by Shin

Disclaimer: I don't own this show.
Pairing: ComaShipping (Shinji x Satoshi)
Warning: Well, look at the rating.


Chapter Two

Satoshi moaned as his wrists were held constricted above his head by a rope. His legs were being forced apart by the body behind him as he sat on his knees on the satin black bed sheets. His body was exposed as hands encircled him from behind and explored his flesh, gradually trailing lower and lower down from his chest to his stomach to his groin, building up his excitement. Lips attached onto his neck from behind, grinding teeth lightly against the sensitive skin and sucking on it until it left a mark, as the skilled hands worked up an erection.

Suddenly he was roughly turned over onto his back and the lips met his before he could even look at the person on top of him – not that he needed to in order to know whom it was. His legs were pushed apart as a hand played around with his entrance and suddenly...

"Eeeeeeh!!!" a loud, shrill, high-pitched scream resounded through his head and woke him up from the dream. It'd only been a dream.

"What!? What happened!?" Satoshi was immediately awake and alert, thinking that something dangerous must have happened, to have interrupted his fantasies like that.

"Satoshi!!! I'm never sleeping near you again!!" It was Hikari and she was giving him the most terrified, and at the same time deadly, look he'd ever seen on her.

"What? What'd I do?" By now, Satoshi's forgotten all about that dream and was more focused on why his friend was annoyed by him like she was.

"What'd you do!? 'Ohhh Shinji! Put it in me! I want your big hard...' ..... Oh you get it!!" Hikari was full-out glaring at him after having had the need to actually repeat what Satoshi had, according to her, said in his sleep.

"What's going on here?" Takeshi asked, approaching them while rubbing the sleep out of his own eyes. He'd been sleeping a little distance away this night and Hikari mentally berated herself for not thinking of doing so herself. Although, it technically has been about two weeks since this instance had happened so there was no way she'd known it'd happen again now. Takeshi noted the deadly red blush that'd taken over Satoshi's face and figured for himself that Satoshi wouldn't be able to answer him.

"What's going on? I'll tell you what's going on! Satoshi's becoming a total pervert and dreaming about sex really loudly while I'm right next to him! This should be illegal!" Hikari pointed an accusing finger at Satoshi while indirectly scolding him like that. "From now on, separate rooms! When we're at a center, I'm not sharing a room with him! And if we're outside, I'm keeping as far away as possible!" She crossed her arms over her chest and turned away, pouting at the fact that once again her innocence had been corrupted by Satoshi's finally reaching his puberty.

"Well, what do you want me to do!? I can't control it!!" Satoshi yelled back, still blushing but trying desperately to fight it off. "Besides, it's your fault for leaving me alone with him last time! Then at least it'd probably have passed by now!!" He did make a point.

"Satoshi had a dream about Shinji again?" Takeshi asked to clarify, which reinstated Satoshi's blush. "What was it about?" He saw the look the two gave him for a mere two seconds before quickly correcting himself. "I mean, besides sex, of course. Do you know why it's about him and not someone else?"

"How should I know? Why don't you ask Shinji? He's the one who sneaks into my dreams like that! That creep," Satoshi replied, trying to reclaim his innocence by blaming it on Shinji.

"Why are you so attracted to him?" Hikari asked. "He does nothing but call you names and get into arguments with you over your pokemon training."

"I... I'm... attracted to him? What do you mean? I'm attracted to him because he's a strong trainer, of course." And Satoshi was now back to square one: ignorant, naïve Satoshi.

"Attracted doesn't mean..." Takeshi began but paused, thinking his words over. "Sexually attracted, she means. If you're having these dreams about him, then it's most likely because you're sexually attracted to him. Not because he sneaks into your dreams, Satoshi."

"Um... well..." Satoshi blushed again. "I mean... What's not to like?" He lowered his face to hide it in embarrassment. "I mean..." he lowered his voice, "he is pretty hot..."

Takeshi suddenly had a concerned expression on his face. "Satoshi, be careful. Don't let him play around with your feelings." Hearing this, Hikari nodded in agreement.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Satoshi asked, clueless.

"Pikapi..." Pikachu sighed, having been listening to the conversation from behind Satoshi, a bit disturbed. Satoshi turned around and brought Pikachu onto his lap before turning back to his friends for answers.

"You and Shinji are rivals, but despite the fact that you always argue, lately it seems as if you actually... like him a lot," Takeshi said, choosing his words carefully as he tried to understand Satoshi's emotions while the one in question himself couldn't do so.

Once again, Hikari nodded in agreement before continuing for him. "You might not realize it, but the way you've been acting whenever he's brought up into conversation really makes it seem as if you like him a lot." She put two fingers under her chin as she thought. "Like last week, we accidentally brought up Shinji's name when we were saying something, and you thought we saw him and started looking for him."

"Well, I mean... Of course I like him. Despite his cruel training tactics and his insults, he's a great trainer. And what's not to like about a great trainer? Especially one I haven't even beaten properly yet?"

"You're missing the point," Hikari said with a sigh.

"Put aside training right now. How do you really feel about Shinji as a person?" Takeshi asked.

