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Maddie looked back in forth in confusion from her son to Raven "Danny...I thought you were supposed to be at your cousins." she said quietly.

Danny smiled ironically "Yeah, kind of a long story. Turns out, he's a Teen Titan. And he's been captured. Oh and mom, meet Raven of the Teen Titans. Raven, this is my mom Maddie." he introduced.

He then turned to Raven with a vicious smile "So here's the deal. Not only does my mom have killer experience with kicking ghost butt but Vlad? Yeah, he's helplessly in love with her. With her help this could help take Vlad out. But that still leaves Slade." he said.

Raven smiled grimly "Get Robin out and he can tackle Slade. Trust me." she said.

Danny nodded before turning to his mom, his face finally growing serious. "Mom," he started, taking a deep breath and meeting her eyes "I know I've screwed up. And I know I have know right to ask for your help. But we need it. There are a lot of people in danger right now and something has to be done. But if you do help...I promise you that you will not ever look at the world in the same way. Because if you agree to this you enter my world. And it's a lot different than you ever imagined." he said quietly.

Maddie hesitated before her eyes steeled up "I understand. Just tell me what's going on." she said.

Danny sighed in relief before smiling gratefully at her. He then shook his head, his expression becoming serious once more "To start out Vlad Masters is not who you think he is." he said quietly.

Maddie looked confused but at Danny's next words her blood ran cold "He's also a half ghost named Vlad Plasmius and he's trying to kill dad." he said.

Maddie slowly moved to a chair, sitting in a stunned silence "I knew he was still a little mad at your father kill him? And half ghost? How is that possible?" she asked desperately.

Danny winced, looking down "It comes with an intense blast of ectoplasmic energy that fuses with your DNA. But it's like the ectoplasm only coats the human DNA, allowing them to turn from human form to a ghostly one but with full access to ghostly powers as a human." he explained.

Maddie looked at him, confusion in her eyes "How do you know this? About Vlad being a half ghost. And how it's possible?" she asked.

Danny sighed, holding up his hand and allowing the ghostly energy to circle it "Because the same thing happened to me." he said quietly.

Maddie's eyes grew wide with horror as she stared at her sons hand. But Danny then dispelled it, clenching his hand in a fist "Vlad knows all about me. I'm the only other one besides him. Well...was but that's a long story. He wants me to abandon dad and join him. But he's evil so I won't. I've literally had to fight tooth and nail to avoid that future. Instead I've been fighting against him and all the other ghosts that try and take over Amity." he said.

Maddie frrowned at this, growing slightly thoughtful "That's why you always come home late. Or why your constantly hurt. But why didn't you tell us?" she asked.

Raven smiled at that "He's a half ghost living in the home of professional ghost hunters. I can understand him being reluctant." she commented.

Maddie nodded at that "I'll consent to that." she said. She then turned to Danny, a hint of guilt lining her face "Have we ever...hurt you?" she asked.

Danny shivered "Specter Deflecter. Worst invention ever." he commented.

He then grinned sheepishly "That's why I didn't want you touching me during that camp out. Luckily Vlad kinda shorted out my powers when you put it on me. Otherwise I'd have been cooked. Literally. Lucilky for me I manage to switch it to him. I think he was more than a little 'shocked' to say the least." he joked.

He then looked thoughtful "Other than that, nothing. Occasionally you guys landed a hit but nothing ever painful. More like a small sting. I'm a lot stronger that you guys ever gave me credit for." he said casually.

Maddie was starting to become curious after he told her that, making her guilt go down "Who is your ghost half?" she asked.

Danny flinched at that one, looking down before mumbling something incoherently.

Maddie frowned, cocking her head to the side "What was that?" she asked.

Danny took a shaky breath before nervously reaching her eyes "Danny Phantom." he said quietly.

Once more that shell shocked look crossed Maddie's face and she stared at Danny as though he was something foriegn. Danny sighed at this, glancing at Raven for support but she shot him a silent look. Seeing this he turned back to his mother, his eyes pained "I never wanted you to find out. But I have been trying to be a hero. I promise. Just sometimes I get thrown into buildings, or the ghosts dodge my attacks, or I get framed for something. I have a lot of enemies out there that are much stronger than I am. And a lot smarter. Sometimes it's all I can do to survive." he said softly.

