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Love is something eternal…

The aspect may change, but not the essence.

Vincent Van Gogh

Chapter One: Ahh, don't you just love reminiscing?

Most people would agree that fairy tales cannot come true. In real life there is no happily ever after. No princess waiting to be rescued from a monstrous troll. No evil witch to kill or dragon to slay. Those are just stories, right?


Okay, so there really aren't any hairy trolls lurking under bridges or zombies climbing out of graves; but there are some legends that are real. Werewolves. Vampires. And happy endings can happen…sort of.

Bella believes that she has had her happy ending. In a way, her life – both as human and vampire – was a prelude for my own. Even though I featured a lot in it, my own world only started to piece together as I thought her's was about to end.

I took one look at Renesmee and everything seemed to fall into place. Since the imprinting, my life has never been the same.

As Edward and Bella began to settle into a comfortable routine, I watched their daughter grow.

It was incredible, but not unexpected. She was half vampire, half human after all. By her second birthday she could have been toddling off to pre-school. Only the fact that Nessie had read Shakespeare's complete works stopped Bella from actually making her go.

Of course, the growth rate and intelligence was difficult for Bella to deal with. Still, I have to give her full credit for trying. She was very careful, never showing the anxiety; her face smoothed of all emotion. Most of the time, she kept it hidden from Edward; but becoming a vampire hadn't changed the fact that I could read her like an open book. Despite everything we knew, she was worried. But Bella always worried about the wrong things.

It was hard for Edward too, but he was used to bizarre things happening. I suspected that he had to work hard to convince Bella that Renesmee would be fine, but most of the time things were okay.

I wasn't the least bit upset. Having gone through some serious growth spurts myself (I had aged about eight years in the space of a few months), I knew Renesmee would be perfectly fine.

She absorbed things like a sponge, and never forgot. It wasn't normal, but Nessie was not capable of being normal. She was strong and smart and beautiful. She had the uncanny ability to make people like her, and generally liked everyone she met.

I spent most of my time with her. It was acknowledged without actual words, that she was closer to me than to anyone; except Edward and Bella. Whether it was hunting, schooling (Carlisle eventually home-schooled me with her, as she couldn't go to a normal school and I refused to) or just relaxing; we did it together.

If I tried, I couldn't explain how the imprinting had bonded me to her. She was the first thing I thought about in the morning and the last thing I thought about at night. Even my dreams weren't free of Renesmee. Every minute I spent without her, I thought about her. Renesmee was my world, my sun, my air.

Just as Bella would say, those years – the years spent watching Renesmee grow up – were happily spent. There were no problems, no major fights (except with Rosalie, but who could blame me?), and no worries.

Well, almost.

That's the problem with life. It can't be a fairy tale. Things cannot stay perfect for long. There is always a catch.

You can probably guess what the glitch in my 'happily ever after' was. The imprinting.

Because despite everything that had happened between Bella and me, she wasn't happy with the idea of her best friend being totally dependant on her daughter.

It was a promise – more like a deal, really – that I made with Edward and Bella. Telling Nessie about the imprinting was something I had really wanted to talk about as soon as Bella became a vampire, but the complications with the Volturi had put my plans on hold. By the time they had left and things had started to settle down, I knew I would have to say something soon.

I pulled Edward aside one night after Bella had gone home with Renesmee to put her to bed. I figured it would be easier to talk it through with him first. I thought he would be harder to convince, being sure that Bella would side with me.

'Edward, do you mind…?' I trailed off, knowing that he would read everything in my head – Bella was probably still within earshot.

Edward frowned.

We were in one of the front rooms at Carlisle's house. In one smooth motion he was next to me, sitting straight-backed on the couch where I slouched.

'Jacob,' he said slowly. He was being careful. 'This isn't the time. She's still young.' He stopped at the look on my face, my expression furious enough that he didn't have to read my thoughts to know what I was thinking.

But I had been expecting this, anyway.

This isn't about her age! You know I don't think of her like that. But she needs to know – you can't keep her in the dark forever. She'll figure it out anyway.

'Yes, I know.' Edward sighed softly. 'And I'm sorry. I do know how you feel. But right now she's too young. Even at the rate that she's growing,' he added as I was about to interrupt. 'She's still only a child – emotionally. You have to wait until she's old enough to understand all facets of the imprinting. All of them.' He looked at me meaningfully. I shut my mouth, for once unable to argue.

