Chapter 1

Cranky, violent Ratchet or stupidity?

Bumblebee growled as he peeked underneath the cement couch. Everything in the Rec room was turned upside down as he searched for the controller for his Xbox360, which he believed Prowl hid away from him. Standing up again, he pouted as returned with nothing in his hands.

"Where could he have hid it?" He asked himself as he quickly gave a clean sweep across the mess he had created. Then suddenly his comm. started to beep.

"Bumblebee, this is Optimus."

"Hey, Boss-bot. What's up?" The yellow Autobot replied as he tried to look through the mess again. He could hear a sigh on the other line.

"Are you trying to find your controller?" Bumblebee perked up at the mention of his controller.

"Yeah, how did you know?" Another sigh could be heard.

"Because I hid it."

"What?! Why?" Bumblebee whined. He could feel Optimus shake his head amd place a hand onto his hip.

"Because you wouldn't stay seated infront of the monitor and keep watch for any Decepticon activity if I hadn't hidden it." The small Autobot let out an uneasy laugh as he rubbed the back of his head. Once again, he was found out.

"Just watch the screen, alright." Bumblebee rolled his optics as he formed a mocked salute.

"So, when are you guys going to come back to the base?" Asked the small Autobot as he continued to rummage through the mess. There was silence on the other line as the leader was thinking.

"I guess we won't be back before morning,' The yellow mech mentally did the jigg. He has the whole base to himself! No Ratchet, Optimus, Bulkhead, or even Prowl to bother him and his alone time with his Xbox, 'There's a storm bad one. So I would advise you not to go out to anywhere for a while."

Bumblebee grinned as he did another mock salute and gave a quick "Aye, aye boss-bot!" before he clicked his comm. off. With a sprint, he jumped over the couch and sat down and popped all his joints.

"Nothing can come between me now! Bioshock, here I..." Reaching for where his controller usually was, he quietly cursed when he only felt air. He had forgotten that Optimus had hid his beloved controller somewhere in the base, now he couldn't play the new game that Sari has given him. Pouting and sulking, he perked up when suddenly an idea hit him. Chuckling, he gently pulled out a cable from the back of his neck, pulling it until it was a perfect length. The brilliant idea he came up with was to connect himself right into the Xbox. It was a amazing idea, he could play handsfree, have a better experience when connected and also it might make it less scary, but then a nagging feeling made it self present in the form of Ratchet in the back of his mind.

"Never connect yourselef into those primitive technology.' He could hear him say as he wave his wrench around a little dangerously, 'You never know what you can catch from them, they can glitch up your system, transfer some sort of virus or worse, deactivate you. You better not try it until I say it's safe to do so, soldier!" Bumblebee rolled his optics. How could such primitive technology hurt them, they are too weak to even hurt a sparkling. Still holding the cable in between his fingers, he contemplated about his two options. Should he listen to his imaginary, cranky and violent Ratchet or to his stupidity? Cranky, violent Ratchet? Or stupidity?

"I choose stupidity- I mean, my idea." With a huge grin, he gently slipped the cable into the controller port and pressed the button to start his game.


"Die you Splicer!" Bumblebee cackled as he wrenched his oppositions till they hit the floor. The game was bloody and atmospheric, the story was very well written, the gameplay was fun and the control was also easy to use without a learning curve. The yellow Autobot enjoyed the game a lot, it was very suspenceful and not as scary as he thought it would be. The television suddenly let out a groaning sound, the sound of a Big Daddy in the next room he was travelling to. With a huge smirk, he readied his Electro bolt for his stealthy attack on the monster.

Outside of the video game, the storm has become much more worse then before. The rain is pounding harder against the old building as the thunder and lightning clashed more fiercly, sometimes almost hitting the edifices that stood in its way. One stray lightning bolt struck an energy line near the Autobot base, severing the power but not before sending a large jolt of electricity to course through the line and into the plant. Bumblebee, oblivious to what's happening around him, continued to play his game, yelling and cheering as he fought against the Big Daddy, unaware how the dangerous amount of energy was coming towards him.

"Yeah! I totally owned your big, ugly-" A large electricity burst hit him and he fell backwards, letting out a silent scream. All the light and machines that were connected to the power began to overcharge as blinding light emitted from them. Bumblebee writhed on the floor, and finally finding his voice, let out screams of pain as the energy coursed through his entire being.

