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Sakura stood there, gaping. He finally figured it out, sort of.

"We'll need to stall him. If he uses the Sharingan on Juugo or Suigetsu, they might have to tell him," Karin explained.

"I...I see," Sakura mumbled.

"C'mon, let's go!" Naruto exclaimed.

"What's wrong with Sakura?"

Suigetsu and Juugo flinched at Sasuke's tone, then closed their eyes to avoid his Sharingan. The door slammed open, and Naruto, Sakura, and Karin ran in.

"What were you gonna do to them, teme?!"


Sakura remained silent, but her eyes were enough. "Sasuke-kun...Would you really harm your own comrades? I thought you'd learn from me and Naruto when you came back...being excluded from the news...from everything..." she whispered.

Sasuke, however, heard the last few words. "Everything? What is this 'everything' that you're talking about?" he hissed in return.

"Don't hurt them. Please, don't hurt them."

"What are you--?" he mumbled.

Team Hebi and Naruto stepped out of the Uchiha Mansion, leaving the teammates alone. It was time for Sakura to tell him--they were both ready to face the truth. All they could do was hope for the best of outcomes now.

"Sasuke, if I told you what's wrong, would you care? I just want to know," Sakura babbled.

Sasuke nodded, but he inwardly scowled. Was this secret really big? Why wouldn't anyone tell him?

"Tell me now, Sakura."

"I...I'm sick."

That was it? Just that she was sick? Was Sakura Haruno just as weak as he'd remembered? Sasuke smirked--so she hadn't gotten stronger.

"It's not what you're thinking, bastard! This illness...not even Tsunade can find a stable cure! I'm not weak! I'm going to die!" Sakura sobbed, falling to her knees. Dammit! Physically, she was stronger--no longer dependent, no longer having to be in the shadows. Emotionally, however...there was no way she could train her emotions the way she could to her body.

Sasuke walked over to the pinkette. He no longer saw the fangirl, the stalker from so many years ago. He was blind even to the girl that had tried for so many years with his best friend to bring him back. He couldn't even see the headstrong, smart woman she had developed into. The woman he'd subconsciously fallen in love with.


Now, he can only see a young woman who was struggling to survive. A woman who had tried so hard to earn his attention, but with an unjust chance compared to all of his other admirers.


He could see the young woman who loved him, whose affections were returned in secrecy, a woman who was trying to live.


His voice was caught in his throat by the overwhelming emotions.

"What sickness?"

The emerald eyes that stared at him were lifeless, full of fear, hopeless for the future. Her mouth opened, but no sound came out for a full minute. "Leu...leukemia, Sasuke."

He slowly made his way to her trembling form, holding his arms out to her. "Sorry, Sakura. I'm...sorry."

He fell to his knees next to her, holding her in his embrace, shielding her from the dangers of the world. Of course, even if he were to lock her up in the safest room in the universe and give her the finest luxuries, she'd still be in the same state she was in.

She nodded slowly, leaning her face into his chest. Captured in the moment, their lips met desperately, each trying to tell the other what they felt.

Sasuke sighed in the kiss, but then he tasted something different...


He pulled back quickly only to catch her falling form. The red liquid was everywhere; it covered her face so that he couldn't tell where it originated from. Her eyes, her nose, the once peachy cheeks...they were all red and wet. Sasuke stood up and carried her out running at full speed to the hospital.

Of course, this attracted the attentions of Team 7 and Team Hebi. They ran after him, but no one could catch up.

"Don't worry, Sakura. You will live through this."

Pushing more chakra into his feet, he ran faster than he ever had in his whole life.

"You're lucky that you brought her in time, Uchiha."

The Godaime's face was in his line of vision as he opened his eyes.

What happened? he thought.

As soon as the thought ran across his mind, he remembered. Leukemia, kiss, run, hospital. He distinctly remembered handing her over to Naruto before passing out, either from the events of the day or the panic in the run to the hospital, he didn't know.

"She's okay now. You can visit her in a few minutes, when she's energized again."

The blonde woman flashed him a grateful smile before walking off to attend to her other patients.

Sasuke examined his surroundings: Naruto was asleep, leaning against a slightly tired-looking Suigetsu; Karin held on tightly to Suigetsu's arms; Juugo and Kakashi were having what seemed to be a formal conversation. He looked around, noticing more people. Ino crying onto Shikamaru's shoulder, Neji and Tenten (Was that her name? he asked himself) sitting in a secluded corner, and that Hyuuga girl (Hinata, right?) sitting on Naruto's right side.

A lot of people cared about her. He'd been useful; he saved her!

Shizune walked out of the room with a clipboard against her chest. "Sakura's awake now. You can come in and talk to her, but only one at a time, please." With a slight nod, Shizune left.

"Well, since Sasuke was the one who brought her here, let him go first," Kakashi said in a light tone.

There was no argument, so Sasuke walked into her room, locking the door to ensure privacy. He felt her eyes prodding at him, and he turned to be greeted by the most beautiful woman ever--the woman he'd fallen so hard for.

"Thank...thank you, Sasuke-kun."

He gave her a slight smirk, then walked to a chair next to the bed. Leaning in closer, he whispered the most affectionate words he could think of into her ear.

"Sakura...will you marry me? I don't have a ring, and I'm not prepared, but..." he looked slightly nervous.

"Would you take me as the Uchiha matriarch? There's a possibility that the Uchiha heirs would get leukemia, too."

"I'll take you as you are. We'll fight off the disease together, and I promise we'll win. I promise."

Sakura smiled at him, shaking her head in the positive.

"If that's the case...of course!"

Sakura was back! She wasn't hiding anything, and she was annoying again!

Sasuke now knew why she was annoying--she took up more than half of his mind everyday, and wouldn't let him stop worrying about her.

His Sakura-chan.

Sakura Uchiha.

The name had such a nice ring to it. Sasuke couldn't wait until it was official.

He stayed in the room as their friends came in: Ino, Hinata, Karin, Tenten, Suigetsu, Shikamaru, Juugo, Neji, Kakashi, and Naruto respectively.

"I promise...No, I swear that I'll never hurt you again," said the Uchiha.

True to his words, Sasuke never hurt her--or any of his other comrades--again.

Sasuke and Sakura got married and had three children: two boys and one girl.

The oldest child, Haru, had passed as the top of his age group in the academy. The second, Miromi, was beautiful and was booksmart. Lastly, the third child was mixed. Somehow, he turned out to possess the same qualities as Naruto! Of course, all of the chilren were given love and attention.

Miraculously, Sakura's leukemia never showed up again, and her children were safe from the deadly disease. Health surrounded the entire Uchiha Estate.


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