******************SERIES 3 CHILDREN OF EARTH SPOILERS**********************


Basically you're going to notice a few little fics like this, Various little bits in Series 3 left me with the need to write these so enjoy :)

I don't own any of this, the unbelievably tall RTD and the BBC own all of it.

Also thanks to Galadriel1010 for accompanying me to the Torchwood Screening :D

"Even she's referring to us as a couple."

"I don't care. I hate the word couple."

"Yeah, Me too."

Pain shot through his entire body. He knew Jack was joking inside, but that didn't offer consolation of any kind. Ianto just wanted something, something solid he could tell people about.

Gwen's words were racing around his mind.

"Since you became a couple you've become like twins"

Dr Rupesh's words swirling around with Gwen's.

"There should be more people like you two"

The conversation with Jack as they picked up the hitch-hiker.

Why was he being so adamant that they weren't a couple. Tears began welling up in Ianto's eyes.

Would they ever be a normal couple?

You'll have to watch Series 3 to find out!! =P