"Op-Optimus... Prowl? R-Ratchet?..." He gasped as he tried to pull his cable back to his body, "Sari, please, help me..." Then he fell into a forced stassis lock.


The storm has finished its tantrum by morning as the Autobots returned to Detroit from they're trip to the forest. It was uneventful, they detected some Decepticon activity at the same time as they searched for an AllSpark fragment that happens to be somewhere in the woods. Just another normal day.

"I wonder how's Bumblebee's doing." Bulkhead absentmindedly asked as they were making their way to the Burger Bot. Sari was being babysat by Fanzone(who immediately called them to pick her up as soon as they got back). Prowl just sighed.

"Knowing him, he's still playing on one of his games." The ninja said, his engines making a growl like noise. They finally reached the fast food restaurant where their human friend was waiting for them at the front step.

"Hey guys!" Sari jumped into Optimus and quickly strapped herself in. The leader chuckled at the young girl's cheerfulness as he started his engines to head to the plant.

"That's strange." The motorcycle mumbled,"I'm trying to comm. Bumblebee, but he's not answering." Everybody perked at this information.

"Uh..." Sari said, "Maybe he's asleep?" That answer didn't calm their worried nerves as they pushed themselves a little bit faster towards their base.

"Bumblebee?" Prime asked as the group entered the base. All he recieved as an answer was the silence of their home. This made them uneasy, usually the little bot would have answered them no matter what. Sari ran inside, her face pulled into a little frown.

"This isn't right. Bumblebee should be here, I talked to him last night." Prowl suddenly picked the human up.

"At what time may I ask?" The girl shuffled her feet.

"Around eleven, just right before the storm became worse." Ratchet made a disapproving noise and was about to go into a lecture about the human body when he thought better of it. Optimus cleared his vents.

"Alright everybody, let's search for Bumblebee and hope that he's still in the base." Everyone went their seperate ways to search for their little, yellow friend. Sari was being carried to the Rec room by Prowl as they both frowned at the mess before them.

"Wow, what a pigsty." The girl said as she was gently placed down to the floor. Everything was a mess, games were all over the place, the couch was turned over, boxes all opened and there was no humming of machines. Cautiously moving through the mess, Sari shuffled worriedly as she felt her little heart beat a little faster as she came closer to the over turned couch, as if she knew she will find something. She could feel Prowl slowly walking behind her as she inched her way and peered around the cement furniture and gasped.

"Prowl! Quickly, call Ratchet." She yelled as she rushed over to Bumblebee's side. The yellow bot was in a fatal position, his hands were placed by his head and clenched tightly, but unconciously. The medic finally arrived and picked up the fallen mech, unplugging him first, then barked orders to everyone as he rushed to his medbay. Placing the offlined Autobot onto a table, he did a quick scan and a through check up. The old medic pulled himself back up from his leaning position over the young bot when he heard the heavy footsteps of Optimus.

"Ratchet, how is he." He asked, his voice laced with worry. The white and red bot just snorted.

"He's absolutely fine. But some of his systems seems a little burnt and overcharged. Besides that, that stupid bot plugged into the slagging machine!" Ratchet grunted as he placed his tools away. Prowl and Sari finally entered the medbay, wanting to know the condition of their friend. The old bot waved his hand to Sari, knowing all too well that if he even tried to prevent the young girl from repairing Bumblebee with her key, she will come back with full force. The girl happily jumped next to Bumblebee's side and placed her magical key to his chassis, watching as the key repaired his system. Sari turned towards Ratchet with a question on her tongue.

"So what's wrong with him plugging into a machine?" She asked. The old bot just shooked his head.

"Is not that. Your technology is so primitive, so unpredictable, there's a probability that it might glitch up our system." Suddenly, everybody turned their head towards a groggy groan from the table. Bumblebee was rubbing his optics as he slowly pushed himself up.

"How many times did I tell you," Ratchet said in his angriest voice as the young bot looked up with his big blue optics,"Never plug yourself into those fragging machines before I tested it out!"

Moments passed as both Ratchet and Bumblebee stared at eachother, nobody moved an inch until the small Autobot threw his head back and screamed.