by Shin

Disclaimer: I don't own this show.
Pairing: ComaShipping (Shinji x Satoshi), one-sided PikaShipping.
Warning: Well, look at the rating.


"OH!" Satoshi jerked awake with a start; his eyes shot wide open. After gathering himself together he glanced around at his surroundings only to find himself in the clearing they'd stopped at the night before to get some sleep. It was just him, and he came to realize that it was just a dream ..... and that his sleeping bag was all sticky and wet.

Well, it wasn't exactly just him, which he soon came to realize discontentedly as he noticed his two best friends staring at him in horror. Well, Takeshi not so much as Hikari, whose face displayed the look of utter shock and terror as she clung to Pikachu, who looked equally surprised.

"What's wrong?" Satoshi asked, sounding pretty much as clueless as ever, regardless the fact that it was his own doing. "And why's everything so sticky?"

"Uh... Satoshi. I think we better have a man-to-man conversation," were the first words that flooded out of Takeshi's mouth. "Hikari... just go practice for a contest or something. Just... go distract yourself."

Hikari numbly nodded her head, her expression not changing as she nervously stood up before turning and running off out of sight, Pikachu still in grasp.

"Takeshi?" Satoshi stared up at him, his wide eyes blinking in innocense.

The Nibi gym leader sat down beside him and didn't say anything for a long time, thinking of the best way to approach this conversation. Finally he took a big breath and began. "Satoshi, my friend. It looks like you've had your first wet dream."

"Wet dream? What's that?" Satoshi looked, if possible, even more puzzled than before.

"Well... you see, when a boy becomes a man, or rather, I should say teenager, he begins having sexual fantasies, whether he wants to or not. This often happens in your sleep when you're most vulnerable and you would usually dream about sexual encounters with someone you're sexually attracted to and that affects your actual body."

Satoshi interrupted him. "What? Sexual fantasies? That sounds something exclusively for you, Takeshi. Normal people don't have those." His look turned into one of disbelief.

Takeshi gave him a nervous one in return. "Uh... actually, no. It happens to almost every single normal male once he hits puberty."

"Well, now that I think about it..." Satoshi paused, appearing deep in thought before continuing, "the dream was kind of ..... explicit and..." he dared not continue that sentence, hoping that his friend got the message.

"It must have been since it drove you to a huge orgasm."

"What? HUH!?" Satoshi then realized that the wetness was indeed from his own boxers and a massive blush covered his face. "OH MY GOD HIKARI SAW THAT!"

"It's okay, it's okay. She'll get over it I'm sure," Takeshi tried to comfort him. "But... who was in your dream that had you so aroused?"

Satoshi blushed at Takeshi's choice of words. He didn't fully understand all of this terminology, but his mind had decided to get the gist of it, making him, in turn, embarrassed by the whole conversation and situation he'd unintentionally gotten himself into. "It was..."


Hikari stared ahead of her at a naked tree, completely traumatized, for a few seemingly long minutes. Her mind slowly caught up with her and she began to calm down from the fact that she'd just seen her friend have an orgasm right beside her.

"But... who did he dream about?" A blush covered her face. "Perhaps... could it have been me!? Oh my god! This is so awkward!!" She held her hands to her cheeks desperately willing that blush away.


"This is so wrong!! Oh my god, that pervert!" She paused in her thought. "But then... who else?" She glanced back towards where she'd come from, genuinely curious, yet at the same time afraid to find out in case it actually was her. Taking a deep breath and deciding she'd given the two enough time, she slowly but cautiously headed back. And having the excellent timing that she had...

"It was ..... Shinji."

And she went back into that state of horror, this time twice as strong. And this time, Takeshi's reaction seemed to match hers, leaving Satoshi, once again, in loss.

"What?? Hey at least it wasn't someone like ..... Hikari. Or Joy. Or Shirona. That'd be disgusting!" His mind added, 'They're girls!!!' At this, Hikari wasn't sure whether to feel relieved or insulted. Pikachu, though, was definitely displeased.


Eventually, after laundry and breakfast, Hikari and Takeshi had come to terms that Satoshi was sexually attracted to his rival, even though Satoshi was convinced that it was just their burning rivalry that had him all fired up about Shinji. Unfortunately for him, his two so-called best friends were already deep in their own plotting against him. And just his luck, the devil himself happened to show up later that day. Or rather, they were the ones who happened to cross him while he was relaxing and fishing, probably looking for some maxed IV water pokemon.

"Oh, Shinji! It's so great to see you!!" Hikari greeted with a plotting grin that was mirrored on Takeshi's face.