As much as I hated to admit it, I understood that even if I ran over to the cottage right then and told Renesmee everything about the imprinting, she wouldn't be able to grasp the full meaning of it – I mean, the part about me being anything she wanted me to be whether it was brother, friend or….something more.

Nessie grew quickly, but she was still a baby. It would be a while before she would comprehend the full meaning behind the imprinting. But would that matter?

'It matters to us,' Edward murmured softly. 'It matters to Bella and myself.'

'So you've talked about it then?' I was a little surprised. 'You've already decided behind my back?' My hands were beginning to shake.

I was starting to get angry; frustrated that nothing was working out the way I wanted. Frustrated that I hadn't seen that flaw in my plans. I stood up, glaring at him.

Edward stared back, unfazed. 'Nothing has been decided, Jake. We haven't discussed this. But we will.'

'Discuss what?'

I whipped around to find Bella in the doorway, hands on hips and eyes narrowed. I swear she was becoming more and more like Rosalie every day. Edward appeared silently by her side and hugged her.

I was too pissed off for subtleties. 'When I can tell Renesmee about the imprint.'

But if I thought that Bella would side with me against Edward, I had a big shock heading my way.

Bella looked surprised for a moment, but then her face smoothed over.

'Tell Nessie about the imprint?' She repeated, looking at Edward; 'Jake, I don't want you to tell her. Ever.'

I had not expected this. The room endured a full five seconds of silence while I stared at Bella, not comprehending.

I couldn't find a way to open my mouth and talk. I was too shocked at her betrayal.

'Bella?!' Edward exclaimed, and there was disbelief written across his face.

Bella ignored him and walked forward. She reached out and grabbed my hand, and I flinched at the coldness. She peered up into my face anxiously.

'Jacob, please don't take it the wrong way! You're my best friend but I can't let Renesmee know this.'

Edward moved forward, quietly. 'Why?'

Bella looked back and forth between us .

'I want Renesmee to have a normal life,' she explained. 'Well, as normal as possible,' she added hastily, seeing the look on Edward's face. 'But if she knew about the imprinting…' She hesitated, choosing her words carefully. 'Please. She's my daughter, Jake.' She looked pleadingly at me.

I couldn't take it.

'I–,' and choked on my words. My hands were clenched tightly, shaking so badly that I didn't know how long I could keep from phasing. Suddenly, I couldn't take it. Running out of the room, I phased before I reached the front door, my pants shredding like confetti.

Ten minutes later, I had calmed down enough for Edward to come outside and meet me as a human again. He wasn't stupid. He made sure Bella didn't come.

'How are you feeling?'

He held out a pair of pants in his hands. I took them and shook my head. He got straight to the point.

'I've managed to talk to her,' he said, 'And convinced her that you should tell Renesmee about the imprint.'

My eyes narrowed. I knew there would be a catch to this.


'But you can't tell her yet,' Edward finished lamely.

I was beginning to lose my patience. I'd had enough tonight.

He gave me an icy stare.

'You can tell Renesmee after her seventh birthday.' His voice was flat. 'She'll be fully grown by then, or so Nahuel says. She'll understand then.'

He waited for me to speak.

I stood there in the dark with light from the Cullen's mansion shining down onto the grass, and thought about it. I could wait six years. But was it right to lie to Renesmee? The idea made me sick to my stomach.

'It's not a lie, Jacob' Edward murmured. 'It's just not the whole truth. That's the best I can get you.' He sounded sorry.

That all happened about six years ago.

Like a good boy, I did what I was told and never told Nessie about my imprint.

There were some moments where Nessie would prod me for information, especially about the strong relationships that the pack had. But I avoided her questions and changed the subject. The rest of the pack obviously already knew that they weren't to mention imprinting under any circumstances around her and had no qualms about lying to her directly about it.

But Nessie wasn't stupid. She wasn't fooled one little bit. I knew it was only a matter of time before she would demand some answers. I was dying to tell her. It was agony to keep something so important from her But Bella was still my best friend and Edward had cut me a deal. I didn't want things to be a mess. And so I waited.

Suddenly, it was only a few weeks until Nessie's seventh birthday. I spent my nights lying awake, trying to plan the moment. How would I explain? How would she react?

But just as things seemed to be working out, my plans unravelled.

It was two weeks before the birthday party when I found out that the Cullens wanted to leave Forks for good.