Nikki searched the water for her CO and X, she watched the crew on board the fishing vessel as well.

The radio crackled to life.

"X-ray 82, this is Charlie 82. We have the CO and we're still looking for the X." Bomber's voice came through.

Nikki quickly turned the binoculars towards the second RHIB.

"Charlie 82, this is X-ray 82; find the X fast. Is the boss trying to get back into the water?" Nav asked as she got up from Mike's chair and looked at the situation more carefully.

There was a pause, then her response.

"Yes he is,"

"Let him back," Nav started but was quickly cut off.

"We have the X, repeat we have the X." Bomber's voice was practically yelling.

"Good work Bomb, get them back on board." Nav shook her head in relief, glad that they had found Kate.

"Gotcha,"' Bomber replied and the radio cut off.

"Horse, you're in charge. I'm going to help get the X and the CO back onboard." Nav said as she walked out onto the deck.

"I have the ship," Horse called out even though she was the only one in the bridge, she looked around rather smugly.

"Sweet." She purred and sat in Mike's seat, smirking.


"How are they, Bomber?" Nav asked as Mike pulled an unconscious Kate off the RHIB, he was holding her bridal style as they walked to the ward room.

"The CO's fine, the X must have taken a fair bit of water to get her unconscious, that and the fact she might have hit her head on the RHIB before she went under," Bomber reported and opened the door to the first aid room.

"Careful," Bomber warned as Mike put Kate down on the medical bed.

"Sir, she'll be fine when she comes around." Bomber told Mike with a gentle glare.

"A word, Bomber, now." Mike returned her glare and walked out, waiting for her in the corridor.

"Sir, what's going on? Are the two of you…" she was about to continue when Mike leaned close to her.

"The X is pregnant; I don't know who the father is." Mike half told the truth and half lied.

"Oh my," Bomber's hand covered her mouth in shock.

"Is there any way the baby could be hurt?" Mike asked making sure no one was listening in on their private conversation.

Realization crossed Bomber's facial features.

"It's yours," it wasn't a question but a fact.

"Bomber, not a god damn word." Mike warned, seriousness was etched all over his face.

"Yes sir, however until we're back at base there's no way I can tell if she will be holding onto the baby or not, sorry." Bomber said quietly and went back into the ward room.

"Great," Mike muttered.

"Nav, Bridge!" Mike yelled, walking towards the stairs to go to the bridge.

"Sir, X is awake!" Bomber's voice was loud, but Mike had never felt more relieved to hear those four words. He practically ran the couple of metres to the ward room.

"Katie," he crouched beside the drowsy Kate, his only concern was for her.

"Guy's out!' Nav ushered, the other crew members out of the ward room.

"If either of you mention a single thing to any other crew member about this scene, I will get Matt to kick your ass." Nav warned as she shut the door.

"Go up to the bridge and help Horse." Nav called through the door, there was a series of grumbled replies before they faded away.

"Mike?" Kate's voice was weak and dry, she had clearly taken in a lot of water.

"Katie it's alright, your safe." Mike said he hugged her and kissed her on the head, he was so glad she was alright. Nav and Bomber were standing behind the pair, smirking and looking at each other.

They whispered between themselves before Bomber stepped forward.

"Sir, I have to check her again now that she's awake." Bomber said lightly to Mike, he looked up; slightly startled.

"Do it, call me when you're done." Mike got up and started to turn to Kate but thought again, turning to Nav.

"Nav, lets go; I want Swain back here to help Bomber." Mike looked sternly at Nav and Bomber. Nav nodded and walked out while saying yes sir.

Once Nav was out of ear shot, he stood in front of Bomber; whispering.

"Bomber, she's lost one before."

"When?" Bomber asked in the same low voice, she looked at the closed door just in case.

"When she first came onto the boat three years ago," He replied with a glance at Kate who was drifting between being awake and asleep.

Bomber nodded and turned to Kate, Mike walked out and quickly up to the bridge.

"RO, get me NAVCOM on the phone now." Mike walked to the front of the bridge to see the boat.

"Sir, the boat's taking off!" Nav yelled, Charge went to his station.

"Nav, make the call." Mike nodded to her and took his seat.

"Vessel on my port bow! This is Australian Warship, stop or heave to or we will fire upon you." Nav spoke into the radio.

"Sir, the vessel has sped up; it's currently doing 15 knots.' Charge said as he locked the e-od on the fleeing vessel.

"Charge, three warning bursts across the bow." Mike said, not taking his eyes off the boat that had his crew.

"Aim at target,"


A few minutes passed, it seemed the vessel only sped up!

"There not stopping sir," Nav called, checking the computer.

"Radio them again Nav," Mike said, he turned slightly to face the brunette.

"Yes sir," Nav clicked on the radio.

"Vessel on my port bow, this is Australian Warship. Stop or heave to or I will fire upon you." Nav repeated firmly, completely focused.

Mike took a cup of coffee from RO and sipped it, watching the action in front of him.

"X-Ray 82 this is Sierra 82, we're heading to the boat taking on water." Buffer's voice was almost quiet over the radio, Mike grabbed a radio.

"Buffer, what's your situation? Over." Mike asked, nothing but static answered him.

"He must've turned it off," Kate's weak voice was heard as she came onto the bridge, Mike turned and saw how pale she was.

"X, get back downstairs. Now." Mike commanded, he was close to yelling but he didn't… barely.

"Sir, I'm fine." Kate stared Mike face to face, the officers went into a staring contest.

"X, don't make me…" Mike started.

"Sir! I tried to stop her but she -" Bomber appeared in the door way but was quickly cut off.

Mike rolled his eyes and turned to Bomber, slightly annoyed he lost the glaring contest again; to Kate.
He softly glared at Bomber then looked at Kate before pointing to her normal seat.

"Sit on the chair, don't move unless I tell you to or we get fired upon." Mike warned, giving his X a firm look.


"Yes sir," Kate mock saluted and sat on the seat, a small smile playing on her lips.