"It's been so long since our last encounter, hasn't it?" Takeshi added.

Shinji had a lot to have suspicion about. He also noticed that Satoshi, instead of desperately trying to get his acknowledgment as a good trainer, seemed to be trying to hide behind his two friends.

"Uh... Takeshi, Hikari... Shouldn't-we-be-going-to-the-next-town-I-hear-the-contest-is-tomorrow," Satoshi quickly blurted out in a run-on as a blush covered his cheeks while he desperately pulled at Takeshi's arm, which further confirmed Shinji's suspicion. The Tobari City pokemon trainer also took note of Pikachu's deadly glare thrown in his direction.

"Something's up," he said nonchalantly, although he was highly curious now.

Hikari continued grinning at him. "Nothing's up. Why would you think something's up? Satoshi just has something to ask you!" She suddenly exclaimed, pushing Satoshi forcefully in front of her, with a strength that she just shouldn't have had. This forced Satoshi to come face to face with his rival.

"Oh! Hikari! We're supposed to go find some firewood to start up a fire at our campsite. Let's do that while these two talk about Satoshi's-sexual-fantasies! Bye!!" Takeshi hurriedly explained before grabbing Hikari and Pikachu and running off with them – the latter against his will – before Satoshi could even utter a single word in retort. He nervously turned to Shinji, desperately hoping that he didn't catch Takeshi's last words, "umm..."

"Sexual fantasies?" Shinji asked calmly.

Satoshi's face reddened further, in both embarrassment and slight fury. "NO! Takeshi's a liar!! I-don't-have-sexual-dreams-about-you!!!"

"He didn't say you did," Shinji pointed out, still sounding pretty nonchalant about this, although this newfound information Satoshi had just leaked made him grin on the inside. "And I don't see how you could even dream or sleep. It was far too hot last night."

Satoshi noted that Shinji mentioned nothing about his 'sexual dreams' remark and wondered if Shinji believed him. "It... it was pretty hot. But you are wearing that warm sweater ..... that you probably take off before sleep..." Mental pictures of Shinji undressing flooded his mind and he couldn't push them out.

"What did you want to ask me?" Shinji asked, though he knew that that had been a lie. He refused to show any interest yet.

Satoshi's heart half sank, seeing the other's lack of interest, and half filled with relief. "I... um... where... how..." he stuttered, failing to come up with a question.

Shinji turned to stare him down, provoking him to produce the nonexistent question.

"Uhh... I... when did Manyuura learn that amazing metal claw?" Satoshi stared at Shinji with fake amazement in his eyes.

"...Manyuura should normally be able to learn metal claw." Shinji pulled back his fishing equipment.

"Ah! ..... I...know! But..." Satoshi couldn't come up with anything as Shinji stood up to face him, suddenly towering over him. "What?" A maniacal grin appeared on his rival's face, making Satoshi even more nervous. "What are you doing?" he asked in a panic, backing up as Shinji seemed to advance on him.

"Is it true? Did you reach an orgasm to thoughts of me defeating you?" He advanced further. "What was I doing in your dream? Were my pokemon pummeling yours to the ground? Is that what you get off on?" He stopped as Satoshi tripped on a branch and fell backwards into a sitting position, desperately pressing back but being stopped by the base of the tree blocking his way. He stood over the other's retracting body.

"I... no! What!? That's sick!!" Satoshi denied, face completely gone red.

Shinji knelt down before him and knelt forward until his hands were on the ground on either side of the boy's body. "Then what did I do to you in your dream?" He continued leaning forward, inches separating their faces. He brought one hand up from the ground to Satoshi's cheek, forcing him to look up. "Did I... lean in like this?" he asked, while demonstrating. He then moved the other hand away from the ground as well. "Did I..." The hand slid down Satoshi's virgin body to a place that no one had ever touched before. "...touch you like this?" Shinji grinned at the other's inability to deny. "Did I violate you in inappropriate ways?"


The trainer from Tobari City couldn't control the pleased dominating emotions he was feeling, and didn't really care now. "Did I... kiss you like this?" He pressed his lips to Satoshi's and groped the front of his pants with his hand, bringing life to Satoshi's more private parts and forcing a moan out of him. He parted his lips and sucked on the black-haired boy's bottom lip, encouraging him to open up. Noticing that Satoshi didn't fully understand the gesture, he sneaked his hand past the other's pants and boxers, grabbing the raw flesh and forcing a loud moan out of the boy that he immediately swallowed up, pushing his tongue past the now parted lips and thrusting it down his throat.

