They are all 14 ,rei and kai are 15

Hope you like this will be my second beybalde fic

This start off in the v-force season



Hilary was always one to rise above the class it was expected from her always the good child. Her family never let her out of their sight grades, friends and life were dictated has well she been never allowed outside past 9:00. Grade where to remain high A never C Friends where very little if not any. That was being born Tachibana


Hilary was about 5 years old playing in the park when she noticed a group of other children playing curious she left off the swing she had been on and left to see what was happening. When she arrived to see what was happening she was surprise two boys where playing with fierce determination has there beyblades where attacking each other with every fiber of there being Hilary couldn't believe how much fun there where having. She immediately had an idea and started to run home. When she arrived home she saw that her mother was home and went up to her and proceed to tell her what she what'd to do. TThat's when it went wrong her mother was furious that her daughter wanted to beybade NO NO No she was not going to do such a childish thing. Hilary's mother then told her to go to her room and read chapter upon chapter of work. Her mother said that to learn was better for her and to cast off her silly dreams of beyblade. But Hilary still dreamed.

Flashback end

Now Hilary was doing something that she never thought in her wildest dreams being taught how to beyblade by her friends the Blade Breakers.

All with out ever telling her family they must never find out about her secret

The Consequences will be very dire if they ever did find out.

~`Lioness of the fire
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