"Mr. Moseby, we didn't do anything!" Cody said hastily when he saw the hotel/ship manager.

"Dude! At least wait until he accuses us!"Zack slapped his brother in frustration.

"Oh, no. What havoc have you reeked on my ship this time?" Mr. Moseby didn't sound too pleased.

"No, I was talking about Bailey and me. Zack is the one that was playing baseball with your vases."

Mr. Moseby's eyes opened wide at the words 'baseball' and 'vases'. He attempted to speak, but stuttered; "vas-vase-vases?" He fell backwards onto a cushioned chair, suffering no damage.

"Good. Now that he's out of the way, we can have some real fun!" The twins hi-fived before running off to who-knows-where to do something that required a knocked-out manager.


"Wow, guys, the SS Tipton is so big!" Sonny was being her usual, bright, happy self as the cast of So Random! boarded the ship.

"I love everything about this place! Especially him." Tawnie twirled her hair and strolled over to where 'him' stood.

'Him' noticed Tawnie's flirty attitude and returned it. "Hey, babe. I'm Zack and I'll be your tour guide for today. First off, let me show you my wallet and a dinner for two. Tawnie giggled like a fool and grabbed Zack's outreached arm.

Meanwhile, Sonny was still frozen in awe of everything except him. Sonny's 'him' was a very different person than Tawnie's 'him'.

"Chad Dylan Cooper."

"CDC: that's me." Chad said before he realized who had addressed him. "Sonny?"

"Chad." Sonny spat. This jerk throb was not going to ruin Sonny's week.



"Enough! Although I love to hear you say my name-"

"Your point?"

"What are you doing here and why'd you have to bring your laughing pals from Chuckle City?"

"Why are you here?"

"I asked you first."

"I asked you second."

"Chad Dylan Cooper answers to no one!"







"Good! Let me have the last word and I'll tell you why we're here."

Chad opened his mouth to make a comment, but thought better of it. This is the only time I'll ever do this for Sonny!

"We're on this boat to do some sketches for the vacationers." Sonny was back to her bubbly self, "So Random! is gonna rock!"

"MacKenzie Falls is going to rock more!" Chad argued.

"Really, Chad, really?" Sonny folded her arms across her chest.

"Yeah! I mean, on TV. We're just on vacation right now."

"Good to know."

"So we're good?"

"We're so good."




"Bye!" Sonny turned on her heel and walked away smirking.


"Hey, Zack, I've been looking for you. Where ya' been?" Cody asked his brother, not expecting the answer he was given.

"I had a date with Tawnie Hart." Zack replied casually.

"No way!" Cody sarcastically added, "Is Godzilla here, too? How about our pal Big Foot?"

"No," Zack said matter-of-factly, "But So Random! And MacKenzie Falls are. Dude, I already got Chad, Sonny, Portlyn, and Tawnie's autographs!"

Cody peeked at the paper that Zack had thrust in front of him, but there were only three names there.

"Where's Tawnie's?"

Zack looked into his brother's eyes, "Do you really wanna know?"


A hand patted Cody's shoulder, but it wasn't Zack's. Tawnie Hart stood three inches away from Cody and said coolly, "Good answer."

Bailey walked over to where she saw Cody standing with Zack. "Hey guys!"

Her eyes finally saw the hand that was still rested on Cody's shoulder, and a pang of jealousy swept over her. When she realized who it was, all was forgotten.

"You're – you're-"

"Pretty!" Tawnie offered.

"Tawnie Hart! I love So Random!"

"Oh, stop it." Tawnie was enjoying the praise that she believed she rightly deserved.

"You are the prettiest one on the show!" Bailey squealed.

"Go on, don't stop!"

"Sonny is a close second. But she is the funniest! I loved that farm sketch!"

Tawnie felt herself begin to burn. I'm the prettiest and the funniest and the cutest and the…prettiest! She felt like crying. And because Tawnie Hart does whatever she feels like doing whenever she feels like doing it, she did cry.

"Don't make her sad! Cody, keep your girl away from mine!" Zack realized what he said just as soon as it was said.

