A little peak into Pietro's origin, his powers first appearing, and his first love. Set waaaaaay before X-3, obviously. Italics mean they're speaking Hebrew. Please review. I own nothing but Ari.

אוריום (Daylight)

Pietro had been shuffled from place to place since he had been born. He couldn't remember all the places he had been or all the people that had cared for him before passing him on. It was like he was a human hot potato that no one wanted to hold onto for long.

His own father had found him when he was 6 years old and Pietro had been overjoyed that he had a parent that would watch over and love him. Erick Lensher had found his son in Moscow, Soviet Union being cared for by gypsies, the young boy had white hair a slightly tanned complexion just like his mother had. The gypsy couple hadn't wanted to give him their adopted son but Erik was adamant that his son wouldn't grow up in a communist state. With the right amount of intimidation the couple handed over the boy and gave a short goodbye, it was the last time they saw the little boy.

The happiness at having his real father caring for him lasted a total of three weeks. Erik had taken them to Israel, far away from the Soviets and some place he felt would be a better place for his son to grow up, not necessarily safer since he was positive his child was a mutant but by the time his power emerged he would be strong enough to defend himself.

Pietro had cried when Erik had left him at the orphanage, the little boy didn't know what he had done wrong to make his father want to get rid of him. Erik had said nothing, just turned his back and walked away without a backward glance, he had to do the right thing for his son, which meant leaving him behind to make the world a better place. Pietro would thank him when he was old enough to understand.

But Pietro was fifteen and he still didn't understand and he felt like he never would. He hadn't seen his father since that fateful day. He was still at the orphanage which was just fine with him, at least the orphanage wasn't allowed to abandon him.

It was spring in Tel Aviv and Pietro was itching to go out for a run. His passion for running had been with him since he was old enough to walk, he loved the feel of his feet hitting the pavement below him and the wind whipping through his white hair.

"Ready to go?" Pietro asked as he stuck his head into his best friend Ari's room. The other teen finished tying his shoes and stood up.

"Whenever you are," Ari replied and the two teens smiled at each other before racing down the hall and made their way out into the city.

Pietro glanced over at the older teen and grinned. Ari was older than him by a year and had been at the orphanage for a year less than him. Unlike Pietro, however, Ari's parents had been in a car crash and there were no other relatives to take him in.

They sped down the sidewalk, falling into their daily challenge of racing each other to the end of the block and back. Ari was the winner most of the time, but Pietro was determined to win this time. He forced his legs to go faster than he had before, knowing that he ran the risk of tiring out before the end of the race with how hard he was pushing.

People, buildings, and cars blurred past him and he was gaining a substantial lead over his friend. Still he pushed even harder and Ari fell farther and farther behind him. The older teen slowed to a stop as he watched his friend pick up so much speed that he practically flew to the end of the block in a few seconds.

It was faster than he had seen anyone run before; he was positive that no normal person could ever run that fast in their life. Pietro turned around to run back to where they started but stilled as he saw his friend staring at him shock, halfway between where they started to where they were supposed to end.

Pietro ran back to Ari, not noticing that it took him only the blink of an eye to reach him. "What's wrong Ari?" Pietro asked in concern.

"Y-you don't know?" Ari asked and the younger teen looked at him in confusion.

"Pietro it took you just a second to get from over there to me, I've never seen anybody run that fast," Ari explained.

"What are you talking about?" Pietro asked. "I know I pushed harder than I usually do but it didn't take me a second to get from there to here...did it?"

"Try it again, try as hard as you can, go from the end of the block to me, I'll time you." The older teen said, wanting to make sure his eyes weren't playing trick on him. Pietro frowned and shrugged before running to the end of the block and back to Ari.

"Two seconds," Ari said softly and Pietro shook his head. "No, no you've got to be wrong," he tried to deny but he knew it to be true.

"You're a mutant Pietro," the older teen said as he grabbed his friends hand and began to gently lead him back to the orphanage.

The word mutant swirled in Pietro's mind. People were afraid and suspicious of mutants, was his friend going to tell everyone what he was? Fear gripped him but he didn't run away, hoping that Ari just wanted to talk about what happened in private.

Ari led him into an empty boy's dormitory and shut the door behind them. "Are you going to tell everyone?" Pietro asked his tone full of defiance even though on the inside he was shaking.

The older teen smiled and shook his head "No idiot, I just want to talk."Pietro let out a small sigh of relief and sat down on one of the vacant beds. "Why didn't you tell me?" Ari asked.

"Because I didn't know, I just found out when you did," the white haired teen said.

"You're like the Flash," Ari said with a teasing smirk.

"Fuck off I am not, besides I'm no superhero," Pietro said as he punched his friend playfully in the arm.

"Well maybe not yet, but you could be if you wanted," the older teen said with a smile.

Pietro shook his head "With all the mutant hatred out there I wouldn't be called a hero even if I saved the whole planet." Ari sat down next to his friend, so close that their shoulders brushed against each other. "Well maybe you can help show that what you can do isn't something to be afraid of," the older teen said softly.

"Maybe," Pietro said with a small sigh and looked down at the hardwood floor.

"Hey, stop pouting, I know if I was a mutant I would think it was the coolest thing to ever happen to me, I mean you get all these powers that no one else has, it makes you unique, it makes you who you are Pietro," the older teen said as he threw his arm around his friend's shoulders.

"You should be a motivational speaker," Pietro replied with a grin and Ari laughed before falling back onto the bed.

It was silent between them for a moment before Ari spoke again. "Can I tell you something important, without you hating me?" "Well you just found out I'm a mutant and you're fine with it, I don't really have any reason to hate you for whatever it is you're about to tell me," the younger teen said with a smirk and Ari just shook his head.

"I'm gay."Pietro looked down at his friend in shock. "Seriously?" Ari rolled his eyes "No I just said it to make you feel better," he said sarcastically.

"Well I...I really don't know which I like better," Pietro replied and Ari moved to lean back on his forearms."You think you're bisexual?" "I don't know, maybe, I know I like girls but sometimes when I see a good looking guy I can't help but feel attracted to him," Pietro explained.

"But you've never been with a man right, so how do you know for sure?" Ari asked.

"Well I don't until I try being with one," the younger man replied irately.

Another silence enveloped the two and Ari sat up all the way and looked over at his friend. "If you really want to know...you could just kiss me and see how you feel about it," Ari offered and Pietro looked over at him in shock.

"You want me to kiss you?""Well only if you want to, I'm just offering to be a guinea pig essentially," Ari replied.

Pietro was trying to wrap his head around what was happening. He had just found out he was a mutant, Ari had revealed that he was gay, and Ari had just offered to let him figure out if he was bisexual or not.

"What the hell," Pietro mumbled before leaning in slowly and pressing his lips to Ari's gently. Other than the bit of stuble on Ari's face that rubbed against his skin, it was almost the exact same as kissing a girl. Ari cupped his face with his hands and licked Pietro's bottom lip and the younger teen tentatively opened his mouth and allowed Ari's tongue to enter his mouth.

The kiss deepened and became filled with passion and Pietro was surprised when Ari, gently forced him to sit in his lap. The need for air, however, got the best of them both and they pulled away gasping. Their eyes glazed over and mouths wet and swollen.

"So did you like it, or would you rather stick with women?" Ari asked breathlessly.

Pietro smiled and kissed his friend's cheek before whispering "I'm not sure, I think we may have to do it again just so I can make sure."Ari laughed and ran a hand through Pietro's white hair "I think that can be arranged," he said before capturing Pietro's lips in another kiss.