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ET died but was replaced by a female office called Horse instead of 2-dads but 2-dads will be her replacement in later chapters. It's set about a month after season 3 episode 4 I think, it has been almost two months since ET's death.


Kate rubbed her head; she had been working on her reports for two hours now. She heard someone walking down the corridor; she thought nothing of it as she signed off another report.

"Kate?" Nikki asked as she walked into their shared cabin, she looked at her cabin buddy before her eyes landed on the photo of her and ET that was taken not long before he died.

Kate looked up at Nikki, her eyes landing on one of the cups in Nikki's hands.

"'Horse's Brew," the brunette said as she handed Kate a mug.

"Thanks, these reports are so…" she paused, looking for the right word.

"Annoying?" Nikki supplied, leaning against the desk and taking a sip of her hot drink.

"That's the one," Kate mumbled as she too took a sip of her drink as well.

"Navigator and XO, required on the bridge." RO's voice came over the loudspeaker, Nikki and Kate looked at each other before sighing.

"Great." Kate mumbled,

"Lets go." Kate said and got up, she clutched her mug as she made her way to the bridge with Nikki. Nikki was smirking behind Kate as they made their way to the bridge, why were they always called when having their morning cuppa?

"X, Nav." the CO said as they came to the bridge, the girls were looking at him expectantly.

"Morning, sir." They said together before taking another sip of their brew's, Nav went her post while Kate put down her drink and grabbed a pair of binoculars.

"Wesburn Island Nav, the cyclone that went past us two nights ago has just gone over them." the CO informed the two girls.

"Yes sir." Nav said she started plotting the course, consolting her maps and satellite readings.

"Steer 230," Nav said looking up from her course to Spider, he nodded in acknowledgement.

"Steer 230" Spider replied, turning the ship to the right direction.

"Spider you're relieved of watch, Horse take the wheel," Mike said, shifting around in his seat.

"Aye sir." Spider said and switched with Horse, he stretched; his shoulders cracked in the mean time. Nav chuckled and took a sip of her brew.

Kate looked around for something to do, finding nothing she remembered her reports sitting in their cabin.

"Sir, I'm going to finish my reports." Kate said after she got a nod from Mike, she grabbed her mug off the table and walked out. Spider also looked around and decided to go find something to do.

"I need some coffee sir, excuse me," Spider said as he followed Kate's departure.

"Call me up from my cabin when we get there, I need to take a cat nap. Navigator has the ship." He called and stood, walking out like the previous two.

"Navigator has the ship," Nav responded, sitting where Mike was recently sitting.

"How are you feeling since last night, Nav?" Horse asked, looking up from a book she had snuck in.

"I'm fine, Horse." Nav responded, "Thanks for your help though."

"It's nothing, just don't get used to me being around in a few months." Horse said, her hand dropped to her just visible bump, Nav smiled as she remembered.


Below deck, Spider made himself a cup of coffee.

"How much of this herbal stuff can one person drink? Don't they go insane or something?" he asked Bomber as he added 4 teaspoons of sugar to his coffee.

"The X and Nav have started drinking it to," Bomber replied as she wiped down a counter after the boy's breakfast.

"Officers must be on crack or something." Spider commented as he took a sip of his super sweet coffee, Buffer hit him as he walked in.

"Sorry, Buff." Spider said and looked down, he eyed the cream in the fridge as Bomber opened and closed it.

"Damn straight.' Buffer said and shook his head, what were they ever going to do with Spider?

"I'll be back," Spider said in a fake Schwarzenegger accent, he put down his coffee and walked quickly out of the galley. He stopped halfway down the hall, seeing something poking out of a garbage bag.

"Buff? Bomber?" he called, eyeing the little object with a curious look.

"What Spider?" Buffer asked as he came up behind the boy with a mug in his hand, his eyes cast to the garbage cans where he saw the little object.

"Nav?" Bomber asked, standing beside the boys as she too spotted the items.

"Possibly?" Spider replied, tilting his head to the side as he weighed up the possibilities for who it could be.

"X?" Buffer asked, doing the same as Spider.

"No way…" Bomber whispered, slightly leaning against Buffer in thought.

"Horse?" Spider asked as he glanced sideways to Buffer and Bomber.

"She already knows, why would she have to take a test when she already is?" Buffer said, stating the obvious.

"Good point."

"Incoming." Bomber muttered, spying the CO walking towards them.

"What's going on? Last time I checked I thought the galley was the social meeting area." He chuckled as he came up to the trio; he too caught sight of the objects.

"Whose are they?" Mike asked through clenched teeth, a burst of shock and anger surged through his veins.

"I don't know sir," Bomber answered him, looking at the ground in awkwardness.

"Put them in a plastic bag and bring them to my cabin I'm going to talk to the girls about this, Bomber you included." he said and walked off, very serious.

"Someone's dead." Spider stated, speaking out loud for everyone.

"Yup," Buffer said, confirming it with a nod of his head.

"You said it," Bomber murmured and walked back to the galley, fetching a black plastic bag.


Mike stood in front of the girls, they were looking at everything except Mike.

"Whose are they?" Mike said as he held up the bag of pregnancy tests. Nav, X, Horse and Bomber looked at each other with raised eyebrows.

"I want to know or all of you will be cleaning the quarter deck with a toothbrush," he warned, they looked at each other again.

"I know it's either Nav, X or Horse since you three are the only ones not drinking coffee at the moment," he said then paused.

"Scratch that, Horse you're not included because you're already pregnant."

The three girls were silent as Mike slightly glared at each of them, mentally begging someone to step forward.

"It's me, sir." Nav said taking a small step forward, she looked at her feet.

"Thank you Nav, X please stay. Bomber and Horse you're dismissed.' he told them.