"Your girl? Cody, do we have to do this again?" Bailey had a slightly angry, slightly amused look on her face.

"No! I didn't say anything about that!"

"Okay I believe you." Bailey laughed.


"Come on! You know you want to!" Sonny laughed, pulling Tawnie into the water.

"I'm – I'm – I'm wet!" Tawnie bawled, but then realized that she was having fun.


Nico and Grady, along with their new friend Woody, sat in the hot tub.

"This is the life." They said simultaneously.

"Hey, you want to hear me fart classic rock?" Woody asked.

Nico and Grady looked at each other, then back at Woody. "Heck yes!"


"So you like pranks and ventilation shafts?" Zora was defiantly having a great time on the SS Tipton. "Awesome! Now it's time to unleash my awesome pranks!"

"Great! When do we start?" Of course Zack was in on it with Zora; they were the perfect match when it came to mischief!

"Tomorrow morning, 7 am, sharp."

"Works for me."

"Now, I have one question for you." Zora said dramatically, "Where is the bathroom?"


"What do you want to do?" Portlyn asked London, who had dragged her all over the ship.

"Talk about how great I look! Yay me!" London clapped and Portlyn was beginning to rethink this whole trip. "Or we could go shopping. You need to get out of those hideous clothes if you want to be around me."

Then again, this could be fun. Wait, what did she just say about my uniform?


I am James Conroy. James Conroy should have a date tonight! So why am I…alone?!

"Hey there babe. You busy?" James tried to get a girl, but it didn't work.

"I'm married." A small child popped out from behind the woman's leg. Strike one.

"You don't look old enough to be a mom." James smiled his sickeningly deceitful smile.

"You don't look old enough to be hitting on a 35 year-old." Strike two.

"Ooh, that hurts. Do you know who I am?"

"Yes, I do. You're the kid who fell overboard and drown. I'm so sorry." Strike three, you're out.


"So, Bailey, what do you want to do?"

"I don't know, Cody, what about you?"

"Well, our Science projects are due in 4 weeks…"

"I'll help with yours. Let's go!"


Chad Dylan Cooper is no fool. Something's up with Sonny, and Chad Dylan Cooper is going to find out. Chad Dylan Cooper is – stupid! Nothing is going on with Sonny! She's too much of a goody-goody. Chad Dylan Cooper…needs to stop referring to himself as 'Chad Dylan Cooper'. What am I thinking? If CDC wants to call himself Chad Dylan Cooper, then he will.

Chad's phone vibrated in his pocket, and he answered it before looking to see who was calling.

"CDC: speak to me."

"Really, Chad?"


"No, it's Portlyn." She sounded offended. What do I care? I'm Chad Dylan-

"So, you wanna see something cool?" Portlyn's voice interrupted Chad's thoughts.

"It depends, does it have something to do with me?"


"Then bye." Chad hung up the phone and let his mind wander.

It wandered all the way to home. His real home, not the Hollywood home. The home where mom was gone most of the time, and dad would always be on the phone. The home which Chad never wanted to go back to. He shook off the thought.

As a new thought entered his mind, Chad grinned. He whipped out his phone and dialed Sonny.

He saw her climbing out of the pool to reach her mooing phone. Chad rolled his eyes.

"Hello? What do you want Chad? I can see you."

"And I can see you. I just wanted to say hi."


"Yep. Hi."

"Whatever. Bye."

"No!! I have to say bye and hang up first!" Chad could only get away with being immature with Sonny. Good times, good times.


"Aah! Marshall, your cast will do well for our comedy night."

"Oh, thank you Mr. Moseby, sir. I'm glad that we could be here."

"Just make sure that they don't break anything. I already have two devious twins roaming about my boat." Mr. Moseby shook his head.

"I understand completely, sir. My cast will cause you no trouble."

"You had better hope so."

What was that supposed to mean? Marshall asked himself.

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Pairings: Sonny/Chad, Cody/Bailey, Tawnie/Zack, James/London.

I might include the following: Portlyn/Woody, Nico/OC, Grady/OC, Zora/OC.

Friendships: Nico/Grady/Woody, London/Portlyn, Sonny/Bailey, Zora/Zack.