danny to the couch before sitting on a chair. She looked around with a trace of boredom, not quite sure of what to do for the time being. With another sigh she glanced over at Danny before rising back to her feet, heading back up to Danny's room. She looked around curiously, seeing just your average teenagers room. There were some NASA posters, CD's next to the bed, a computer. It was fairly plain. She then frowned as a small thump caught her attention from downstairs.

Quickly she headed back out to the hall, pausing as she saw Danny rubbing his head from where he had fallen from the couch. "You okay?" Raven asked as she headed downstairs towards him.

Danny looked up with blurry eyes, managing a small smile "I feel like I've been his with a behemoth but yeah. Where are we?" he asked.

Raven smiled ironically "Fenton Works. Robin's idea. Unfortunetly with these ghosts we can't take them on alone. So until you recover we are splitting up." she explained.

Danny sighed "Plasmius can't be beaten. I can only win through petty tricks and cheating." he said bitterly.

Raven felt the wave of bitterness from him along with an internal loathing.

Timidly she placed a hand on his shoulder, trying to think of what Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, or even Beastboy would say in this type of situation. They were the outspoken Titans. Not her.

"Danny...Sometimes it takes cheap tricks. But what matters is that you can conquer over them. Because it's more important to beat the evil people." she said.

Danny sighed "I know. I know. It's just that it's hard for me that he is so powerful. What if he does win? What if this time I can't beat him? I always wonder if he will actually beat me?" he asked. Raven frowned, feeling another feeling coming off of him.

One she couldn't discern what it was. "This battle isn't the only thing your worried it?" she asked.

Danny sighed heavily "Your right. Being home has me worried. as long as we are here my parents will probably find out. What if they don't accept me? If they don't accept me then Vlad is the only one I can go to for help and I don't want that." he whispered.

That Raven could understand. Better than her team mates.

"You're afraid they will only accept one half of you. because you are two things. And I'm guessing Vlad is the only one who will understand you. But Danny...what you don't understand is that you are a hero. You do realize that the Teen Titans give heroes who don't have a home a place to call home? If say this fails and your parents don't accept you or don't win and you lose everything you can stay with us. We may be a new team of heroes and we may have our differences. We may even lose sometimes. And sometimes very badly at that. But we always welcome newcomers to the team. And as Robin's cousin then you would be welcomed even faster." she said.

Danny sighed at that, his shoulders slumping in relief "Thank you. You have no idea how much that means to me." he said.

He then frowned, straightening up "Something is up." he said, looking outside. He then slowly stood up, moving to the tv and turning it on.

Immediately the half ghost and dark Titan tensed at seeing Jump City. "And as you can see this is a massive attack on Jump City and it appears as though the Teen Titans have been captured. It would appear that the Titan's only hope would be with Raven who does not seem to be among them. Raven we beg of you to be careful with whatever plans you have to rescue your comrads." the reporter said.

Danny scowled, turnning off the TV "Vlad." he spat dangerously.

Raven however frowned, glancing over at him "Don't you even dare. Your sick. And your injured. We need a plan of attack before we charge in." she said.

Danny just avoided her gaze "I have a plan. Attack." he said simply.

Raven frowned, floating in front of him to meet his gaze "Danny. You said it yourself. petty tricks and cheating right? Well right now we need to cheat. You know him better. Does he have any weaknesses?" she asked.

Danny frowned, a thoughtful look on his face as he pondered this.

He then frowned as the door opened and a figure entered, stopping in surprise "Danny?" they asked.

Abruptly a sly devious smile crossed his face as he unsteadily stood "Raven? May I introduce to you Vlad's greatest weakness?" he said before turning to the figure with a small smile "Hey mom, I need a favor."