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Maddie frowned as she circled the suit that was currently placed in the middle "The main problem that I'm having is that I can't get everything to react smoothly. We have made suits that build from small devices before but the technology in this is a bit more challenging. But I think that I can use this to check to see if the suit is being controlled by anything. It would help us considerably if Valerie's suit was fully useful. It would give us even more of an advantage." she said.

"Well you can check it when she gets here. She is on her way here now." a voice cut in.

Raven smirked ever so slightly, looking up at Danny as he entered through the roof, a relieved smile on his face "Everything went well?" she asked.

Danny nodded "Yes. She'll help. And her dad has agreed as well." she said.

Maddie nodded, approaching her son with a concerned look "Is there anyone else that we can get to help us?" she asked.

Danny shook his head "My only other human allies are Sam, Tucker, and Jazz and they are...not the best of fighters. They can hold their ground but that's about it." he said quietly.

Raven sighed "So it's just our four. We can work with that I suppose." she said.

"Actually, make that five of us" a new voice said. Danny gasped as he turned before smiling at seeing Valerie lean casually against the door frame while another figure floated behind her, green eyes dancing.

Danny laughed, soaring up and hugging the girl "Danielle! What are you...how did you..." he then turned to Valerie with a big smile "Where did you find her?" he asked breathlessly.

Valerie smirked "We've been keeping in contact with each other. I contacted her to let her know what's going on. Hope you don't mind someone else joining the fun." she said casually.

Danny nodded, his eyes glinting "And your feeling better then?" he asked.

Danielle just smirked "I already told you. Now that this Phantom is fixed she's ready to play." she informed.

Danny smiled at that before turning to his mom and hesitating. how was he supposed to tell her about this? "Mom? Raven? This is Danielle. She's my..." he hesitated. He glanced back at Danielle to silently ask her opinion but she just nodded with a small smile.

Danny sighed at that "Danielle is my clone. Vlad created her." he said quietly.

Maddie's eyes flashed with anger "With everything I hear I can't help but despise that man more and more every second." she said in anger.

Raven however turned to Danielle "Are you exactly like Danny?" she asked.

Danielle shook her head "I am half human half ghost but my powers are different. Danny has an ice core but mine if fire so our powers actually have substantial difference. However Vlad is not aware of what kind of core I have." she said mischievously.

Maddie nodded "Furthering adding to the element of surprise. Valerie, could you access your suit for me? I need to run some tests." she said.

Raven however shook her head, looking at Valerie critically "Don't bother. She has the taint of a ghost all over her but not of him. I don't think she'll be an asset to him anymore unless she does so willingly." she said quietly.

Valerie looked at her before nodding "So when do we head out?" she asked.

Maddie frowned, looking at Danny and Raven who nodded "Immediately."


Looking out over the city it seemed desolate. There were several fires all over the town and it seemed dark.

Like a shadow had been cast out over the town. "So what's the game plan?" Raven asked Danny quietly.

Danny frowned, his eyes scanning the town before falling on Titan Tower "He's in there. We'll send my mother in as a distraction. Me and you will go for a back attack but chances are he will be expecting it. He can probably sense me here already. He would be that much of creep he's probably memorized my powers to sense them at any time. But while we are distracting him I need Valerie, and my mother to get him. He will be expecting Raven and I but he won't expect you three to attack. Especially not if my mother makes it clear she knows exactly who she is fighting and how she feels. It will tear him apart mentally." he said.

He then turned to Danielle "Do you think you could free the Titan's?" he asked.

Danielle smirked, flexing her fingers "Piece of cake." she said mischievously.

Danny nodded "Then it's time to move out." he said, grabbing his mother and Raven, turning them invisible before flying towards Titans Tower, Danielle following with Valerie.

They made their way silently over the water before reaching the front where Danny dropped his mother off near the front room, watching invisibly as she made her way cautiously to the room "Hello?" she asked.

"Well, I must say I didn't expect to see you here." Vlad's voice cut in smoothly. Plasmius appeared out of nowhere, looking at her with a slight frown.

Maddie looked around in feigned confusion "I was...I was looking for my son. He's staying with his cousin but...this can't be the right address." she said.

