Ok so here's how this works. This takes place in movieverse (just pretend Pietro was there) and I'm pulling a Pulp Fiction, meaning these three chapters which are actually three one-shots start at the end and go back to the start. It's a Quicksilver/Pyro fic except for the last one-shot which is a Quicksilver/OMC. Takes place after X-3, during X-3, and waaaay before X-3.

I decided to make Quicksilver be from Tel Aviv, Israel because it's a fanfic and I can. He's not Israeli but he grew up there, ok. I think I covered everything. Hope you enjoy and please review.

כאן אני בא (Here I Come)

He hadn't stayed for the aftermath, but he had been one of the few that saw it end. He watched from afar as the mighty Wolverine sunk his claws deep into the Phoenix and watched as the life left her powerful body. The water around Alcatraz began to fall, and he ran across the sea, haunted by the man's cries of anguish and the memory of a body disappearing in a cloud of dust in front of him.

That had been two months ago and still he ran. He ran through the beautiful city that he hadn't seen since he was in his early teens. The only place he had ever felt at home, until his bastard of a father had found him and managed to talk him into joining him in "the cause." He knew better now, 'causes' only got people killed, innocent and guilty, it didn't differentiate.

Pietro Maximoff had gone home to Tel Aviv but he felt so incredibly lost, so he ran. He didn't know what he was looking for but running helped clear his head of thoughts of the man he had lost, the man he could have saved. Everyone he met sooner or later found out he was a mutant but no one cared, they had bigger problems to deal with than a white haired mutant that could run as fast as the speed of sound.

His father had been wrong, there had been humans out there willing to give them all a chance but his father was better at manipulating people than he was at manipulating metal. Pietro knew he shouldn't blame his father for everything, if it hadn't been for his father's fanaticism he would never have met John Allercyde.

Pietro shook his head and put his tennis shoes on, he had the day off of work and he would spend the free day like every free day. Pietro made sure to grab his most prized possession and put it on, a necklace with the Star of David on it. He raced out of his apartment and out into the glittering city with its stifling desert heat. It was almost ten in the morning and he planned to run around the whole of Tel Aviv, which meant he would have to knock down his speed a few pegs if he didn't want to finish his goal in under five seconds.

Five seconds to run around the whole of Tel Aviv and he couldn't save his lover who was less than 10 feet in front of him. Magneto was the reason he met John, but he was the reason John was dead. There were so many other people he wanted to blame though. Magneto for making him stay at his side while John lay unconscious after his fight with Iceman, Wolverine for not killing the Phoenix sooner, Iceman for knocking his love out in the first place.

But he knew it was all his fault. Peitro picked up his speed for a moment as his anger at himself got the better of him but he soon moved back to his slower pace.

Pietro's thoughts drifted back to the moment he and John had shared their first kiss. It had been a few hours after Magneto had left Mystique in the back of the cold semi trailer, her powers gone and her fear written plainly on her features. She had saved him, and he left her as if she had been nothing.

John had come to his tent in their woodland hideout and was angry at Magneto, and scared that the same would happen to him, should he be forced to take the cure. Pietro knew the younger man had been abandoned by people he had cared about before and he was frightened it would happen to him again. The white haired mutant had done his best to calm him but his anger was great and Pietro wondered if fire was really running through his friend's veins.

The younger mutant got louder and louder and Pietro had been worried that someone would tell Magneto what John was saying. So Pietro had done the only thing guaranteed to silence the fiery mutant, he kissed him.

To his surprise the kiss had been returned whole heartedly and everything had started that night. Their love had gown so passionate so fast, Pietro shouldn't have been so surprised when it ended far too soon.

A small smile crossed his face as he zigged and zagged between the people that populated the city. Pietro could feel his necklace moving with him and he remembered John giving it to him a few days after the first night they made love. It had been stolen, but Pietro knew John had meant the gift to be special so he said nothing about how the young man had come across it.

It took him two hours to run around the whole city, and he was glad that he was able to control his urges and take it slow even though every fiber of his being was screaming to go faster and faster.

Pietro stopped outside Shalom Meir Tower to rest for a few moments and knew he was close to The Great Synagogue. He looked in the direction of the synagogue and reached up to fiddle with his necklace. Pietro remembered being stopped by his father more than once when trying to go to John's aid. The younger mutant hadn't understood why Magento was so adamant on keeping him at his side, but like a loyal son and a stupid lover he had stayed.

He hadn't lifted a hand when Beast had injected the cure into Magneto's body; Pietro had just gotten out of the way as soon as he saw the big mutant coming. Then the Phoenix awoke and before he could even think to move, John was gone, his body split into separate atoms and then blown away by the wind.

Pietro swallowed back the tears that threatened to fall. He would let his emotions get the better of him once he was out of view of the general public. Pietro knew he shouldn't cry at all, he knew John was still with him even if his body was gone; his spirit lived on in every flame he saw. John was watching over him and someday Pietro knew he would love again. But for the moment he raced off toward the synagogue, intent on praying for his lover's safe passage to heaven. Once he was home he would light a few candles in John's memory like he had done every day for two months.