Chapter 3: Concern for a 'friend'

Maxwell Cougar was having a very bad day and he was starting to wonder if it had to do with the arrival of a certain green haired woman with Demonic powers. Ever since she arrived in the city, bad things kept happening and it was about to get much worse, he could sense it.

Alicia was starting to attract a lot more unwanted attention than he and his men ever received from the Demon invasion. Perhaps she was more trouble than she was worth in fighting this war. Or perhaps she is of value to the enemy as well?

He quickly berated himself for even conjuring up such thoughts. She was a beautiful young woman with other worldly powers and social problems, but other than that she was great and necessary to even old their own anymore in this dystopian Earth.

So together they fought their way through the underground tunnels that were filled with Geist soldiers awaiting at every corner and Alicia just charges in, creates some wall with weird glowing writing in it while pummelling her bullets into the soldiers that are in her line of sight.

She suddenly darts and flips away from the wall just as a rocket blows it to rubble. She swiftly turns her arm and rose petals come flying out of her sleeve and the next thing Maxwell sees is metal spears covered in vines piercing the chests of the remaining soldiers and disintegrating them into ash.

He has never witnessed anything so brutal yet somehow at the same time graceful. He notes that Alicia only moves out of necessity to quick dispatch the soldiers from hell and ensure her safety and of those around her. She doesn't have a look of satisfaction or hatred on her face, no he sees that it is a perfect mask of serenity and calm. No emotions show on her face as though she is a porcelain doll and that calm mask is what frightens him the most, more than the monsters and the threat of his death at any moment.

As they run down corridor leading to the entrance to the base he wonders about what drives her to hunt down these demons and how she received her powers or if she was born with them. He also becomes suspicious of her in that her timing in fighting of this Demon pandemic is too convenient and why no one had ever heard of her before all hell broke lose on Earth.

I guess it doesn't matter where she came from, so long as she stays on our side and continues to fights these guys and send them back to the hell that spawned them then I'm grateful for her appearance and willingness to do whatever is necessary in order to win.

I just hope that she doesn't have to end up sacrificing herself in order to save the human race in penance for having the magical powers that she wields.

Where on earth had that last thought come from?

Maxwell mentally shook himself and focused on taking out the last couple of soldiers standing in between them and the resistance base.

Sure she's cute but she's probably not human and well there are so many of these Demons running around, it'd probably take decades if not more to wipe them off of the face of the Earth, that is of course if HQ is correct in their assumptions that the monsters are pouring out of that forest.

Let's just take things one thing at a time.

As he saw Alicia blow apart the last Geist soldier he did have to wonder; where did she get that gun of hers and if I can get myself one?

The two of them ran into the base while the other resistance members waited outside. They abruptly stopped when they saw the mass of bodies and blood splatter that painted all four walls of the room.

They were too late.

He sighed and forced his anger and despair down to the pit of his stomach, there was no time to grief for them or lose control. It'd only served to get people killed and Maxwell knew that better than anyone.

Can't believe this is happening! Damn it all! How'd they know about this place?! He sighed again and walked slowly over to one of the bodies and kneeled down next to him and closed his eyelids. It's the least I could do considering I failed them.

Fixing on the problem at hand, he gave Alicia the torn notebook and briefed her on his next mission and he was glad to see that she agreed to join him. Next the opposite door was blown in and the both of them took cover and engaged in combat with the Geist soldiers that had charged in.

He needed to wait for the arrival of his other officers that were accompanying the civilians that they had left near the entrance to the underground tunnels. So he ordered Alicia to go on ahead and that they'd all meet up at the airport and make their escape from the city.

She' should be fine, after all she's been doing most of the work since she got here.

It had been almost an hour since he last saw her but he almost smiled when he saw her come running up the steps from the subway system and enter through the back entrance to the airport.

He didn't regret his order to move everyone into the airport, he knew he couldn't save everyone but more of those glowing heads were flying around and were absorbed into people and when enough of them had entered the body they changed into hideous beings that were worse than the Geist soldiers.

Together they took out the sniper and gunned down all the Geist soldiers before heading to the other area where all the civilians were running around trying to escape the glowing heads. Alicia flipped her gun round and suddenly it was aflame and she quickly leaped to one side of the room and that's when he saw the most disgusting and foul demon ever ti exist.

It was a massive blob when arms for legs and a small human head and it was the thing that was spawning the weird heads. Alicia opened fire and the flames engulfed at it incinerated before his very eyes. He was mesmerised by her movements that he just stood there and stared when she reloaded her gun with the flaming bullets and leapt to the other side of the room to dispatch an identical creature.

Maxwell snapped himself out of his trance when he noticed that several objects had started to shake and float up into the air. He swiftly turned round to see a Walnut head had appeared and targeted him with the objects. He dodged them by rolling forward underneath them and readied his gun.

Man these things just don't let up! His thought screamed in his head and the Walnut head exploded everywhere.

"Everyone quickly the barrier is down! Head outside and to the plane, some resistance soldiers should already be out there securing the area! Hurry! There isn't much time!" He bellowed at the frantic surviving civilians as they focused long enough to listen to him and head through the glass doors.

Alicia slowly walked up to him and glance at him before following all the civilians and soldiers outside. But things just got a lot more complicated. There was several groups of Geist soldiers each guarding a Walnut head that was protecting another one.

"Damn, they've got us trapped. Everybody take them out!" He ordered. It was times like these that he doubted that they'd get out here alive. Just got to have a little bit of faith, come on Maxwell, you didn't come all this way just to die!

As the remaining civilians cowered and took cover, Maxwell and his men tried desperately to take the Geist soldiers out as quickly as possible. He looked over to where Alicia was stood only to find her running off underneath one of the planes then a few minutes later run across the area and under another one. After a minute or so he noted that the Walnut head's shield was down and he realised what she had done.

Damn woman's a miracle worker, I'll give her that much.

They boarded the plane and were in flight at 10,000 feet after dispatching the rest of the Geist soldiers and Walnut head. They had to take two planes, as there were too many civilians to take in on just one plane.

He thought they were safe at such a height but he should've known better. There was no such thing as safe in the world anymore. The only ones that were safe were the dead. The second plane had been taken out by a huge flying Demon that resembled Leviathan. Alicia didn't even hesitate when she blew out the door, Maxwell thought he was dead for sure, the lose of pressure should've killed them all but it didn't

Alicia must have done something to prevent all the air from escaping. Is there anything she can't do?

She dived out of the cabin and used the air currents to land on the top of plane, all he knew was that several things kept drilling into the aircraft that were blown away and the occasional glance out the window showed that the huge beast was trying to eat them, but then a lightning storm would appear and shock the creature. Apparently it only took three strikes to go down and it faded under the heavy cloud cover.

Maxwell was pleased to see that Alicia had come back into the cabin safely. Though her calmness about the fact that an engine took a hit was a little unnerving.

She's definitely a strange one, but I wouldn't have made it this far if it wasn't for her. We all owe her our lives right now, especially at the stunt she just pulled.

I just hope that we survive this crash landing, if not it's going to be a short journey.

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