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Sakura wasn't happy at all.

First, Sasuke's back, and he's been ignoring her. This morning, she decided to confront him and the answer was still "You're annoying...and weak." He also brought Hebi home with him, but they all got along very well, including Karin.

Second, Team 7 was supposed to have a little get-together with Sai and Yamato for proper introductions. She was already forty minutes late. Her two-hour long chemotherapy had been sudden, since she hadn't relapsed since the old ninja days.

You see, Sakura Haruno had acute leukemia when she was three, and endured treatment until a bone marrow transplant sent her into remission. She'd been scared of blood since then, but she got over it with a talk with Naruto.

Naruto was the only one who knew, besides her busy parents (who had no idea she'd relapsed again).

The kunoichi of Leaf, Temari, and Karin also knew. They were at a party to make Karin feel comfortable in Konoha, and that was when Sakura relapsed.

"Naomi, when will this end?" Sakura asked the nurse.

"When we find the right cure, you'll only be in here to do shifts," the nurse soothed.

"I meant the chemo."

"Oh. Wait a few minutes. This session is almost over."


"Man, where's Sakura-chan?!" Naruto exclaimed.

I have to pretend so Kakashi and Sasuke don't get suspicious. I hope that chemo session's almost done. Thye usually only last for two hours, Naruto thought to himself.

"It's not like Sakura-san to be so late. Are you sure you told her yesterday, Naruto?" Sai asked.

"I did! We ran into each other at Ichiraku's yesterday and I practically screamed it at her!"

"Hey you guys, what's with all the racket?" Sakura asked.

"Whoa, Sakura-chan, what happened to your arm? It's all purple-looking!" Naruto screamed.

Indeed, Sakura's arm was bruised due to her leukemia. She'd bumped into the wall really hard while making a swift turn to the Hokage's office earlier.

"Oh, um...I, er...I was...late for...work?" Sakura stuttered.

Sasuke eyed her arm suspiciously. It looked more like the Hokage mountain had risen and landed on her arm instead.

"Really? And here I'd think you were sick," Kakashi said.


"Um...No. I just bumped into the wall while I was turning. Hehehe..."

"Hn. Weak and careless as ever. Same old Sakura."

Naruto did everything he could to not let out Sakura's secret.

"Sakura-san, Naruto-kun, you two seem to be acting nervously. According to my book, it says when two people fidget and look around constantly, they are sharing a secret," Sai said innocently.

"W-well...erm...Sakura-chan?" Naruto looked over at his friend.

"No. This isn't the right time for it. We are here to celebrate, not to be concerned. Maybe some other time."

When should we tell them, Sakura-chan? When you finally die in five years? Naruto thought, looking at Sakura.

Sasuke saw this, and decided to investigate.

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