He then smiled "But your weapons help. That Fenton Thermos is a life saver. Plus Sam, Tucker, and Jazz help. And I do have some ghostly allies. Including a whole realm of them. I do have friends that help support me. And having these abilities has been amazing. I can do so much. I wouldnt trade this for the world." he said with a soft smile.

Maddie sighed at that "I'm glad your happy Danny. And I think I have been seeing more of the good Phantom's done. I just...wasn't wanting to see it. It may be hard for me to get used to it but I think I can live with it." she said, smiling softly.

Danny grinned at that "Thanks mom." he said.

He then turned to Raven who came forward, her own expression slightly thoughtful "You said you have ghostly allies? How many would be willing to help fight?" she asked.

Danny cringed at that "Uh...Pandora can't leave, Wulf's currently hiding from Walker, Frostbite...might be willing to help if you are okay with an army of yeti's running through the streets." he said.

Raven cringed and Danny shrugged helplessly "Clockwork can't help and Danni...well, she's currently AWOL. Last I knew she was exploring the world." he said.

He then shrugged "My allies are usually there to help only in the major emergencies. Like...Frostbite's a medic for ghosts with an ice core." he said.

Maddie blinked, her curiosity peaked "You have an ice core?" she asked.

Danny chuckled "Yeah." he said before growing thoughtful.

Finally he smiled ever so deviously "The Red Huntress. It's a gamble but she may help us. Maybe. We have a...temporary truce. I think." he said sheepishly.

Maddie frowned "She's that freelance ghost hunter, right? I didn't think she was a ghost." she said.

Danny shook his head "She's not. She goes to my school." he said.

He then frowned "But she recieved her suits from a ghost. Both suits. One from Vlad and the other from Technus. So it's a gamble. If Vlad still has any control over her suits then she will become an enemy to us and an asset to Vlad." he said.

Raven shook her head "Then no. Sounds like none of your allies can help us. But..." she paused, turning to Maddie "If I can supply fighters could you supply weapons?" she asked.

Maddie nodded "But I thought the Titans were captured?" she questioned.

Raven nodded "But only the main part. We are the leading force. There are actually about fifty of us. But right now I'm thinking just Titan's East should do it." she said.

Danny however shook his head "No. We will need all the backup we can get. I actually have an idea in pertaining to the Red Huntress. Mom...if you got a hold of her suit could you duplicate the technology? She's a ninth degree black belt. Even without the ghost hunting equipment I'm more scared of her than you and dad, no offense." he said with an apologetic grin.

Maddie frowned "Sounds like she's a force to be reckoned with if this goes wrong." she said quietly.

Danny nodded gravely "If this goes wrong then we lose a gamble. However she really likes Fenton me. And like I said, her and Phantom have a shaky truce. She recently helped me rescue someone very important to me. And I...I trust her. I trust that she will do the right thing when faced with the choice. However she will also be very likely to take a few shots at me. I just want you guys to trust her too." he said.

Raven frowned, turning to Maddie "I will let you call this. It's Danny's life but he trusts her. But if you can't duplicate the suit then it's no use anyways. She'd be a liability." she said.

Maddie straightened up "I can do it. I have no doubts in my skills. Just bring her here. I already have some experiments I've been doing after watching her so I will start working on them while you get her." she said.

She then turned to Raven "I may need your help. Some of the stuff requires two hands to put together." she said.

Raven nodded, turning to Danny "Be careful. There are a lot of people who have their lives on the line right now." she cautioned.

Danny nodded, his eyes blazing "I understand. That's why I'm going to take this risk. Why I'm taking all of these risks. Because this is one gamble that I won't lose."


Danny took a deep breath as he stood in front of Valerie's apartment door. This was a big step and despite his words he still had that little bit of doubt. But he shook them off. He had way to many people relying on him to back out now. Slowly he knocked, waiting for someone to answer while hoping his heart would slow down from it's frantic state. He almost flinched when Valerie answered the door, eyes widening in surprise before she smiled widely, moving forward and hugging Danny "I heard you were sent to live with a cousin. What are you doing here?" she asked happily.

