Take the Underground

By: Victoria Liu-Pearson

Chapter 1

As night takes over Olympic City comes alive with street racers. This is their time to shine and showcase all their skills and fight to be the best racer in the city, though at the moment that honour belongs to Eddie. He is the number one street racer in the city and has held this title for the last three years. An intimidating guy Eddie stood at 6ft 2in with a well-built frame, light brown hair and steel cold blue eyes, he has never lost a race all the time he's been on top and no one has been a serious challenger. Every race night all Eddie does is to come and check out his competition with his girlfriend Melissa and his team the Eastside Eagles.

Tonight would be no different as races carried on he remained fairly relaxed as he watched; none of the racers caught his attention much and he barely blinked an eye even as a few walked past and threw comments his way.

'Hey who is that chick?' Chad asked he nodded towards a very young girl probably no more than 21years old, with black hair standing beside an orange/red metallic Acura Integra. Eddie glanced over in her direction briefly and just scoffed.

'A nobody just some new kid on the block probably, though I don't see why she'd waste her time. This gig isn't for chicks,' he said, Chad and the team all agreed and diverted their attention elsewhere all except for Denan. He was curious about this newbie she didn't strike him as one of the usual girls that turned up in flash cars looking for attention. Just from where he stood and observed her he had the feeling she definitely meant business. So without being noticed by his fellow members Denan slipped away into the crowd and made his way casually towards the young girl.

'So,' he said appearing from behind she spun around. 'What brings you out here tonight?'

'I'm here to race,' she replied he chuckled.

'Yes I gathered that but is there any particular race you want to enter or maybe a certain person?'

'What's your point?'

'Well perhaps I can help.' Denan answered she laughed.

'Right thanks but no thanks I think I can take things from here,' she said but he walked around to face her front on she glared at him.

'If you want to make an impression and get noticed it pays to know the right people.' He said she crossed her arms leant against her car and gave him an expected look.

'Then don't bid around the bush; tell me what you know so I can get on with it,' she answered.

'First things first,'

He gave her a cheeky smirk and held out his hand.

'The name's Denan.'

'Erin,' she answered and shook his hand.

'See that girl with the black hair and a white top?'


'That is Samantha she is the one to go see if you need new visuals on your car she's got all designs and colours available and can even customise one to your taste.' He said. 'And the guy in a black t-shirt and jeans is TJ, basically when you need parts for your car on the inside from seats to the engine he has it all. Best man for the job and he'll hook you up real good, 'Denan added.

'I see.' Erin replied.

'Of course we can't forget about the best racer Eddie.' He said and pointed in the direction of his teams' race leader. Eddie and the crew were oblivious to what was going on as they were now engaged in a conversation with Trevor Smith and his crew, the Western Bulldogs. Erin pursed her lips together as she watched Eddie talk with Trevor, the way he dismissed everything the other guy said gave her the impression he is the type not to take things seriously unless he sees first.

'Will he accept a challenge then?' she asked Denan shook his head.

'Eddie doesn't like to waste his time with a challenge. As the city's current champion he will only race the best races that stand out to him,' he remarked.

'If he thinks they are worth taking on he will otherwise he prefers to watch everything unfold.' Denan added.

'Hmm, maybe you can help me out then,' she said turning to him Denan arched his eyebrows.

'And how do you figure this one?' he asked she smiled slyly, opening the driver's side she leant in and rummaged inside the glove box. She stood up straight again and unfolded a small stack of money bills Denan gave her a look.

'You want to race me?' he asked she cocked her head.

'Don't think I didn't see you hanging out with Eddie and his friends,' she said. * Well she means business this might interest Eddie for sure. * He thought.

'So how about it you keen for a race?' she asked.

'Sure you have a deal.' He replied and turned around and wolf whistled it got everyone's attention including Eddie, he frowned.

'Denan what do you think you are doing?' he demanded he strode across the road towards the pair but Denan quickly held up his hand.

'Relax Eddie, this one wants a race with me let us see if she is the real deal.' He replied; Eddie cast a look at the girl her expression didn't change.

'Don't waste your time missy just get lost,' he said. Erin though wasn't going to back down she walked around and stood in front of him.

'Why the harsh attitude? Are you worried I will show up your friend here?' she quizzed he laughed.

'Yeah, right as if you could beat him.' He answered.

'Then let's race,'

'Hand over the cash folks,' a man with a white beanie and a matching white vest top and track pants stepped out from the gathering crowd with his palms out. Erin and Denan placed the money in his hands he slickly counted up the two stacks.

'All right we have a grand total of $14,000 right here and it is on the line. Let's race then.' He remarked. The crowd quickly dispersed towards the sideline Eddie was not impressed Denan didn't consult him about this but he took interest.

'Hey.' Erin said Denan turned around.

'What are you driving?'

He nodded to a metallic gold Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX, she nodded.

'Nice ride.'


The two got into their respective cars flicked on the engines and slowly moved the cars to the main race track.

'She will get embarrassed,' Melissa said she didn't bother to look up and continued to file her nails.

'Yes she will and if she knows what is good for her then she won't show up here again,' Eddie said.