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It's HistorianoftheKais here with some bad news. I can't find it in myself to continue this story. Now would be a good point to rail off curses at me, I've done the same when I see notes like this on stories that I like. There are two reasons why I'm ending this story. First, it no longer feels like a Ranma 1/2 crossover as the connection to Ranma 1/2 seems to be growing far too tenious. However, the main reason is that this story no longer holds any interest to me and even with the outline the chapter doesn't want to write itself. I hope you all can be a little understanding. After all, what's the point of any of us doing this if we can't enjoy our own work?

For those of you who like my Ranma/ Sailor Moon stories, your in luck. My muse has given me the idea of another story that I will start working on. This new story will be out once I can finish the first chapter and I will rotate writing it with my Where the Trees meet the Mountains which is a Naruto story. I've included my plans for how Heir of the Lost Dynasty would have gone so that its fans can have some sense of closure. As you can see, its quite long. Maybe it was too much of an epic for me to tackle right now. If anyone wants to try their hand at this story, just send me a message so that I can approve the adoption or not.

Heir of the Lost Dynasty

Ranma/Shadow Hearts/Sailor Moon crossover

Background: At the end of Shadow Hearts Covenant Princess Anastasia and Kurando married. They are Nodoka's grandparents and thus Ranma's great-grandparents. The Inugami-Romanovs have been pretending to just be Inugamis and the family has stayed small because the KGB was trying to finish exterminating the Tsar's line. Ranma's maternal side has escaped many threats thanks to their fusion abilities, but the KGB managed to take out the Inugamis one by one through trickery until only Nickolas Inugami (Nodoka's father) and Nodoka survived.

Nickolas goes to visit Nodoka, who he hasn't seen since Ranma was born in order to go make the KGB 'lay off' attacking his family. Gramps goes to track down Genma and Ranma when he hears about the 'promise' to make Ranma a 'man among men'. He never really liked or trusted Genma much. Gramps stumbles upon Genma and Ranma during the Neko-ken and goes Death Emperor on Genma's ass. Thanks to connections in the Japanese government, Nickolas gets Genma and Nodoka declared unfit guardians with himself named as Ranma's guardian.

Time skip to Nickolas and Ranma moving to Juuban. Officially, Nickolas is accepting the position at a local college as the Russian language teacher. Unofficially, Nickolas and Ranma are in Juban because the Emperor wanted a trusted friend 'overseeing' the area's little monster problem.

Nickolas Inugami: born 1924. Aspect: Dark. Nickolas is the last surviving son of Anastasia and Kurando. He is proud of his royal bloodline and possesses an immense hatred for Communism and the Soviet Union. He his stoic about many things, but easily becomes gruff when someone is either wasting time or his family is endangered. He specializes in saber combat Fusion: Death Emperor.

Ranma: like canon, Ranma is immensely confident in his skills and has a great learning curve. He is also a generally kind boy when not put on the defensive. However, he is far more 'refine' thanks to his grandfather's insistence that he behave himself. Ranma's fighting style is similar to his dead great-great-uncle Yuri Huyga with the sen-kens mixed in to form the Demon Harvester style. Fusion: due to the stress from the partial training in the Neko-ken, Ranma possesses the ability to fuse with multiple demons.

Rough outline:

(Rescue Saga, two chapters) Nickolas goes to visit Nodoka and finds out about Ranma- Nickolas encounters Saotomes during Neko-ken training- Grandfather smackdown of Genma follows- Nickolas is proclaimed Ranma's guardian- Nickolas explains Harmonixer powers to RanmaNicholas and Ranma choose what Style of combat Ranma will learn. Nicholas takes Ranma on first demon hunt to get soul energy. Ranma goes into his graveyard and picks altar to charge. Fights demonic spirit and gets it recognize him as its master granting him his first fusion.

(Tournament Saga, three chapters) Ranma (now 14) is entered into a tournament- meets Ryoga in the lobby- two vow to meet each other in the finals- first match Ranma fights against Akane- Ranma wins the match- *during the break Soun approaches Nickolas over Saotome-Tendo marriage- Nickolas hotly declares that Ranma is not bound by oath because Ranma belongs to the Inugami clan- Soun's lack of judgement causes any chance of his daughters to win Ranma to break down- second match begins with Ranma fighting Kuno- match harder, but Ranma wins again- *Kuno leaves calling for vengeance against the 'foul dog'- Ranma and Ryoga fight- match ends in draw with both boys knocked out- Ranma and Ryoga share championship promising each other to fight again when they get the chance

(Juban Saga 4 chapters) Timeskip again Ranma (now 16) and Nickolas move to Juban- Ranma is enrolled into prestigious high school- meets Haruka (who hasn't become Uranus yet) and Michiru at school*- after a few days Ranma stumbles on a daemon attack- Fuses into low level demon to kill daemon- Michiru watches Ranma kill several demons- bigger demon emerges to force Sailor Neptune out and Ranma to fuse with a second tier demon- Sailor Neptune/fused demon win-* Royga comes to Japan and bunks with the Inugamis for a few days- Shampoo (Ryoga's 'wife') shows up- Nicholas reluctantly agrees to let Shampoo stay as long as Ryoga is staying- Nicholas, feeling that Ranma should have a suitable wife, informs Ranma that he is arranging an omai-* Ranma goes to the omai where he finds out that Nicholas has arranged a match for him with Michiru since the Inugami and Kaiohs are friendly business acquaintances- Michiru and Ranma aren't thrilled with the match, but grudgingly agree to the match after some talk-