Satoshi's hands gripped onto the grass that was growing out of the ground beneath him and pulled on the poor patches that were unlucky enough to have grown in that exact spot. His mind was spinning as pleasure took over his body and he just wanted Shinji to drive him over the peak. He felt the other use his free hand to unbutton his jeans to make access easier. Breathing was becoming a problem, as Shinji's tongue was forcefully dominating his mouth, raping it of every single untouched millimeter that it had. Satoshi put a hand up to Shinji's chest and pushed at it slightly, pleading for some air. The other seemed to pick up on this and broke the kiss, watching Satoshi gasp for air as he himself licked his lips in satisfaction.

"Shi.....Shinji, what are you...?" Satoshi began as he watched Shinji pull back completely and use both hands to push his pants down his thighs, along with the boxers, revealing his inappropriate parts. "Ah! Cover that up; someone might see!!" Satoshi exclaimed in horror, subconsciously grasping Shinji's shoulder.

"Cover it? Okay." Before Satoshi could realize what Shinji was thinking, the mauve-haired trainer had his lips pressed to his growing arousal, slowly moving them teasingly down the length and refusing to part them yet.

"Ah! What are you... mmmm...!" Satoshi shut his eyes tightly, unable to take the sight as he felt Shinjis lips slightly parted as they reached the tip, taking that bit of skin in and sucking on it. "Stop it, I'm gonna..... aahhhhnnnnnmm," he moaned, biting his lip to drown the loudness of it. He didn't want Shinji to stop. And Shinji seemed to know that as he wrapped a hand around the rest of Satoshi's length and began to stroke him. Much to Satoshi's displeasure, he removed his mouth from the area, bringing it back up to the Masaran boy's lips and kissing him once more. Oh how Satoshi loved the feeling of those kisses. His hands snaked around his rival's neck, getting lost in his thick mauve locks and pulling Shinji closer as he felt the speed and pressure of the hand gradually increasing, coming closer and closer to bringing him over the edge. "Ah...! Shinji, I'm really close...!" Close to what? If he'd been able to think logically right now, he probably wouldn't be able to answer that. But this had no logic to begin with. With one final pump, he let out a long high-pitched moan that was swallowed by Shinji's mouth covering his, while he exploded into an orgasm, ejaculating his essence all over for a good moment. It took him a while to catch his breath and come about, and when he did, he looked up into Shinji's pleased eyes. He blushed again. "I... That..." He could no longer look at the other and lowered his face in embarrassment again.

Shinji didn't let him though, and lifted it for another kiss. "Did it feel good? Is that what I did in your dream?" he asked between kisses.

"Shinji..." Satoshi could only moan his rival's name, unable to come up with a good response that didn't sound too rhetorical between the kisses. Finally Shinji pulled away from his lips and gave him some space to pull himself together. "Why ..... why did you do that?" the Masaran boy asked, blushing furiously at having to ask that.

"Why not? You wanted it. I wanted it." Shinji paused, grinning at Satoshi dangerously. "Next time I might not stop there though."

"What...!? What does that mean!?" Satoshi squeaked in horror, his mind too innocent to grasp and accept the concept of what Shinji was saying. But suddenly, he couldn't wait for this 'next time'.


"Pika! Pikapi!" Pikachu glared at Hikari and Takeshi, as they sat around their camp grounds.

"Don't worry, Pikachu," Takeshi tried to calm the mouse Pokemon down. "We wouldn't dare put Satoshi in any danger."

"PIKA!!!" Pikachu was still highly displeased.

"But Shinji? Really? I still can't believe it." Hikari was still in surprise. She knew Satoshi should've started having such thoughts long since, but it came so suddenly, and as a younger girl, she couldn't help but be a little freaked out by all this.

"Well..." Takeshi began but wasn't able to finish.

"Pikapi!!!!!" Pikachu suddenly dashed. The two trainers turned around to see Satoshi coming their way, catching the mouse pokemon as it jumped into his arms. "Pika!" it seemed to scold him, still looking rather angry and displeased.

"Ah... sorry to worry you, Pikachu. I'm fine, see?" He smiled at the pokemon, but unfortunately that same smile didn't go for his two human friends as he turned a deadly glare towards them. "I'M GOING TO KILL THE BOTH OF YOU!!"

"Ah... I think it's time we run," Takeshi said, as the two of them stood.

"Yep," Hikari agreed and they ran ahead.

"Hey, wait up!! Get back here!!!" Satoshi yelled, giving chase after them. "I'm not done with you two!!"

He had to do the laundry twice that day. At this rate, he would run out of underwear, no matter how many his mother had packed for him.