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Chapter 3

Spit it out!

"One hole,"


"Two hole,"


"Three hole,"


"Four hole!"


Bumblebee giggled from his game as he continues to find all the holes he could see on the floor. Jumping over another one, he looked up to tell his caretaker how much fun he was having, when he noticed his Big Daddy wasn't there. Fear crawled through out his frame as his blue optics darted everywhere, in hopes that the giant was near. He could feel his body shiver as he cautiously walked down the well lit hallways, hands held close to his chest.

"Mr. Bubbles?" He whispered hesitantly as he jolted at all the little noises that could be heard in the base. The poor little mech wanted to cry as the area he was walking through became more and more darker. Bumblebee closed his optics and breathed in slowly before reopening them with determination. This could be a game, maybe Mr. Bubbles wanted to play hide-and-go-seek with him. He giggled and ran down the hall, this time his fear was in the far back of his mind as he began his search for his giant.


"You lost Bumblebee?" Asked Optimus as he stared at Bulkhead and Sari who both looked shamefully down at the floor.

"We just took our eyes away from him for a second," Sari began as she made small patterns on the floor with her foot, "We never thought he would actually walk away or anything." The Autobot leader sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose as he heard Ratchet curse about the youth of this millennia. This wasn't his day was it?

"Well, let's not stand around and do nothing," Optimus said as he dropped his hand back to his side, "We have to find Bumblebee before he hurts himself."

Everybody shot their head up when they heard a scream, a very familiar scream.

"BUMBLEBEE!" Optimus, Ratchet, Bulkhead and Sari yelled as they bolted towards the frightened voice. Zigzagging through the halls, the group came to an abrupt stop in front of Prowl's room, door wide open and everything in there a wreck. The Autobots stood there dumbstruck until they heard another high-pitched scream. They turned towards the source of the sound where their optics/eyes saw Bumblebee cowering in one of the branches of the tree while the ninja stood underneath him.

"Bumblebee, please calm down." Prowl said in a soothing voice as he tried to make himself look harmless. The small bot continued to shiver as he held something very close to his frame. As the black and gold bot tried to move closer to him, his palm facing Bumblebee, he tried to coax him down from his branch.

"No." The yellow bot said, his fingers wrapping much more tightly around the unknown object in his hand while shaking his head, "No, no, no, no." Prowl let out a frustrated sigh before turning around to his teammates.

"May you all please stop gawking and help me get Bumblebee down from the tree before he hurts himself." He said in a calm yet demanding voice, mostly saying this to Bulkhead. The giant Autobot sighed and moved himself where the ninja was. Placing his hand underneath his little yellow friend, he spoke in the most softest voice, coaxing him out from the tall tree as the little Bee looked hesitantly down. Slowly, their glitching friend crawled into Bulkhead's hands and happily snuggled into his giant as everybody sighed in relief that the little bot didn't continue to be stubborn like he was before the change. Optimus turned to Prowl.

"Prowl." The ninja turned to his leader, "What happened?" The motorcycle stood still for a moment, then sighed as he gave a small glare at the little glitch.

"When I arrived to my room to meditate, but my room was in a wreck and I found Bumblebee in my tree. I sort of yelled at him for doing this and he wouldn't come down from the tree after that." He said as he glared down at the floor. Suddenly, everybody turned when they heard Sari gasp.

The little girl stared at her key that was floating and glowing in mid-air. "There's an AllSpark fragment in this room." Sari whispered as she began to look around the room where her key was pointed towards when she stopped on Bumblebee. Her eyes grew bigger then usually as she felt something click in her head.

"Bulkhead?" She whispered as she continue to stare at her yellow friend, "What does Bumblebee have in his mouth?"

Everyone turned to the smallest Autobot in confusion when something in their processor clicked too and they stared in horror.

"Bumblebee." Bulkhead said in strict voice, "Spit that out of your mouth!" The yellow bot shook his head. The green Autobot asked firmly once again, this time a little force in his voice. Bumblebee just stared at his Mr. Bubbles for a moment before spitting the object in his mouth into Bulkhead's waiting hand. Everybody stare in awe as the AllSpark fragment shimmered in the giants servo.

"You shouldn't be putting stuff into your mouth." The green bot scolded as his small friend looked down in shame.

"But," The Autobot began, "The Angel left it for me to have."

Prime raised an optic ridge, "An Angel left it for you?" Bumblebee nodded his head frantically as he tried to reach for the AllSpark in his guardian's hand.

"Wow," Whispered Sari, her eyes trained on her malfunctioning friend, "I can't believe he can sense the Allsparks now, just like the little sisters." Prowl looked down at the human girl.

"What do you mean?" He asked, still angry at Bumblebee for destroying his room. Sari just tilted her head back to watch her Autobot friends.

"What? Didn't I tell you that little sisters can sense these things call ADAM, but in our case with Bumblebee, AllSpark fragments." She said as Ratchet gave a growl.

"No you haven't because you were too busy telling us how much fun the game is and giving us too little of an information to even give us a clue about what are Little Sisters and Big Daddies!" He said angrily as he glared at the small girl. She squeaked and quickly hid behind Optimus' foot.

"How 'bout we all go to the Rec room so I can give you a clear idea about Bioshock."


Everybody was seated in the Rec room, and once again Bumblebee was playing with the large stuffed animal.

"Well," Sari began as she tried to get her thoughts together. "The whole story begins with a slug that has this ADAM inside their body. ADAM are very special because of it's a genetic miracle, for instance, it gives enhanced regeneration. Scientist wanted to study it some more, but these slugs couldn't produce enough of these things so what they did was implant the slugs into a person's stomach, which made more ADAM. The only receptive ones to be able to have the slug were little girls. Later on, the girls seem to have a great liking to corpse that has ADAM, which they eat to get it. They resisted the impulse to eat dead bodies because it was gross, so the scientist played with their mind, making them think the dead guys were 'angels'. The slug separates tissues and blood from the ADAM. These little sisters are indestructible because of the ADAM coursing through their body, which people really wanted. They all still have the strength of a little girl so they are easily abducted and exploited. SO there's this doctor who made these Big Daddies, guys who are mutated and stuck in diving suits, to protect them. Both little sisters and Big Daddies are attracted to each other no matter what. Big Daddies does everything to protect the little sisters." She said and took a deep breathe.

"So what I could guess, this time making myself clearer, is that Bumblebee is just doing what little sisters do in Bioshock, finding ADAM, or in this case, AllSpark fragment and Bulkhead has been imprinted to Bumblebee as a Big Daddy." She concluded, crossing her thin arms across her chest. Everybody in the room nodded their head, now at least, understanding it a little more clearly.

"That does make sense why Bumblebee tried to eat the fragment,' Optimus said, "But it doesn't make sense why he could sense them without the key."

Sari just scrunched her face, "Heightened senses?" She said hesitantly, Ratchet snorted.

"I doubt it." Prowl agreed.

"It takes a lot of concentration to find and sense the fragments, even to know where they are." Suddenly, a loud beeping could be heard. Optimus rushed over to Teletran.

"It seems that there's some Decepticon activity down town." He announced. Turning around to the team, he stood straight, his brows furrowed.

"Sari, Bulkhead, stay at the base and keep an eye on Bumblebee. Now Autobots, transform and roll out!"

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