(Romance Saga 3 chapters) Ranma and Michiru go out on a date and are attacked by a rouge former KGB agent- agent captures Michiru who escapes with her- Ranma calls Ryoga and Shampoo for backup in rescuing Michiru-* Trio captures Agent's henchmen- tourchure used to get location of agent's base- Ryoga and Shampoo storm front of base to get attention- Ranma in dark second tier demon mode storms through the back- Ranma kills KGB agent and de-transforms in front of Michiru-* He asks her to keep quiet for now and that he will explain later- Michiru (who already knew) agrees- Ryoga and Shampoo show up- later that night, Ranma explains Romanov heritage to Michiru- Deciding that Ranma has earned the trust, Michiru reveals that she is Sailor Neptune

(China Saga 5 chapters) Shampoo receives call from Chinese embassy rerouted from Amazon village- Shampoo is informed via phone by her grandmother that the Musk have started a campaign against the Amazons- Ranma, in order to repay his debt for rescuing Michiru, promises to go to China to help- Ranma goes on a quick visit to inform Michiru about what is going on and to give her the crests (shadow hearts magic) for safe keeping-* Trio arrives in Amazon village to be greeted by Cologne- knowing of the Inugami, the Amazon elders request that Ranma not use harmamixer abilities unless needed- Ranma agrees for diplomatic immunity to the kisses for him and his descendents- The trio are assigned to guard a pass-* Herb leads an attack on the pass- initially Musk are in the lead- Amazon leader orders Ranma to fuse- Herb forced to retreat with heavy losses- Musk King hears of Ranma's abilities and decides to form a soul-pact with Amon-* massive battle between Amazons and Musk, king unleashes Amon's power- Thanks to the elder's assistance, Ranma kills Musk king and gains Amon's power.* Herb made king of the Musk and marries an Amazon maiden to confirm peace between the two tribes- Ranma attends wedding, but then quickly leaves for Japan

(Death Eater Saga seven chapters) Ranma greeted at airport by Michiru- While on the way home Michiru mentions that a new threat has appeared- Ranma dropped off at home- Nicholas fills Ranma in more on the situation- Elder Inugami suggests that Ranma take a more public side to demonic control-* Michiru talks to Haruka about her fiancé- both agree to include Ranma in their team- Ranma enrolls in Juuban High due to grades slipping while in China- Minako and Makoto start to swoon over Ranma- During lunch Ranma cruelly (because he abhors the thought of possibly cheating on Michiru) shoots down Makoto's attempts at flirting-* News of the Harmomixer reaches the Inners- The Inners come upon a battle between the Harmomixer & Outers verses a pack of SH demons-* Ryoga and Shampoo (returning from China) rescue Hotaru from being picked on- Nicholas notices that Hotaru is being possessed and calls in Roger Bacon to help cure her- Haruka and Michiru assist in ceremony as guards while Roger 'pulls' Mistress 9 out of Hotaru for Ranma to kill and absorb-* Roger retrieves talismans from Michiru and Haruka- Setsuna appears and suggests that Ranma, the Habikis, and the Outers meet with the Inners for planning the final attack against the Death Eaters- meeting with everyone- quick strike planed to take down Death Eaters-* things go wrong since Dr. Tomoe got his hands on a copy of part of the Emie Grey Manuscript- Hotaru turns into Sailor Saturn while Ranma goes Amon-* Sailor Saturn dies in battle, but Ranma and Usagi resurrects her as a baby- Shampoo and Ryoga decide to adopt Hotaru. Usagi also shortly dies due to magical exhaustion before anyone can treat her.

(Resurrection Saga) Ranma tries to use his powers to resurrect Usagi, but her soul has already left the area. The senshi are depressed and try to figure out how to resurrect Usagi. Setsuna suggests that they use the Émigré Manuscript to resurrect the princess. Roger is roped into the project. Nicholas, extremely begrudgingly, agrees to contact his old friend in the Vatican to authorize access to the document- At Rome, Pope John Paul II starts to berate Setsuna for such a dangerous idea. Nevertheless, he agrees to give them the book, if they can retrieve it out of Aponia Tower. Everyone fights to get to the top where the Émigré Manuscript is stored. Group goes to Wales where Roger grants the use of his lab for the experiment. Setsuna, Ranma, and Mamoru then successfully resurrect Usagi.