Satoshi took a moment to think it over. Pikachu stared up at his face in anxiety. Finally he answered. "Well, he's mean to me, yes. And I'm not exactly nice back to him when this happen, but I do try to be nice to him. But when he says something like 'useless brat' to me, it doesn't really sound that mean. I guess I'm kind of used to it and it's who he is and ..... the words kind of sound good coming from him and he's kind of..." Satoshi trailed off, blushing again as he noticed his friends staring at him. "And um... I like when he looks at me. Because then I know he's looking at me and not at something or someone else. And... I felt good when I got Hikozaru because I knew it used to be Shinji's and I got something that used to be Shinji's. Well, I mean, of course I wanted to help Hikozaru out and everything, but also before that, when I felt like I was actually bonding with Shinji's pokemon right in front of him... I kind of feel like it might have made him jealous... or... I-I don't know! Don't ask me such complicated questions!"

"Satoshi," Takeshi spoke once the Masaran trainer was done speaking. "Don't let Shinji use you for his own personal gain. I wouldn't put that past him." An unreadable expression overtook his features. "Last time, we kind of joked around about it, but now I kind of regret it. I don't know what the two of you did—nor do I want to know. But, be careful, okay?"

Satoshi nodded, smiling carelessly. "Don't worry! It's alright! As Hikari always says," he smiled sheepishly, trying to use Hikari's own words against her.

"Well, let's head to a Pokemon Center to heal up our Pokemon. There's a town nearby, in the direction we're heading."

Both Satoshi and Hikari's moods brightened at the change of topic. "That sounds great! I'm tired of sleeping outside."

"Yeah!" Satoshi agreed. "And we can finally get closer to getting to my last gym battle!"

"Or my next contest!"

The three headed on to the next town, awaiting what would meet them there.


"Joy! Please take care of our Pokemon," Satoshi said as he put his monster balls and Pikachu on the tray to be taken into the care unit. Hikari and Takeshi had done the same before Joy appeared at the front desk.


No sooner than she said this, Takeshi was down on his knees before her making his endless vows and declarations of love to her, waiting for Greggle to poison jab him. Satoshi backed away as soon as this happened and muttered an 'I'll be right back' before making his way down a hallway to the left, away from Takeshi's everyday emotional display.

With a sigh he walked down that narrow hallway, looking for a restroom. He hadn't woken up with a good start that morning because of Hikari and therefore had never gotten the release he wanted while he was asleep. The ropes and the constrictions he'd felt in his dream replayed over in his head now, becoming a vivid memory. "Oh man... something's wrong with me..." he muttered, and quickened his pace, spotting a restroom sign pointing around the corner. He rushed there and just as he was about to open the door, someone opened it for him from the other side, making him accidentally walk into that person in his rush.

"Ah! I-I'm sorry! I wasn't watching—Shinji!?" The blush from earlier that day returned full force as he was now face to face with the center of their earlier conversation. "I-uh... what-what are you doing here?"

He could see the look of amusement dancing around behind Shinji's eyes. "It's a Pokemon Center. Trainers come here. I'm a trainer," Shinji pointed out, before a smirk settled on his face. "What, not happy to see me?" he added, noting that it was just the two of them—no annoying blue-haired penguin trainer and no annoying all-knowing Pokemon breeder to tell Satoshi what to do.

"I... n-no, it's not that. It's just, um..." Satoshi felt tongue twisted on his words. He didn't have to try too long though, as Shinji suddenly pulled him in and shut the door, pressing Satoshi's back against it while turning the switch on the doorknob.

"It's been a while, hasn't it?" the Tobari City trainer said in a deep voice, face very close to Satoshi's, speaking into his ear.

"U-um... yeah," Satoshi stuttered, pressing closer to the door, if possible, as if it would protect him from Shinji's advances. "I... I need to pee," he quickly said and tried to walk past the other, but wasn't granted that freedom.

The smirk on the mauve-haired trainer's face widened. "Something tells me that wasn't the reason you headed here," he said quietly into the Masaran trainer's ear. "Don't worry. I won't tell anyone." He pressed his lips to Satoshi's for the first time in two weeks. It felt really good, Satoshi noted. And he wasn't one to reject something that felt good, so he let the other do it, moaning quietly as Shinji's tongue pushed past his lips and began re-exploring his long neglected mouth.

Shinji pushed a leg between both of Satoshi's until his knee was against the door, forcing the black-haired boy's legs apart, which brought images of the dream back to Satoshi's mind, making him moan louder, though it was still muffled by Shinji's mouth on his. He placed a hand on Satoshi's stomach, resting it there for a while before sneaking it up past the rim of the boy's shirt to touch his skin. Suddenly, though, he broke the kiss and pulled back enough to stare into Satoshi's eyes.

After waiting for Shinji to say something for a long minute, the Masaran boy spoke himself. "Wh-why'd you stop? So suddenly..."

An actual smile appeared on the other's face, bringing a blush to Satoshi's face without much effort. Finally, Shinji spoke, in the same deep and compelling voice. "As tempting as it is, I'd rather not do this here. I am staying here overnight though, so if you're interested..." Satoshi wasn't sure what he was saying when he felt Shinji's hands over one of his own. The action made him feel so jumpy and anxious that he didn't notice what Shinji put in his hand until after he left. Giving Satoshi one last look, Shinji opened the door and walked out, as if nothing had happened.

After staring after him for several good minutes, Satoshi finally looked down into his hand to see what Shinji had left him—a room key.