Update 15-03-2012

First I want to thank Swashbucklist for pointing out the flaws this story has and for being so honest with me. The story needs a major rewrite I know. When I started working on this thing I was totally inexperienced in the world of story writing and already had a lot of trouble getting it as it is now. But it could still use in improvement on many fronts and now, while writing the second story I'm going through all of this again. I'm starting the rewrite and you can keep track of any progress I made here:

Story database and chapters 1-25 have been revised. Wow, it was quite a while ago since I last updated this story with a revised chapter. This time it was chapter 25's turn. Can't say it wasn't needed. I changed quite a bit, especially the dialogue. The characters should feel much more natural now. Next chapter will be done ASAP.

Don't hesitate to point things out to me. I need critics who can help me improve this stuff.

Update 19-04-2010

Well this will be the last update as the last chapter is up. I've made the soundtrack of the story available for download. You can find the link on my profile page. It'll probably take a while before I have written enough stuff to begin posting another story. I'm currently working on a funny little one-shot with the characters from this one. I'll post it online soon but knowing myself, it's probably gonna be a rather long one-shot. Thanks for reading my stuff and thereby helping to keep Titan A.E. alive. There are still some people out there who can remember and appreciate this great movie with a lot of potential for story-writing. Bye everyone and don't forget to leave your comments as it will help me to make the next story even better.

Update 18-04-2010

Chapter 45 is up. Oh, before I forget, for those of you who don't know who Myrzah is, she was added later to the beginning of chapter 14. I still felt that Kero's family missed something. Someone old and wise. That just about covers it. Only one more chapter to go and I'll post it tomorrow. Damn, I can't believe that this is coming to an end. What a project. I'm currently trying to force my mind to come up with ideas for a sequel. I have something planned but not sure if I should do it.

Update 17-04-2010

Chapter 44 is up. I will post the last two chapters ASAP. Don't have a lot of time at the moment but will post them as soon as I have time. I was thinking about what to write next. This is far from over but I don't know if I should write a sequel. I have a lot of idea's to work out and it could make a wonderful follow-up but I wanna know what the readers think. Is it worth a sequel? I'll finish first and then I'll start thinking about it.

Update 10-04-2010

Chapter 43 posted. I've been working on the final chapter and I will post the last ones as soon as everything's finished. I'm going to finish it in the upcoming week.

Update 03-04-2010

I've cleaned up the updates page once more and I've posted chapter 42 for you guys and girls to read. I've turned 19 last week and it's close to a year since I turned this whole idea into words. It won't take long before it's finished. I'm working on chapter 45. I will be adding an extra chapter so it will be 46 instead of 45 chapters in length. I just needed some extra space to squeeze a few important things in and I don't like to cut things short. ;)

Shattered Universe© - Titan A.E. - Twilight

Story written by: Specter06

Based upon:

Titan A.E.

Directed By:

Don Bluth & Gary Goldman

Produced By

David Kirschner

Gary Goldman & Don Bluth

Screenplay By:

Ben Edlund

John August

Joss Whedon

Story By:

Hans Bauer

Randall McCormick

Original Score Composed By:

Graeme Revell

Music Supervisor:

Glen Ballard

Starring The Voice Talents Of:

Matt Damon - Cale

Bill Pullman - Korso

John Leguizamo - Gune

Nathan Lane - Preed

Janeane Garofalo - Stith

Drew Barrymore - Akima

Ron Perlman - Professor Sam Tucker

Alex D. Linz - Young Cale

Tone-Löc - Tek

Jim Breuer - The Cook


I do not own, any of the original Titan A.E. characters nor the Titan universe. Those are all the property of 20th Century Fox. The ideas of most of the other universes are also property of their original creators. This story is based on both real facts, from the Titan A.E. movie and novels and fan-based creations I once found lingering around on the internet. These fan-based facts like species, races and planets are not my property, belong to their original creators and were once used in fanfictions and roleplay back in 2000. I want to thank the people whoever they are for their contribution to the underdeveloped Titan A.E. universe. I have the deepest respect for their creations and I don't want to misuse them by claiming them as my own.


This story is not only a tribute to Titan A.E. and all of its fans but also to the entire science fiction genre, its fans and its creators.

Special thanks:

Special thanks to: Every fan of Titan A.E., every other SF fan or creator. Without them it wouldn't have been possible.

Andromeda: Gene Roddenberry

Babylon 5: J. Michael Straczynski

Battlestar Galactica 1978: Glen A. Larson

Battlestar Galactica 2004: David Eick & Ronald D. Moore

Firefly: Joss Whedon

Stargate Atlantis: Brad Wright & Robert C. Cooper

Stargate SG-1: Jonathan Glassner & Brad Wright

Star Trek: Gene Roddenberry

Star Wars: George Lucas

Supreme Commander: Chris Taylor

The list goes on… in eternity. If you have more suggestions…

The story:

I have been wandering around with this idea for very long time now. I think I just didn't have the courage to start writing until my 18th birthday. It takes up a lot of my mind so I just started writing it off of me. It has been locked up for too long now. I just didn't know where to start but the Titan A.E. universe looked like the perfect place to begin since this universe is a bit underdeveloped. Thanks to massive fandom it survived the years but most Titan A.E. sites are offline, finally after 9 years everyone seems to have forgot about Titan. It's a shame, but I guess all good things come to an end…

Enough boring pessimism for now, over to the story itself.

This is more of a 'what if'… story. What if parallel universes exist and they are somehow colliding with each other creating trans-dimensional distortions, passageways, providing access to other universes, alternate realities, different versions of Earth?

After the creation of New Earth, mysterious attacks from unknown species seem to occur in the quadrant. The remaining crew of the human starship Valkyrie rescues a Mantrin Captain from his derelict patrol vessel. After given the location of a strange spatial phenomenon, the Valkyrie is rushing in to investigate. What they find will change their lives and the fate of the entire universe forever.


The story includes a soundtrack. Take a look at my profile page for the Dropbox download link. FanFiction doesn't support hyperlinks inside stories, probably for safety reasons.