Danny sighed heavily before meeting her eyes "Valerie...I need your help. It's a matter of life and death." he said quietly.

Valerie's eyes widened as concern filled her "Everything okay?" she asked.

Danny shook his head "Can I come in?" he asked.

Valerie nodded, stepping wordlessly aside to allow him entrance. She then lead him to the living room, hesitating at seeing her father standing there "Um...we'll just be in my room." she said.

Danny however stopped "He needs t hear this too." he said quietly.

Valerie hesitated, sitting slowly. "What's going on?" Damon Grey asked suspisciously.

Danny sighed, crossing his arms "My actually Robin of the Teen Titans. And he's been captured by Vlad Plasmius. Along with most of the rest of the Titans." he said.

Valerie tensed, her eyes flashing "Why would you tell me this?" she asked, her tone guarded.

Danny groaned, burying his head in his hands "When you first started out. You came across Sam and I in the bushes and you said 'Ew, loser love.' We both recognized your voice." he said softly.

He then looked at her with a twinge of desperation "That's why I'm asking your help. To stop Plasmius once more. I know you worked with Phantom to stop him the first time." he said.

Valerie was tense but she looked away, her eyes dark "I know about Vlad. That Plasmius and Masters is the same person. I saw him. I went back after Phantom left." she said softly.

Danny frowned "You know? Great, another thing for him to take out on me." he muttered.

He then shook his head, meeting Val squarely in the eyes "All the more reason for me to ask your help. Vlad has Robin, Beastboy, Starfire, and Cyborg help captive. Only Raven got out. If you come with us my mother will help modify your equipment so Vlad has no control over it. But we need your help Val. Your the only one who I trust enough to help with this. But in doing this your father needs to agree too." he said, meeting Damon's eyes.

Damon frowned "And who will protect Valerie if even the Titans are useless against this Plasmius? And what do you mean Plasmius is Masters? What is going on?" he demanded.

Danny hesitated before steeling himself "Vlad is what is called a halfa. A half ghost half human hybrid. There are only three of us in existence." he said quietly, looking knowingly at Valerie.

Valerie's eyes widened in horror "Your half..." she whispered.

Danny nodded "I am telling you this because I trust you. I am actually a halfa as well. Vlad is my arch enemy. He has been for months. He wants to kill my dad and marry my mother. He also wants me to renounce my dad and become his evil apprentice. But I have been fighting him as best I could. But right now it's gettinng to the point where I can't fight alone anymore. I need help. And I can't ask Sam or Tucker because they are only human. And they don't have the same training you do. To be honest your a lot scarier in a fight than my parents." he said honestly.

Valerie frowned "Do your parents know?" she asked.

Danny sighed "I told my mom today. Asking for her help to. Vlad is helplessly in love with her and we need that advantage." he said quietly.

He then took a deep breath before looking at Valerie nervously "You've...met my ghost half." he said quietly.

Valerie nodded, looking at him clculatingly "Your Phantom. Aren't you?" she asked solenmly, earning a startled and disbelieving look from her father.

Danny nodded "How long have you known?" he asked.

Valerie shook her head "Not long. I was thinking about Danielle. And her human form, how similar it looked to yours. And I just guessed. This only confirms it." she said tonelessly.

Danny nodded in acceptance of her reasoning "Do you blame me?" he whispered.

Valerie sighed heavily "I did. But after Danielle I just had to be good. Vlad tried to kill her but you were ready to risk everything to save her. Your life, your health, your own freedom even. I trust you because of that." she said, looking at her father.

Damon sighed this time, looking at Danny "Will you protect my daughter?" he asked.

Danny nodded "Yes. With my life if I have to." he swore.

Damon nodded, looking at Valerie "I'm not entirely sure what's going on but I think this is...a little more serious than just Amity Park. I don't want you to goI wish it could be anyone else who could go." he said, shooting a small glare at Danny who flinched.

But then Damon sighed "But I think you should. careful." he said quietly.

Valerie nodded before turning to Danny "I just need to pack some clothes. Should I meet you at Fenton Works?" she asked.

Danny nodded, his eyes dancing "And this time...bring your hunting gear. We're doing some major ghost hunting.

Valerie smirked at that "Don't worry. This hunter is ready to play." she responded back.