Chapter 1 First Thoughts:

Maxwell Cougar, leader of the resistance in the survival for humanity against the overwhelming demons or Geist had nearly lost hope. He and his men were losing battles more and more frequently and failing more and more civilians each passing day.

It did not feel like a war that they were fighting.

But instead holding off a massacre, an annihilation.

He had heard rumours from some of the survivors that had made their way into the city, claiming that a woman in black with mystical powers was seeking demons out and killing them wherever she went.

In his opinion it sounded like a pipe dream that the survivors had concocted in order to keep hope in their hearts. He very much doubted that this mystery woman even existed, however some small amount of doubt burned in the back of his mind.

What if this woman is real? How useful would she be in their fight for survival? Anything was possible these days; five years ago the idea of demons was crazy and now look at the world.

Only a couple of days passed since upon hearing of her rumoured existence; did she stand before him in living breathing proof. That night changed everything for him and his men. He'd remembered it until his dying breath.

His men were engaging with the Geist soldiers when she came running in past a broken down bus and waved her left hand and flung two cars into their group. She had wiped out nearly all of them in that one move. But then that's when the Walnut head appeared and started lifting the cars and aimed at her.

He hadn't seen anyone move like that except in action movies years ago.

She flipped to the left, dodging all the vehicles flying towards her and aimed her strange looking gun and opened fire. Moments later the Walnut head splattered everywhere and his men had gunned down the few remaining Geist soldiers. Finally a victory with no casualties in months.

After the battle the woman shifted her odd shaped gun in her right hand so it was leaning against her slender back. His men surrounded her and took aim, obviously afraid of the powers she displayed.

He gave the signal to lower their weapons and he was glad to see they trusted him and did as they were commanded but he could their unease mixing with his own.

That's the first time he spoke with her, even if he did most of the talking. Still she was interesting to say the least and would be very useful in the near future. He was surprised she had given her name to him, but he liked the sound of it.


He assigned Jones and Nash to support and protect her, and she didn't protest.

He just hoped that they all returned alive.

After all his biggest advantage had just landed in his hands, he couldn't let it get away that easily.

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