She then glared at him "You had something to do with this? Didn't you?" she demanded.

Plasmius looked slightly taken back at that and seemed to grow a little more nervous "I don't know what your talking about my dear. In fact, maybe you have just gone to the wrong address." he tried to soothe.

Maddie frowned "Actually, I think I have the address perfectly. Because I know for a fact that I'm supposed to be in Titans Tower. And I know for a fact that Danny is staying with Robin. I also know for a fact that you. Are. Vlad. Masters. And I will never let you harm my family again!" she said aggressively, nailing Vlad with a shot from her gun.

Immediately Danny moved in, taking the shot to pin Vlad while he was surprised "Now!" he shouted, the Fenton Phones effortlessly carrying his message to where everyone was in waiting.

Valerie immediately launched her offensive, attacking Vlad the moment he recovered from the shock enough to knock Danny off. He then winced as Raven held him immobile, chanting under her breath. Danny winced as he staggered to his feet, his back aching horribly. His lungs burned but he was still willing to fight, launching a blast of ice at Vlad and catching him unawares. Luckily he was unable to seek revenge as Maddie quickly engaged him.

Seeing Vlad properly distracted Danny stepped back, trying to soothe the fire in his back as he directed his ice powers to that area. "Well, well, well. You don't look in that god of shape now, do you?" a voice asked in cold amusement. Startled Danny turned before being pinned by a newcomer.

He had metal armor and a mask that was half golden and half black. "You must be Slade." Danny hissed.

Slade chuckled at that "So you have heard of me. Good. Then maybe you will know to fear me." he said.

Danny scoffed "I'm no coward." he spat.

Slade frowned at that before striking out with viper like reflexes, his hand wrapping tightly around Danny's throat "But is that the truth? Or is it something bigger you fear? Like a future you don't want?" he asked. Danny paled, struggling to get free from this creep. It was almost like he knew...

Suddenly Slade winced as something collided with his back, knocking Danny from his grip. "Yo, Phantom. You okay?" Cyborg asked with a grin while Robin immediately jumped into combat with Slade.

Danny nodded, rubbing his neck tenderly as he looked at Vlad who had taken on significant damage 'Yeah. But in a moment I'll be even better." he said, unstrapping the thermos from his back "And you...lost." he said, drawing Vlad's attention before drawing him into the thermos.

He smirked at he capped the thermos before turning at hearing a crashing sound. He could see the window shattered and Slade escaping via glider. Danny turned to Robin who was glaring hatefully out the window.

But Robin then sighed, turning to Danny "Feeling better I see." he commented.

Danny grimaced "Nice to see you too cuz." he said.

He then looked back with a grin "This is my mom, my friend Valerie, and a clone of mine. They came to help." he introduced.

He then turned to the Teen Titans "Another crisis diverted then?" he asked.

Robin nodded "And lets just hope it stays like this for at least a while." he said.


Maddie frowned as she stood by the Specter Speeder.

She was preparing to head back to Amity. "You sure you want to do this?" she asked. Danny nodded. They had spent the entire night talking and Danny had come to a very solid conclusion. But one he knew he had to fulfill.

He looked over at Valerie "Think you guys can handle Amity Park a little longer?" he asked.

Valerie just smirked "Yeah. I think we can last. Just promise us you'll call if you need help." she said.

Maddie smiled ever so slightly "So you really are going to stay then?" she asked.

Danny nodded "Yeah. Not permanently of course but I do think that I have a lot I can learn from them. About my powers and balancing everything." he said.

Maddie nodded, giving her son a hug "Just...be careful. Okay?" she asked.

Danny nodded, hugging her back before stepping away, his eyes blazing in determination "Don't worry. Nothing can touch me now that I've got family on my side." he said. They then looked up as the sirens began going off.

Danny turned to his mother who nodded while Valerie just smirked "Go get em Phantom." Danny nodded before stepping back, turning into his Phantom form.

He then headed up, flying out to the town, following the screams to where the Titan's were fighting some sort of electronic looking villain "So, save some fun for me?" he asked.

Robin nodded as the Titan's fell into formation, Danny joining them with a challenging smirk.

"Titan's go!"