Dear Readers,

Sadly I will not be continuing this story. As much as I love Star Trek (2009) fanfiction, I just can't write it myself. I'm not skilled on the vernacular or the background culture. Nor do I have the time to learn about it, and write this story anymore. So, with that said, I however have a proposition for those of you who wish for this story to continue. If anyone out there has an interest in taking over this story for me, and continuing it; then I give full permission. All I ask is that you message me first, so I can keep up with the new progress of it, (pretty much I really wanna see what direction you take it in.) Also, I do not mind if you revise the first chapter either, considering it has some severe grammer errors, and probably needs a little more detail. However, my loyal readers, it is now up to you to finish this. I don't care how many people want to try. I'm not picky. However, if I don't hear back from anyone that is fine by me. It was worth a shot. This will be my last message, unless someone decides to take this story under their wing. Thank you for your wonderful reviews, and loyalty to the story. I will miss you all.