(Oronos Saga 7 chapters) Mamoru has dreams about a great danger about to be unleashed- Kuno stumbles upon a magical sword that possesses him- Nicholas receives a call from Japanese government over monster sightings in Nerima- Ranma and Michiru (who just received a locket from Ranma) on double date with Mamoru and Usagi when place their at is attacked by monsters-* Senshi magic revealed to be ineffective against monsters- Mamoru goes Endymon and discovers that his sword is very effective against the golems- Ranma and Endymon clean up monsters- Setsuna reveals that the Titans are actually an old royal house of Earth that Endymon's ancestors subdued (immune to senshi attacks due to pact with Gaia)-* Attack on Juban by Rhea (who is possessing Kodachi)- senshi given crests to help battle titan forces- battle of Juban ends with Endymon killing Rhea/Kodachi-* Nicholas, who has been putting out brushfires, explains that the only solution is to go stop the titans at Nerima- Setsuna suggests that senshi get Gaia to agree to let the senshi magic work against the titans-* Ranma and Nicholas go to Nerima to buy time for the Senshi to get to Atlantis- Fight against tarot card girl who is possessed by a titan- Senshi and Endymion rejoin after fight-* team makes way to Kuno estate where Kronos/Kuno fights enemy- Kronos killed by Nicholas activating portal-* Oronos appears through portal- epic battle commences- Michiru wounded causing Ranma to go to Neo-Amon, Neo-Amon slays Oronos and destroys portal- Ranma and Michiru caught in blast from destroyed portal

(Lost Saga 3 chapters) Ranma awakens to come face to face with himself (canon Ranma)- discussions with Ranma gang over where Ranma Inugami came from- Ranma Inugami beats up Genma to show that he will not be cowed* skip to Outers house where Setsuna brings someone she found at the Time Gates- local senshi surprised to see another Michiru- hunt for information finds locket with Ranma and Michiru pictures- Story Michiru wakes up to a bombardment of questions- to get answers, Story Michiru uses crest to summon a demon-* crest demon tracks down story Ranma- After reporting to Story Ranma, crest demon heads back to Juban- senshi with Story Michiru head to Nerima- Everyone watches as Ranma and Michiru are reunited- Setsuna figures out that using the Nanban Mirror and the Time Gates together will allow Ranma and Michiru to return home- Ranma and Ranma go beat up Happosai for the mirror- travelers return to proper reality

(Imperial Saga 5 chapters) One year later, Ranma and Michiru are on a date when they hear that Russia has voted to restore the Tsar- Ranma quickly brushes this off figuring that one of his more noted European cousins will get the throne- Arriving at Ranma's house, the couple find Nicholas in a foul mood- The couple find out that Nicholas, as the grandson of Tsar Nicholas II, is to become Russia's new Tsar with Ranma as heir presumed-* next day at school is a mad house at the fact that Ranma is royalty- Michiru gets similar treatment- The Inners, hearing from Chibi-usa, learn that Ranma will eventually become one of the new 'four heavenly kings' who will each rule a portion of the Earth with Mamoru as the High King of Earth- Ranma and Michiru try to go out to eat only to get caught up in a 'terrorist' attack- Both survive and take out the terrorists leading to greater enthusiasm for the new Inugami branch of the Romanov Dynasty-* Next day secret service agents from Russia under the command of Sanoske Sagura show up to 'protect' the new royal family- Questions raised over Michiru's 'suitability' as potential Tsarina- Ranma tells courtiers what to do with political expediency saying that he'll marry Michiru whether they like it or not- Nickolas throws his full support behind Ranma-* Arrangements are made for Ranma and Michiru to wed after Nickolas is crowned- wedding day comes around- Amazon honor guard prevents attack on wedding-* fight to Moscow- demonic attack at airport forces the Inugamis to show off supernatural fighting abilities on live TV- Russians talk about 'General Hell' joining General Winter and General Mud in defense of Russia- promises are made to track down who is responsible for the attacks- Nickolas crown Tsar Nickolas III of the reformed Russian Empire

(Qwaser Saga five chapters) four months after Nickolas's crowning, information comes up about a mysterious group forged from Sapientis gladiolus- group discovered to be behind attacks on the Tsar's family- in Japan, Usagi is kidnapped for her 'Soma'- Senshi go rescue Usagi, but find her traumatized by her experience as a soma supplier-* Michiru, aghast at the news, quickly sends for Usagi to come to Russia to recover- Mamoru tags along to make sure that his fiancée is alright- Roger, shanghaied by Nickolas as supernatural advisor, examines the dead Qwaser's body-* Roger gives a report explaining what the Qwaser did to Usagi and that part of their power is drawn from the émigré manuscript- Ryoga and Shampoo pop in explaining that the valley is under attack by men each wielding control over a specific element- Ranma, despite courtiers' pleas, goes to Jusenkyo valley to fight the Qwasers- kills all but one so that he can learn plan-* Amazons get Qwaser to talk revealing plans- goal is to conquer Russia so that the 'Master Qwaser' can become Tsar- the mysterious master attacks the palace, but Michiru and Nicholas fend him off-* Nicholas mortally wounded and dies days later- Master Qwaser threatens to destroy a major city unless Ranma fights him- Ranma and Master Qwaser fight- during battle its reveal that the Master Qwaser is the direct great-grandson Nicholas Conrad and Veronica Vera- Ranma kills Master Qwaser- Ranma and Michiru are crowned.

Total chapters: 44

End of Heir of the Lost Dynasty